I am an experienced Japanese Shibari (bondage) Master.

Are you interested to know why and how I became a shibari master ? Read my memoir.

* New SM partner wanted: I'm a Japanese, single, straight man, living in Tokyo. I'm an experienced shibari (bondage) master and looking for a new bondage partner (since the last one dumped me). I have long overseas work experiences. I have tied and punished (and pleased) many foreign ladies in America, Europe and Asia. If you are interested in BDSM, I can give you safe and beautiful shibari pleasure and other sub/kinky-things. Kimono and other pretty costume, many SM gadgets and a portable wooden horse are available.

Are you not sure about your sexual propensity ?
You have your own specific fetish but don't know how to make it real or whom to ask help ?
Don't worry, I'm the one whom you can trust. If you are not sure, you can try just once or twice to see what it is - no strings attached.

* Job offer: Now hiring a model to shoot these (and other) SM scenes. This can be "no strings attached, one time paid job". (You can be a woman of any color/age 18-38.) If you want to be my SM partner too, I'm more than happy. But you can decide later.

* American millionaires' secret SM society: I'm writing this episode soon in my memoir. It is not really "society" and not all of us are millionaire. We are friends and I'm a special member - they call me "Sensei". If you prefer Fat, Ugly, Rich American (both black and white) than Japanese Shibari Master, ask me. Some of them are interested to meet new women. (And actually, those Americans aren't that bad looking. LOL.)

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Memoir of Japanese Shibari Master

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