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I joined The Kingdom and wanted to say that its money well spent, not only for all the archives but also the mpegs, a word of thanks to everyone who contributes, i really expected a lot of "put on" videos but everything is real, you can spot a fake miles away. this has to be one of the best true voy sites on the net. look out for my submissions coming very soon. thanks jimmy mrvoyeurman2003

Heya RETINA....The Kingdom is coming along very nicely, esp the movies section. Like I said a little bit ago....I will have some stuff for you to post there....just been a bit busy here. Keep up the excellant work dude, as time goes on & the more everybody helps to contribute, this place will be home away from home...heheh. Stay safe guys — Bob :-) Bobvoyeur soon as Visa payment is available — look out Kingdom, here I cum! spanky9902

Congratulation, .... I have not seen all yet, but this looks really promising!!! I can't wait i can find more time to watch everything!!! Voyman

Hi Guys. Well done on The Kingdom better than I had expected. It is truly going to be a great site. Loads of movies thanks to The Kingdom(Keep them coming mate!!) Loads of great upskirt photos down to everyone who contributes Retina, UKSnowy, and etc. Well nights alone wont be the same. Well Done RETINA!!! Regards. Mark.
P.S Everyone who is not a member I suggest you join The Kingdom. As the free area is just the tip of an iceburg. Truly worth the cost. smileymark
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peepersparadise had gone. lookerkingdom is playing dead. Here comes the peepest. Yes, we are evasive. That is how we survive. Webmasters come and go, given new domain names, page designs reworked, pictures added and withdrawn. Yet, we the community stays - with tons of pictures proving the truth. And changing the management means an upgrade. We are now adding international flavor. You can enjoy asian girls besides our old line of white or black americans. Sure, you have a lot more to see now.

Then, we let you know the backdoor (sort of) so that you do not need to keep paying age-check company money. You can download and exchange pictures and movies. Chat with other members for tips and tricks. If you have slow internet connection only, however, you may sell/buy/exchange the peepest contents (we offer you more than 20G in 5DVDs) via conventional mail after the age-check.

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