lycéenne's first sex was SM sex

Since Christina was virgin, I did not want to give her much pain during her first sex. Yet the lycéenne was M, so I should give her pain without mercy. I thought of them for while and decided what should I do. I took out more clothespins. I made her open legs wider and attached pegs around her vaginal hole. One at her clit, two at her minor pussy lip and other two at her other minor pussy lip. And I used surgical tape to fasten those pegs. I told her not close her legs. Those laundry pinches should give her pain around her pussy hole - and masked vaginal hole pain due deflowering.

I also decided not use a condom. If I use a condom, she fucks with a condom, not with me. Just only for the first time, Christina should enjoy the real meat. My SM play plan of the day, so far, was - SM test, fuck, real SM play, and fuck. And the fuck must be the real fuck with the real meat - no condom.

I checked her hole. It was already wet. The SM test had worked as foreplay. That's good. Then I placed my dick-head there and rammed - well, rammed softly. And I kept ramming her softly. I was careful so that I would not hurt her. If I rammed her hard, she would feel vaginal pain - which I wanted to avoid. In addition to that, my body would bump hers and crush those clothespins in between - that would give her acute pain around her hole. I was careful, my body should touch those pegs only slightly and softly. I gave her rapid and short strokes. Soon, she started to gasp out those sweet moans and groans - in spite of pain? or because of pains? - I didn't know.

I did not need verbal abuse, nor humiliation. The sight of a virgin girl moaning and groaning was enough to excite me.

Then, I was curious about my penis. Actually I was curious about her vagina, but I couldn't see it easily - instead I wanted to see my penis. I pulled it out half way - and I saw this ... pinkish liquid covering my cock. She secreted that love juice which turned milky-white when stirred by my dick. And virgin blood red was added to the milky-white - outcome was the pinkish liquid. The scene was depressing. I don't like blood. I didn't want to fuck her any more. The intercourse was hurting her. But ... she was M. If I said that I wanted to stop that because I knew the sex gave her pain, she must be disappointed. So, I needed some excuse.

I pulled my penis fully out of her organ and placed it just in front of her nose. She sensed something but could not figure out what it was. I ordered her to smell it and asked if she could tell what it was. "... your penis ... ?" Christina answered. Good girl! I removed her blindfold and had her see love juice+blood covered my cock. She smiled. I pushed my dick toward her lips. She kissed my dick with a little hesitation - and licked it and sucked it. I held her head with both my hands - and gave her hard mouth fuck.

After the ejaculation I had her take a shower and let her go. I thought that the play up to then was enough for a virgin girl. Christina took a long shower. Some later day she explained that she didn't feel much pain during the play as she was excited. But when it was over and she was taking shower, she felt pain in her vaginal hole. She was such nice M girl. But I couldn't have her my steady. She lived with her family and could not meet me much frequently.

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