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It was when I was 5th (or 6th?) grade at my elementary school. I was at my friend's home. His father had big collection of books. By the way, I was a science boy. I was keen to read scientific books. My favourite was "SF Magazine", a monthly Science Fiction magazine. And I found "S... Magazine" on his father's bookshelf. The magazine had the book jacket. So, I couldn't read the cover title, etc. But in the inside, I could recognize something like "S... Magazine". So, I thought it was SF Magazine, my favourite. I started to read it.

The first story I read was something about a scientific laboratory. Women were kept naked there ... strange ... The laboratory was developing "humiliation index". They needed to make the women embarrassed to measure the degree of humiliation. Ok, ... scientific ... somehow ... The women were not just kept naked. One of them was kept inside a special room. The room was made of 6-sheets of semitransparent half-mirror glass plates. And a lot of men were surrounding the room to watch the woman. Some of them were even under the floor and some were over the ceiling. The woman cannot cover everywhere at one time. Then, the woman started to feel something. She wanted to pee. She went a corner and she squatted to pee. But there she found a man with big giddy smile. Soon the number of men increased to two, three, four, ... all watching into her crotch. So, she couldn't pee there. She ran away from the corner to find the place to pee. Another corner, no. Yet, another corner, no. Everywhere men were watching her. They were watching her boobs bouncing as she ran. They were watching her butt-muscle contraction. They were watching her face flush red. And they were watching her putting up with pee. She couldn't go any corner. She stepped back towards the center of the room. She squatted but she found faces looking up her from under the glass floor. When she became a kneeling position in an attempt to stand up, she leaked pee. The humiliation index reached 99.8.

What was it? I removed the book jacket and found the title "SM Magazine" with nice picture of a tied half-naked woman.

So, it was not SF Magazine. Ok, I thought. What's next story.

I started to read the next story, a story about a woman raped, tied, crotch roped, and forced to walk. When she walked, the crotch rope cut into her pussy, made her feel ... strange ... difficult to walk. But she couldn't to stop. The man, the rapist hit her bottom whenever she slowed down her walk. She panted. She wiggled. Etc. Etc. The story continued.

So, I found something better than SF.

But I needed years to come till I met a woman. She was a submissive woman. To be more specific, she loved to be tied.

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