masochistic crotch rope masturbation

To start with - we were facing two tasks - how to manage my sex drive and how to keep our secret secret. The best way to keep our relationship secret was to stop it - never meet again - I knew. And then, when I was toying her crotch chain, she had the day's first cum. After short while she recovered from the cum, and she started to tell her story - her craving for bondage and crotch rope.

When she was a child, my secretary was fascinated by TV/movie scene on which a woman was tied. It was when she was around 10 years old. Alice saw this movie scene on which a woman was tied with rope and raped. Though the movie was something a 10 years old could see, the scene must not show an outright sexual intercourse. She must see something like - the man was forcibly lying upon the woman, bearing all his weight against her.

In the evening she was lying on her bed, thinking of the movie. She imagined that she was captured, tied - and instead of the man was forcing upon her - the rope was put on her crotch. No man but rope, crotch rope - that was her imagination. And she used a finger to see how it felt. She put a finger between her legs imaging that that was the rope cutting into the groin slit. And Alice pressed it hard. Later she learnt that that place had something called 'clit' - but she didn't know the name yet. She felt good. And she pressed it harder. And she felt better. And she started twitching her fingers. And she felt some uncontrollable good feeling. That was her first masturbation.

She somehow knew that that was bad and she must keep it secret. Ever since she was fascinated with bondage and crotch rope - though she didn't know those words when she started it. And she met boyfriends. She met a husband. But she never met a man who was willing to tie her. Some 25 years thereafter, she craved for bondage and crotch rope. But she never actively seek a bondage man. She believed that only serial killer would love to tie a woman and fuck her. The killer, then, kills her and dices her body and gives the meat to dogs to eat. All other ordinary men must be disgusted with her rope fantasy, she believed. Her perversion was her perversion. She never shared it with anybody.

Then she met me.

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