fucked and blackmailed

"Bitch! You don't cum alone!" I said and I regretted - but at the same time I was so excited. I thought of all possible phrases humiliating her in my mind - except "your pussy is loose" - that's too disgusting. And I cum.

Ok, it was over. I untied her. We were silent. I must apologize. But I could not think of any single word for that. We dressed ourselves. Then was the time she went home. At the door, however, Alice faced me and said "please don't tell. I have the family. Please don't destroy my family. I will pay any price. Please. This is our secret. You don't tell it anybody."

"Why? Me, too" I thought but I didn't say anything. Rather, I started to think of all alternatives. There was a woman, who was fucked by her boss. She could blackmail the boss. He would be fired easily. Instead, she was willing to pay the price - any price. Wow!

If that was in a SM porn novel, the boss would have her his sex slave. Not only that, she must have 17 years old daughter or someone. And the devious boss would have the secretary send her daughter to him without knowing where the daughter would go. And the daughter would be raped too and become another sex slave believing that that was the only way to save her mother. Then, the mother being sex slave to save her daughter and the daughter being sex slave to save her mother. Few months later they saw each other, tied, dildo fucked and cumming endlessly. And they were ordered to have lesbian sex only to save their youngest 15 years old sister. As they had no other choice, they started to lick each other's pussy - without knowing - the youngest daughter was watching them through hidden window - with the villain boss fucking her.

That was novel, though. My secretary didn't have daughters. She had two sons. And I'm not homo.

Still, I could easily think of 200 other things to do, out from my SM porn novel bookshelf in my brain. But I didn't have time to explore all 200 possibilities. I had to make decision very quickly.

"Then, YOU forget. Never tell" I said. And I let her go. I thought that I made the right decision. We never tell and we never meet again. The next day, we met at the office - as ordinary boss and secretary. We didn't tell anything about the previous day - never. Our office life had not changed much. The only difference was that I stopped telling her any erotic joke.

A man, however, is an animal with testicles. When semen built up in his body, it changes his mind. In few days, I started to wonder if I made the right decision. I wanted to discuss the matter with the secretary. Thereby on Thursday, I asked my secretary if she could come to my home on weekend only to discuss our relationship. She said no. She had family and she had many things to do. So, Alice couldn't come to my house on weekend. "Instead I have a little time today after the work. If you need me, ... boss"

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