fuck her in doggy style

So, I realized my mistake. I tied her groin with the rope. That closed off her pussy. I couldn't fuck Alice. I had to remove the crotch rope first. However, since it was a part of hishi-shibari, I had to untie the body rope first. And since "arms and chest rope" was put over the hishi-shibari rope, I needed to untie ... everything! I was fool. Nowadays if I know that I'm going to fuck a woman, I use separate rope for the groin.

I didn't want to untie the ropes. We pretended that that was punishment not fuck. Removing the ropes would destroy the pretence. In addition to that, removing the ropes took time. Then, I thought about her plump body. And I grabbed the crotch rope - actually two ropes as it was folded in two - and pulled them to the left and right.

The slight gap appeared. I could see her clit and the hole. The vaginal hole was already slightly open probably because I pushed open her pussy lips left and right. I saw translucent milky-white liquid there. I started to punish her clit together with labia minora by hitting them with a finger. Alice said something like "uaghh" or "nguaa" and flapped the legs and wriggled her body. I wanted to say something about her liquid and humiliate her. All devious rascals in my SM novels did that. But I questioned about the morality of doing so. I kept silent - yet I put my finger at her hole and made it wet - as wet as possible - and I rubbed the pussy drool on her thigh with the finger.

"How bad I could be" I cursed myself. At the same time I was calm and composed. I knew what I had to do. Whilst caressing her genital with one hand, I removed my trousers and underpants and put on the condom all by another one hand. "And he sheds his conscience when he sheds his clothes" I thought of my porn novel phrase. I knew it was not in porn novel - it was real. But I wanted it novel, so that I did not need to feel guilty for hurting Alice, my secretary.

"I can stop it now. It's not too late. I can stop" I said to myself. But I put my glans on her opened cunt slit. I grabbed my cock by a hand and slid it up and down and confirmed the position of the hole. "It's too late" I said to myself "It too late. I shouldn't buy the ropes." And I fucked her. I fucked her from rear, in doggy style.

The die was cast. The ropes were my Rubicon River. I felt a little resistance at the vaginal opening. But the inside of her vagina was very loose - and wet - and hot. Ok, hot is good. Wet is, usually, not bad. But I like tight pussy. She gave birth to two children. Somewhere I heard that a woman had her vagina stretched during delivery - resulting baggy tunnel. That made me worry about if I could cum. I tried my luck.

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