accepting verbal abuse

So, Alice, my secretary came to my house after the work - to discuss our relationship. However she said that she needed to go home in time to prepare the dinner. So, we didn't have time to discuss our relationship. Not only that, we didn't have time to tie her up for the full SM play. Further, if I needed 20 or 30 minutes to ejaculate, just like how I did it on the last Sunday, we didn't have enough time for sex either.

"What can I do? Let her go?" I wondered. I decided that only thing we could do that day was sex and we must do it quick - and I said her so. I had her remove her panties - and panties only - and had her lift the hem of the skirt to tuck it up at her belt. And I made her sit on an armchair in the living room. I remembered that she was worried about the rope traces of wrists. And the meters of rope was needlessly long to tie the wrists. So, I used the nightgown's belt instead. A bookshelf was on the wall above the chair. To be more precise, I put the chair under the shelf. I lifted her hands and tied and fixed her wrists on the shelf. And I lifted her legs on the armrests - having them M shaped full open position. And then I had my pants off and the condom on.

While I was busy preparing her, I was explaining my perversion - though not all of them. I would humiliate a woman to excite myself. By doing so I could shorten the time till the ejaculation. I mumbled few more words. I merely explained it - I would humiliate her and she could go home in time. I never meant to threat her to accept my verbal abuse. I rather let her go when she had to go - even if I couldn't cum in time. Yet she understood me and agreed to accept my offensive words. I sealed her mouth with adhesive tape so that she could not talk back against my verbal abuse.

I knew her. She would not talk back even if she could do so. But she would worry if she should talk back if she could talk back. So I wanted to rob her of all her freedom, and all her responsibility. That was my responsibility, not hers - she was a victim.

Then I looked into her groin. Her pussy lips were still closed. I rubbed her there. The lips were slightly opened. Then I opened her pussy lips wide with my fingers. I could see her little wet already. Sure, I said so - humiliating her. Then I wondered if I should give her a little foreplay. No, I shouldn't. I knew that she had that loose vagina. I should not reduce friction any further. I said that she was so wet that I could fuck her right then. And I positioned my glans right at her opening and rammed. Again I met the little resistance at the entrance - and that was the last resistance.

She provided a little more friction that day as she was less prepared and less wet. Thereafter I fucked her and I humiliated her something like 10 minutes. I felt that I was about to cum. Probably I could cum in time, I thought. That expectation made me a little calm - and made me feel sorry about her. I mumbled few words excusing myself of verbally abusing her - I must cum in time, to let her go in time.

She said nothing - she couldn't. She didn't see me. But she nodded. And another round of verbal abuse and ram, and ram, and ram - and I cummed. Ok, it took less than 20 minutes and she could come home safely. And I never mentioned her loose vagina - the fact I didn't tell it gave me comfort.

I untied Alice - and again mumbled some excuse and apology about my insulting words. "Do not mind. Since all is a fact" she mumbled something like that.

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