kinky SM sex play whilst having serious discussion

And I let her go. At the door I said that she could chose the next play day - because she was the one who had tighter schedule. No, not play day but the day we would discuss our relationship. And I said good-by. Alice said "thank you, Hiro."

I was puzzled. Why 'Hiro'? Why not boss? Was I not abusing my position, boss? Did she meet me and let me fuck her not because I was boss but I was Hiro? Or I was boss, the man she must obey, up until we walked to the door - yet I lost my almighty power at the door and I, mere Hiro, could not touch her (or her private life) thereafter? And for what she 'thank you' for? I had it in short time so that she could see her family in time? Or I let her chose the next day? That was big. Since she could postpone the next play day forever - by just saying 'I'm busy'. That could be a good way to end our relationship.

The next day, on Friday, however, she came to see me in the office and said that her schedule during coming weekend had been changed - so that she could meet me at my home again...

So, Alice came to my home on weekend. Although we had more free time on weekend than weekdays, I still wanted to let her go as soon as possible. She had family and many things to do.

If we had 1) SM play, 2) sex, and 3) discussion about our relationship thereafter, we would need one and a half hour for 1) and 2) and another one and a half hour for 3) - total 3 hours. But discussion was what we talk and SM play and sex were what we do. So we could have SM play while we had discussion at the same time - and sex and discussion simultaneously also. That was odd, I knew - having kinky sex play while having serious discussion. That was bizarre rationality. But Alice knew that I had strange sense of rationality. And she agreed my proposition.

Then I had her all naked and tied her in kikkou(hexagonal)-shibari. Kikkou-shibari is more difficult than hishi-shibari. So, I rehearsed it before she arrived at my home.

More, from my last experience of tying her in hishi-shibari with crotch rope, I decided that I must use a separate part for her crotch. I used metal chain. That looked intimidating. She was scared. My secretary hesitated to let it pass through between her legs. I said that she did not need to worry, the chain was safe and never gave her pain, blah blah blah. And I said "I'm boss. You open your legs, and open them wide." She nodded and opened the legs wide.

I was sure that it didn't hurt her - because she was plump and she had enough meat/protection on her groin. If she was thin, she might feel uncomfortable on her pubic bone.

Now, I never read any SM story about crotch metal chain. So, this is my invention.

Soon I completed the kikkou-shibari with the additional crotch chain. When I was going to tie her wrists, she murmured something about rope mark. So I wrapped her wrists with towels under the rope. And we were lying on the bed. We started to discuss our relationship. I fondled her breasts and the crotch chain. Generally speaking we were honest and exchanged our views. It was good discussion. Although I kept molesting her - and she sometimes had hard time to talk - she panted.

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