my sex slave's last normal sex

So far I was looking for mainly a college student to be my SM partner. With my inside information, I started to put advertisements hiring secretary/office worker for kinky BDSM boss. The advertisements appeared mainly outside of the capital city. When I was living there, a lot of rural young women wanted to come the capital city to work. But they needed to find the job and the apartment at the same time. And finding an apartment was as difficult as, or sometimes more difficult than finding a job. Those who worked for our office had advantage, however - they were treated just like foreigners. They had priority to get an apartment.

Further, I had money. I paid an interviewee her return trip, and few nights' hotel fees. The interview took about a half day, so the candidate could spent the rest for sight seeing. Even if she couldn't get the good paying job, she could at least have SM sex (kinky job interview) and free vacation in the capital city. Many young women were interested. I invited few of them for the job interview. The interview was made of two parts. One is an ordinary job interview for an office worker. The second part was kinky sex test. I let the candidate all naked and asked her likes and dislikes whilst touching and kissing and sexually harassing all over her body. I also checked what the interviewee could take - hot wax, bondage, spanking, etc.

And I decided that one young woman, Betty, was the girl I wanted to hire. I let her know my real identity and the office she was going to work. Though she needed to wait our office officially invited the job candidate, she got the job. Then she moved to the capital city and started to work for our office. My first secretary, Alice, found an apartment for her, which was near to mine. Although she was not hard core M (Christina the lycéenne was) Betty could come my home everyday. Oh, and I told the lycéenne stop our relationship as she needed to study hard to go to college.

The very day my first official sex slave moved to the capital city, we had our first official SM play. I was waiting her with Japanese kimono, wearing hakama (kimono trousers). Immediately after she arrived at my home, I ordered her all naked. I gave her paper and let her type "sex slave registration". That was a sort of sex slave contract but since we lived in a socialist state I thought that "registration" was more appropriate word. All wordings were already discussed, so she had known the contents of my hand script.

While Betty was typing "sex slave registration", I prepared a fude-pen, a special pen which would be used for Japanese calligraphy. An ordinary ballpoint pen or a fountain pen needs certain pen pressure to write. But a fude-pen needs only very weak pen pressure. That was the special quality I needed for the day. And luckily I had my fude-pen in my pencil box.

When she finished typing, I placed the registration on the floor and ordered her being on all fours above the paper. And I inserted the fude-pen in her cunt. Not just inserted it but I stroked the cunt back and forth with the pen for minutes. Her pussy became wet as I teased her. And as she became wet, she needed to tighten her pussy to hold the pen. Then, it was ready. I ordered her to sign the document. Betty did it relatively easily by wiggling her hips. I teased her again whilst I was removing the pen.

And I went my bedroom with Betty and fucked her. That was normal sex. But I kept whispering in her ear "this is your last normal sex in your whole life". We enjoyed it.

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