masochist oath under tit torture

I gave Christina another pinch on her another nipple. I knew that I needed to put off until the clothespins cause congestion and numb the pains. So I started idle talk to stall for few minutes.

"How many men do you already know?" "None. I'm virgin."

"What!?" I got into a panic - though I didn't say anything. I mumbled something - that what I could remember.

She said she never played SM - that what I knew. But Christina didn't say she was virgin - well, I never had asked that question.

Few minutes ago I put my fingers in her virgin vagina and ... spread it. That was cruel. It was too late to take it into the consideration - I already did it.

And then was the time to start real painful M test - her nipples must be numb then.

I tested her readiness by poking the clothespins. She didn't show much reaction. So, I flicked them. And I flicked them harder. She showed painful expression but she never uttered any word complaining the pain. Then I asked if she felt pain. The answer was affirmative. Next, I asked if she wanted them removed. She thought of it for a while. A nice M girl! Christina had those laundry pinches and could not decide if the pain needed to be removed. I flicked them much harder. And finally she said that she wanted them removed.

"Ok, you say 'I'm your sex slave today. And you can do want ever you want'" I said. "Shall I say so?" she asked. "Sure. This is the part of SM play" I answered and I flicked her nipple peg very hard. So Christina said what I said.

Now, some S may love to flick a pinch off from a tit - by giving her a hard one lash of the whip or something. That would give her acute pain. But I love to remove a peg slowly and carefully. The clothespin should not give any additional pain. And I did what I loved. I removed her right nipple peg. Then Christina could feel the blood coming back to her nipple - which had been congested. And the restored blood flow, as I knew, gave her strange painful/itchy feeling. I carefully and very softly touched her on her right nipple. She gasped.

"I'm sorry. You felt pain here, didn't you?" I said and I rubbed her on the nipple sweetly. But the slightest touch can give her the strongest pain. I licked her carefully and sucked her carefully on her right tit and I carefully observed her reaction. With the passage of time, the normal feeling had come back to her once congested, numbed nipple. It calmed down her pain too. But I hardened the way I sucked her nipple, and in the end I bit it lightly - to compensate subsiding pain. And when her nipple was recovered almost normal, I pinched/twisted/pulled the nipple without mercy. She gave out the day's first scream.

"I'm sorry. You must have hard time" I said and I patted her on the face. "And what shall I do with your another laundry pinch?" I asked.

She had hard time to decide. She could not keep it there forever. But she already knew what I was going to do once the peg was removed. Yes, she was M, real M. But even such real M girl wanted to avoid that tender touch agony. She was indecisive. And I was impatient. I grabbed the laundry pinch and twisted it and pulled it, asking if she wanted to remove it. Christina agreed.

"Now you say 'I'm your sex slave forever. And you can do want ever you want'" I said. "Forever?" she asked a bit anxiously. "Yes. This is the part of our play" I said and pulled and twisted the pinch until she said what I said. And I gave her another round of tender touch torture.

"Next, how do I break this girl's virgin?" I wondered by myself.

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