naked and tied in front of the mirror

I said that I was going to punish her as she was a bad student in my origami class.
"Yes, boss" Alice the secretary said.
And I ordered her to remove her clothes for the bondage.
She hesitated a moment and tried to say something.
But I said "you say 'yes, boss' whenever I say something, don't you?" and forestalled her move.
She said "yes, boss" and she started undress herself.
But when she became only underwear, she tried to say something.
I knew what she wanted to say. "You must be all naked" I said.
"Yes, boss." Alice obeyed.
She was not ugly as I expected. She had a little bit of flab around her waist - but only little.

Whilst she was removing her dress, I prepared the rope. I folded the longest 6 meter rope in two and made knots at several places.

Once she was naked, I put the loop on her neck. And I saw and checked if knots were at right positions on her chest and belly. And I wondered if I should make one more knot at around her pussy. If applied correctly, the crotch knot would give her more sexual stimulation. I asked which did she like, knotted crotch rope or no knot. She had no experience in bondage and could not say which was better. I thought that since I had no experience either (which I lied to her and said "I'm shibari master"), I might not make the knot at the right place at the first attempt. So I decided no knot. When I passed the rope though between her thighs, I felt little moist there. I felt that she was little hot between legs. I looked up her face. Her face was flushed red. I tightened the rope. They - as the rope was folded in two, two strings were between her legs - cut into her pussy. I made one more knot on her back and soon I had hishi-shibari completed.

Now I had the 4 meter rope folded in two. I wrapped the rope on one of her wrist - and then the another wrist wrapped. I extended and wrapped the rope on her chest and made nice rope brassiere. I still had 2 more ropes of 2 meter long. But they were going to be used to tie her legs.

I took her to my bedroom. On the way, there was this full-length mirror. She stopped in front of it. She looked herself tied in the mirror. She looked curiously and took a couple of pauses as if she was model or something. And she looked at me and smiled - she smiled shyly or slightly or I don't know how to describe it - it was so subtle - but she smiled.

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