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While I was still searching my steady M, my secretary improved her relationship with her husband. She had their sexual relationship frankly discussed and found that the husband was more than happy to tie her. At first, he tied her wrists, then body and crotch rope. Yet she could not stop relationship with me. The husband had willingness, but he lacked skills. The rope tied by the husband loosened soon and his crotch rope frequently slipped out of her pussy slit. Frustrated, Alice needed me time to time.

I met the lycéenne time to time but not everyday. So I was frustrated too and I accepted my secretary whenever she needed me. I had her had thick knitting wool in her office desk. When she wanted "play", she took out the wool from the desk and flashed me the string about one hour before quitting time. And as I nodded, she went ladies' and tied herself wool crotch rope. We didn't use rope but wool string. If Alice bumped with other woman and if she had rope, the other woman notice a hard string on her groin or her back. But wool is softer and thus less noticeable. Having crotch rope in the office was, itself, a wanton stimulus. One hour was enough as foreplay.

When the quitting time came we ran to my house. I had her panties off, she had my trousers off, I pulled the crotch rope back and forth to caress her pussy, and Alice sucked my dick. That was our agreement - we did not do sex. Till the date, the best SM play I love is crotch rope, and caressing a woman with the crotch rope. And blow job is the best thing a woman can give me.

By the way, after the crotch rope play with my secretary and after she left I washed the rope in the bath room and dried it for next day.

One day, however, I came up with a good idea. I advised her to use rubber rope - as crotch rope - when her husband, clumsy man, tied her. That worked. No more crotch rope slipping off of her pussy slit. And my secretary didn't need me any more. Further, Alice was going to leave me even as a secretary. She got managerial position in a neighboring town office.

We really needed to find my steady. And we found - 19 years old country girl, Betty - tall, well built, beautiful, and she loved SM. She was my first official (whatsoever official means) sex slave girl. And she was the best. She was intelligent, curious, and willing to explore all kind of kinks with me.

As my secretary was promoted and got management job outside of the capital city, I needed her replacement. And to put a long story short, I picked the new secretary from office workers and someone needed to be hired to fill that vacancy. Since I had inside information - I knew what I was going to do - I took advantage of the information to hire Betty.

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* New SM partner wanted: Since the last one dumped me, I'm looking for a new partner. If you are interested in or curious to SM, bondage, master/slave (or love/abuse) relationship, especially those shown on these pages, or if you have your own specific fetish but don't know how to make it real or whom to ask help, I'm the one whom you can trust. Please use the contact form below.

* Job offer: Now hiring a model to shoot these (and other) SM scenes. This can be "no strings attached, one time paid job". If you want to be my SM partner too, I'm more than happy. But you can decide later.

* American millionaires' secret SM society: I'm writing this episode soon in my memoir. It is not really "society" and not all of us are millionaire. We are friends and I'm a special member - they call me "Sensei". If you prefer Fat, Ugly, Rich American (both black and white) than Japanese Shibari Master, ask me. Some of them are interested to meet new women. (And actually, those Americans aren't that bad looking. LOL.)

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