gives her multiple orgasms

I moved my pelvis back and forth, banging her as hard as possible. Soon she was loose even at around the entrance. I was at a loss. How could I end it if I could not cum? I thought that having sexual intercourse, and not to ejaculate was rude to the woman. But Alice was very loose - and wet. She gave me insufficient friction to cum. I thought of humiliating her. That would excite me and facilitate the ejaculation. I wanted to tell her about her loose pussy. But I couldn't. I couldn't disgrace her. I wanted to tell her about her wetness, her hotness, her pants. I wanted point out all obvious signs of her sexual excitements. But I didn't. I was coward. I just did not want to be hated. "Me, the boss, abusing the position and fucking the secretary from rear like animal - and me do not want to be hated" I hated myself.

But my problem stayed. I needed to cum. I moved harder. I banged her harder. I went too far - literally. My penis got out of her pussy hole.


"Oh, your pussy hole also gasps" I said and I regretted. I disgraced her. I stopped for a moment. I couldn't think of the next move for sure. I hated my short penis.

Ok, the middle size is the best. A long penis would bang a woman on the opening of uterus, giving her pain. But when you fuck a plump woman from rear, you definitely need a long penis. Then I grabbed my dick and put it back to her cunt hole opening and banged! It made another "poohsu" like sound. Then I pulled myself back, pulled my cock out from her vaginal opening; "GASP!" AND BANGED! "Poohsu." "Ok, this is your second pussy gasp-poohske" I said only in my mind. And third bang, and fourth bang. No, I shouldn't do that.

My penis stretched her vagina. And when my genital came out, the stretched vagina worked like vacuum cleaner - inhaled the air, and gasped. And then a cylindrical gap was formed where my penis was. And then my dick-head with the next thrust pushed the air out of the vagina making "poohsu" sound.

I pressed my pubis on her back as hard as possible. Then I started to make much smaller but rapid thrusts. I bend my upper body and reached to her breasts, and I pinched and caressed her nipples, grabbed the boobs. "Oh, yeah, you are plump. You have big boobs" I said only in my mind "and erected, hardened nipples." I enjoyed her chest but I didn't know if the chest is the best body part I could sexually stimulate. With one hand, I reached to her pussy, put a finger between the ropes, found the clit and molested it.

It wouldn't take long time till she cum. Actually that must be something like her third cum of the day. Though previous two were not as obvious as the third one. Alice put no pretence about it any more. I thought that I too would cum soon. I grabbed her hips and banged her hard. It already took us something like 20 minutes or so. I never had fucked a multipara or an unipara before. I thought that I needed harder bang to cum. And I went too far again. "GASP!" My penis got out of the pussy hole again. "Oh, you..." I could stop myself saying farther. I was about to tell her about the gasp sound. I wondered how I could cum - without humiliating her. I reached out to the crotch ropes on her front - and grabbed them. And with another hand, I grabbed the crotch ropes on her back. By grabbing them tight, I managed to tighten her pussy lips with them. I felt a little more friction. "Good, I can cum" I thought. Then she did cum fourth time.

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