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Maybe ever since Satan tricked Eva wore fig leaf, we have survived - peeking the glimpse of the truth under the fig leaf, or the modern version of it, skirt. Do you believe that the God ever made human body obscene? Blasphemous! Who in this very 21 Century still forces women wear veil and kept in home? Islamic Terrorist. Well, we the Christian was not good at the record either. In the medieval times to eary modern ages when the Christianity was the forefront of hate and war, we made women wore veil and kept in home by force. They are not coincidence. The one who is most intolerant against other group is also the one most intolerant against the sights of naked female bodies. And he keeps justfying his hate by the name of God. How the God, the Love, can be the reason of hate? Never. But only by Satan's fig leaf trick. So, next time you are tempted to peep, remember that you are tempted to free yourself of Satan's curse, the fig leaf. If you don't believe me, go to a nudist camp. Nobody is peeping there. No fig leaf, no peep. Hehehe. That is foolproof remedy for your peepingtom fever.

Or you may just enjoy our peepest pictures. Some are erotic, some are kinky, some are really hard.. but all of them are lovely.

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