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The Human Sensory That Creates A Chikan Part I The Frotteur

     The word chikan is derived from the Japanese language, which means pervert and a meaning of someone who behaves abnormally socially

     The human sensory mechanisms that are involved with chikan are the sense of touch, smell, hearing, and the visual. The two main deviants we will concentrate to start is touching and visually peeping. These two Chikan activities seem to project a larger interest globally than smell, and hearing.

     Depending on the type of deviant behavior and the variables involved with touching, and visually looking it could be deemed illegal in certain places.

     After further evaluation of the main two human sensory mechanisms, lets journey into the world of voyeurism and frotteurism the specialized deviant sexual activities that fall under the word chikan.

     We will now set the stage of a Frotteurs story in Tokyo, Japan, since Japan has a large amount of frotteur activities more so than any other civilized country.

     The sense of touch and contact between the human sexes sometime starts in the early part of life as a very innocent experience between a male and female as one could probably remember a very candid and unconditional interaction on the playground, back yard, or schoolyard in which natural fate causes close body contact.

     Many different early experiences can last throughout life for some as a developing tool for a full time groper a term used when one human touches (feels) another for sexual pleasure.

     We begin a story of a recovering and rehabilitated frotteur named Hideotoshi a middle aged Japanese company worker whom for twenty years groped subjects whenever the opportunity presented itself.

     Hideotoshi, who prefers to be called Toshi grew up in the a smaller prefecture outside Tokyo, as an only son to very conservative parents. They were strict and adamant that he studied to get to the next level of schooling as a groom for entrance to a prestigious Japanese University.

     Toshis dad was a high level executive at a very large Japanese media conglomerate, and spent a majority of the year traveling throughout Japan, and other Asian countries.

     His mother is a very attractive Japanese housewife, one who spent a great deal of time tending to family matters and serving as an overseer to Toshis studies. Toshi, and his mother enjoyed a special bond since both were together a majority of the time into his pre-13 years. Toshi studied hard in school, then back home where he would continue to study.

     During his time of early social predevelopment, Toshi never interacted with any other offsprings after school. Only at school, which was a very prestigious boys only private prep school that Toshi had any outside contact with the world. Also, Toshi very rarely spent any time with his father who was never at home due to company travel and business.

     Sometimes, Toshi felt a since of emptiness as he sat idle behind his study desk in his room. Years passed and Toshi performed well and made the grades, as his mother a very sexy woman for her age coached and embraced Toshi as the man of the house, in the absence of his father.

     After school recessed Toshi would arrive home to hot vegetable dumplings and tofu soup prepared by his mother. Toshi, always harbored a special attraction to his mother since she was blessed with many attractive attributes, one being a shapely and full rear, which is uncommon for Japanese women.

     Toshi, remembers early on at times when him and his mom would sing Japanese songs and wrestle and play during his brief home study breaks. Toshi, would crawl upon to his moms back, then roll his body face down her buttock crack onto the floor as they both laughed.

     Mom, would then order him back to study reassuring him that they would play again the next day.

     As an pre-pubic-hair teenager and still a virgin, Toshi began to have that natural urge to bond closeness with a female, yet still had zero outside female contact. He once conspired and used a school Karate class to convince his mother to let him perform some close body combat mechanisms he learned from class.

     Toshi, was sexually calculating and carefully gliding through the combat motions, he then lined up behind his mother onto her buttocks, and grabbed her in a Karate type bear hug.

     He then performed a back flip motion while discreetly and purposefully working his penis into her butt crevice. During this motion, Toshis penis inched several inches into his mothers crack, and since she wore only a very light silk knee length dress, Toshis penis could feel the warm incubation of her crack as his penis was only separated from skin by the silk dress and a thin pair of silk panties.

     Light sexual shockwaves and a explosion rang throughout Toshis body those few seconds, as his legs somewhat shivered lightly in sexual pleasure. He carefully placed his mother down on her two feet as he says with some inner embarrassment, mom I am learning a new combat move tomorrow.

     A very nervous Toshi, had worrisome thoughts about his mom feeling his hard penis in her crack. His inner questions were. What is she thinking now? Hes worried that mom might have figured his purpose.

     Toshi, carefully made his way back to his room with his penis still erected to notice a small amount of white and sticky cum. He laid down still with the thought of his mothers warm crack and started stroking his penis, and on the third stroke his body literally exploded with pleasure with several lower body parts locking up. His right hand was drenched in sticky cum, and then the sense of guilt rang throughout Toshis mind.

     The guilt of using his mother as a sexual outlet of embedding his penis into her crack made him feel very bad as Toshi stated. He thought what would mom think if she found him out? What would papa think if he found out what Toshis motives were?

     He was very depressed from his own inner deviant actions as Toshi responded with his head lowered in shame.

     Toshi, retreated into his room from then on and somewhat avoided mom, thinking that she might have knew of his motives from that earlier event. Time passed, but the sexual urges from that experience with his mother fueled Toshi to continue to jack off, with each orgasm being a slight lower in frequency from the first major one.

     After high school graduation, Toshi who is now seventeen is accepted into the prestigious Tokyo Meija University to study finance. Toshi remembers the proud smiles on mom and papa face at graduation, and he moved away to Tokyo a mega city of Japanese people of all interests to start study.

     It was a total and complete culture shock to Toshi who didnt have many interaction skills of dealing with the large and fast environment of Tokyo.

     The first few months in school was spent on intense studies for exams. The earlier prep school taught Toshi to study with an intensity while in class and study equally as hard during non class hours in the library.

     The intense stress of concentration and study caused Toshis face to break out in acne, for several months of study he did not even have time to think about anything other than exams.

     One day after a wet dream, Toshi began to feel the insatiable sexual urge to attain the orgasmic feeling the time he felt with his mother doing that Karate combat motion. After a day of intense six hour study at a Tokyo library, Toshi boarded a Seibu line train west to his off campus dormitory. Its five o clock afternoon rush hour and the train is packed like sardines with travelers.

     Toshi, squeezes into the middle of the crowded car looking for an overhead strap to hold during the long ride to the dormitory. The train makes several stops and at each stop a few people exit, but another massive amount of people is trying to board. The car is still filled to capacity as several Japanese women passengers move deeper into the car to allow more people onboard.

     A cute and petite young Japanese woman who is wearing a tan light weight silk skirt squeezes in for room and her buttocks is tightly pinned against Toshi on the continued journey. The smell of her sweet fragranced body scent and the smooth slick feel of the layer of her panties lodged against his penis, sent a sensational erotic jolt throughout Toshis body.

     According to Toshi, his heart rate rose sky high as he sniffed the sweet aroma of her hair and neck causing his legs to lightly trimble.

     Only the thought of his experience with his mother, crossed Toshis mind as this enjoyable moment seemed to make Toshi forget all the stress of studying that day. As the car moved along Toshi positioned his pelvis and penis to have a direct crack anal insertion as the car rocked and caused this woman to lean backward into Toshis already hardened penis.

     The wedge of bodies was very tight, yet Toshi took his right hand off a overhead strap and feathery placed his hand on this womans right hip. Along with timing the movements of the train car, Toshi discreetly, gently, and calmly pulled this woman backward while gently thrusting his pelvis in an upward thrust while carefully inserting his dripping penis into her covered crack. All this time, his heart raced uncontrollably as he lowered his pelvis in and out and nudged his penis deeper into her crack.

     As the train proceeded to a few more stops, the wedged woman really could not look back to see Toshi. She then tried unsuccessfully to position her body at a 360 degree angle to get Toshi off her buttocks, as she could feel the hardened pressure from his penis moving her skirt about a half an inch into her butt cheeks. The warmth of this womans crack sent the same shock waves throughout Toshis body as did his moms, and before the next stop Toshi reached a climax with an orgasm that weakened his knees although he stood calmly.

     Toshi, felt a light sense of fear and panic and at the next stop he exited the train as quickly as possible before the woman he humped could get a glimpse of his face. He retreated to the rail station bathroom to find that he fully ejaculated into his briefs. His feelings were a sense of calm, fear, relaxation, and relief, as this was the beginning of a twenty-year career of groping and butt humping.

     From that time on according to Toshi, his twenty year humping habit began with eventual enhanced and polished groping skills, as he crack humped roughly about eight women a day on Tokyo area trains.

     On a good day, he stated that a twenty plus crack hump was attainable.

     Women in skirts, pants, jeans, shorts, for nothing sidetracked Toshi until a romance after he met and fell in love with a female Japanese office worker named Mayako.

     The marriage provided a temporary shelter from his deviancies for a short time, as Toshi felt a sense of guilt with his continuation of humping, so he stopped for about a year while enjoying the fruits of a newlywed.

     Yet, over time Toshi had the urge and feeling to butt hump total strangers again, and after a heated argument with his wife one morning he returned to butt humping with a vengeance. Toshi changed into a pair of black linen trousers with no underwear (hole in right pocket for masturbation purposes)on this hot and humid day.

     He then set off and boarded a morning train to work and butt cracked three different women in the same packed train car and in one instance, he unzipped and unleashed his penis and inserted it under a womans short skirt without any notice.

     Hes now resorting to masturbating in the rail station bathroom, if he failed to have an orgasm while wedged in a butt crack.

     Toshi, was interviewed and shed to light his many daily-groping experiences before, during and after his marriage. He is a recovering Frotteur, who sought professional help, although he had never been caught and charged with any crime related to chikan groping in Tokyo.

     This article was written for informational only purposes and all names of events, places, and characters have been changed to protect personal privacy.

Thought of the Day by: LOOKER

The New Alarming Trend Of Voyeurism

     It's a beautiful sunny day, and the annual festival is upcoming. This event draws thousands of locals as well as visitors.

     This sounds very eventful, more so for someone who is termed the sneaky voyeur. There are two types of penchants related to the meaning of the word voyeurism. The first is the natural element of viewing with one's natural eyesight which under most conditions does not pose a threat or problem at all. This element is sometimes considered even healthy for the candid psyche to most, for that eventful peek could stick as a erotic memorable moment forever.

     The latter is termed a Video Voyeur, who is often viewed as a different type of social nuisance or outcast, in which the public and public officials are taking special notice with interest especially NOW! A Video Voyeur is an individual(s) who moves about with electronic instruments whether video or audio, yet video is the preference and tool of choice in gaining images of a bodypart or undergarment of a person without their consent or knowledge. In other words, the high element of risk of the sneaky capture is the major motivation for this type of activity. Basic electronic consumer products such as, cell phones, disposable cameras, and minature video cameras have made this possible and very accomplished amongst many circles on the internet.

     The fact of the latter proposed social indignity is raising the eyebrows of many, because it is now considered a crime in many places to participate in any form of sneaking a shot whether still or video.

     Let's face it folks, law enforcement, local governments, and special interest groups are now taking action to put a stop to the so called sneak upskirt captures and any other action that involves invasion of any individual's privacy. All the groups mentioned above are taking a hardline approach to eliminate and hand counter attack to any or all involved in participation of taking pictures or videotaping a person or people without their knowledge.

     This is a wake up call and it's time to come to the reality, that if one is participating in taking sneak shots, they are on borrowed time, and will possibly be noticed, caught and counter attacked to the full extent.

      One should ask is this really worth the trouble and personal problems that's waiting once arrested? Day after day, individuals are being hauled in on voyeurism charges and the numbers are rising.

      Individuals who stand accused are losing families, houses, jobs and the like all because they took a bold step of acting on a deviant action. This is no laughing matter when one is arrested and charged.

      Pay a casual visit and tour at your local jail, and then envision one day YOU could be there because of what you thought as a simplistic upskirt capture.

      It's time to come to grips that one will stand alone, and there will be no mercy forthcoming once the damage is done, and now harsh admonishment will be staring without a doubt.

      There's nothing wrong with looking with one's eyes, but in the event the decision is made to snap or record another's private bodypart or undergarments, that line could be possibly crossed, and one could and will be ultimately held responsible and could be accused, charged, and if convicted labeled the rest of one's natural existence.

      The next time one plans to venture out at the advice of this personal demon, please reference this checklist first:

1. Are you comfortable with being arrested and booked and possibly charged with some form of voyeurism? 2. Do you have expenses for a lawyer? Note: Legal fees are expensive, lengthy, and expansive... 3. Are you ready to be arraigned in front of a judge and a courtroom full of people and explain your accused actions? 4. If convicted, can you be comfortable with losing everything you may have worked hard for? 5. Can you afford to be civilly suited for liable, from your accuser? Finally, Where do you plan to live once you pay your debt to society, because you possibly will have to register as a sex offender and communties hate sex offenders. THINK BEFORE YOU REACT!

Thought of the Day by: LOOKER

The Charm Of Voyeurism

     Unbeanounced under the hidden confines of a rose bush, there hovers a man whose lonely existence brings him to peep.

     The renching and overwhemling urge to spend countless minutes hidden just to grasp a quick moment of nudity and undress drives this voyeur's passion to be a voyeur or say peeping tom...

     This sometimes uncontrollable fetish is termed voyeurism in many ways because of one's penchant to secretly view another's private moment.

     The rush from extreme risks of a voyeur being exposed brings a voyeur's mind to an elemental visual plateau that sometimes.

     Write me about your experiences.

Thought of the Day by: LOOKER

Keeping A Lid On My Mulitple Fetishes

     I'm bored now lying on the couch having those bad deviant ideas again. I has been quite some time now that I thought about going out and lifting a pair of panties in my building laundry room or even the local laundry mat.

     A strong urge wrenches through my body similar to a steak carving knife and I cannot seem to fight this occasional urge off this time. In the past as long as I kept busy doing uppies, I did not think of more deviant ideas and everything seemed dormant...

     The summer has arrived, and as the temperature rises to record heights, so does my sexual libido. I have to find a relaxing way to release some of the stress and tension, yet I do not have a girlfriend or wife to channel any of these fetishes.

     I am about to go crazy and my woody is throbbing on a daily basis, for upskirting tends to take some of the pressure off, but I need more and quicker fix. I guess if you cannot beat the heat, grab yourself a pair of dirty panties and sniff em then emit a personal jizz on the seat.

     Write me about your experiences.

Thought of the Day by: LOOKER

Looker's Voyeur Kingdom vs. The Voyeurweb

     I don't think so, for not even in vague comparison do I come close to mentioning The Kingdom in the same sentence as The Voyeurweb's in terms of reputation and respect.

     The Kingdom's main objective is to provide all voyeurs with the opportunity to view and come to the forefront and display their work.

     The Voyeurweb gives a voyeur some of the same perspectives, but from my observation it has become too big of a commercial conglomerate to pay attention and serve the purposes of the educated minded voyeur.

     I can give The Voyeurweb tons of credit and accolades for bringing this type of activity to the mainstream and giving me and many others the know how to start the process. Many thanks to the VW and may success keep rolling it's way.

     It's a beautiful thing for me to continue to possess the passion to keep compiling the images at The Paradise. Yes, this is one big dream come true, and I will continue to enjoy it while it lasts.

     I just hope you experience a nice candid monment here at The Kingdom.

Thought of the Day by: LOOKER

Japan Voyeurism

     The time has come for me to give Japan top billing in regards to the high level of technology it produces annually. The cameras are getting even smaller as we speak, and the Koreans and Chinese have joined in the race for the ultimate pinhole camera.But, Japan still to this day pioneers the best quality cameras for the price.

     Also, Japan leads the world in desirable motivation to use these cameras in a voyeuristic manner which leads to somewhat a nuisnace in Japanese society. During my many visits to Japan and the capital city of Tokyo, the streets are crowded and the temptation of thousands of scantily clad miniskirted subjects from schoolgoers, to business people promotes this type of behavior.

     Rest assure the grave temptation from this type of revealing attire only encourages the Japanese male or any other curious undergarment seekers to use whatever means possible to take that peek. I observed all over the city of Tokyo a stigma or should I say, a perverse curiosity amongst quite a number of males in Japan of all ages. Escalators, stairwells, subway trains, book grocery stores, and I can go on and on, about the opportunities and places to execute and upskirt with a video camera.

     In Japan, most deviant males graduate to using a video camera, along with whatever other technology such as, pinholes and opportunities available to stick a camera under a skirt.So getting to the point of this subject, is whenever technology, and sexual social disorders meet at the same intersection. Technology, gives the sexual deviant the green light to move ahead with the matter at hand.

Thought of the Day by: LOOKER


     It's the weekend and you have waited all week, for a planned upscursion. The weather in your town looks great and the expectation of many short skirted subjects pass through your thoughts.

     Did you take time to plan out your next upscursion? You should ask yourself this question, because proper planning is imperative for a successful mission. Everything from checking equipment from battery life to your dress attire can make a big impact on whether you can return home and enjoy viewing your candid footage.

     The paradise suggests that you map out your upscursion, detail by detail from the place that you are operating from point A to point B, by checking exits to the environment such as stores, outdoor ventues etc.

     These are very important variables that can make a difference in case the situation shifts during the upscursion. I find the equipment mishaps such as dying batteries and tape life pose the biggest hazards. There were times I thought I was videotaping only to find out later that the tape had run completely out.

     Also, since I did not bring extra tapes, I had abort my upscursion with grave disappointment. Learn the patterns of your city as far as the busiest areas during a specific time. Notating dates for annual festivals, cultural events and large gatherings can make your upscursion a good organized candid memory.

     Give yourself time to gather all the necessary tools to make your upscursion, and that will make things a whole lot smoother.

     One more thing, don't forget your camera (lol), Just joking! I actually did that once though.

     Good luck and stay safe on your upscursion.

Thought of the Day by: LOOKER

Excuse Me! Can I Look Up Your Skirt?

     That's the question I ask myself when I see a subject out in the general public wearing a very revealing skirt. As a matter of fact, that question arise many more times in my head, as I am absorbing the footage.

     Well, let's face it comrades, that a short skirt can wield a large amount of attention and power depending on the subject's motive(s). Let's concentrate a little on the motives.

     During the 60's free love daisy era, where generation X found free spirit from smoking pot to making love in very public places, the mini skirt became a subject' s favorite item from the wardrobe.

     Why? because of the new sense of personal freedoms that the subjects started enjoying. Female rock stars ditched the bell bottom pants at their concerts in favor of the short skirt, and hollywood made movies that featured the leading ladies strolling around in mini dresses.

     As a son growing up, I am sure you can remember an experience of the little girl in your neighborhood or at your school that wore a cute little short dress, and by accident or whatever the case you had a chance to catch a glimpse of the panties.

     Too me that was part of shear innocence, that we all can smile about if remembered, and a motive was virtually nonexistent especially at a younger age.

     I will fast forward thirty years beginning in the 80's to bring you up on today's subject motive(s). Today's two main ingredients are power and greed bred out of sheer arrogance, selfishness, and being outright bold.

     Today's subjects that wear very short revealing attire, exerts a boldness of god given physical power that not even the most strongest of men could overcome.

     There has been cases of celebrity sports figures, movie industry power brokers, and even government heads glued to stunning beauties in short skirts at some major function or special event.

     There are two types of mini skirt subjects. The first is what, I label an auto erotic exhibitionist who enjoys the opposite gender's attention, and will wear the most revealing of attire, if anything at all, to get that attention.

     Yeah, if given the opportunity and the law allowed it some of these subjects would not wear anything at all to the grocery store, the park, and many other public venues.

     The second subject who wears a mini skirt, to me is the most dangerous of the two. This is the power/greed who uses sexual overtones such as, wearing this very short in your face skirt to muscle their way into, promotions on jobs they are not qualified for.

     They use short skirts to serve as a magnate for their own selfish needs, such as having a guy take them to dinner and shopping, or to such an extreme as getting you to approach them in a friendly manner, so that the subject could exercise a self gratifying turn down. Or, more dangerous the subject grants you date, and you could end up absorbing some major problems such as paying eighteen years of offspring support, alimony, etc.

     This all ties in to the advertising to which sex sells because the subject knows full well as to their motivation for wearing a short mini skirt. So, next time you see a subject out in a public place with a short skirt just ask them, Excuse me! Can I look up your skirt? I'm sure they would be very obliged to do that for you.

Thought of the Day by: LOOKER


     Tommy has always loved panties. He loves everything about them from how they look on girls to how they feel in his hands. He has always had a little panty fetish ever since he was a boy maybe because panties are the only thing that truly surrounds and protects the "treasure trove"; and to be able to hold and touch these delicate garments gives guys a way to reach out and touch the intimate parts of the original panty wearer. Tommy can usually keep his panty fetish dormant but at times when an opportunity arises, he is unable to let it pass and indulges by entering the panty playground... Tommy has a good friend named Samantha who he knows quite well as they went to the same high school. Their friendship is as close as one could get between a guy and a girl without 'feelings' getting in the way, a platonic relationship one could say. He often hangs out at her house listening to music, watching movies and having dinner, the regular things friends tend to do.

     Now some of you might be guessing where this is getting to as it is a common theory that there is no such thing as a platonic relationship between a guy and a girl. Samantha probably does not agree with that theory (again, as some girls would think) but Tommy, being a red-blooded male, does agree with that theory although he would never admit it openly to Samantha. He is secretly infatuated with her physically.

     The reason for the infatuation is because Tommy has voyeured Samantha before, in fact he has seen her totally naked and she has absolutely no idea whatsoever. Keeping that in mind, you can imagine how difficult it is for Tommy not to picture Samantha's mango sized breasts or her nice round ass or her full bush. Tommy, being a true voyeur only looks though, he never touches until that day.

     One day Tommy found himself in Samantha's room all alone while she was in the kitchen preparing some food. He was just listening to music when he noticed a new set of drawers.

     This sparked Tommy's curiosity, he walked over to the top drawer and opened it up a crack to discover a whole bunch of Samantha's panties. They were all different types of colors ranging from grey to pink to blue and red. A large grin spread throughout his face.

     He closed the drawer and went to the kitchen to see what Samantha was up to. She was bending over at the table reading a cook book.

     Tommy's eyes wandered up and down her body, from his vantage point he could see down her blouse a little and because of the wayshe was bending over, the panties she was wearing were pressed against her pants which Tommy could very well see. Tommy was beginning to get horny, of course he could not show it nor could he say anything about it.

     Samantha suddenly straightened up and told Tommy she was going to take a shower (which immediately set off a mental image of Samantha totally naked in Tommy's mind) as she gained perspiration from the cooking. Tommy felt an idea brewing. The moment Samantha closed the bathroom door, he strolled into her room, made sure the rest of the people in the house were downstairs, and he opened her panty drawer.

     The first thing that struck Tommy was the smell. There was a strong sweet scent emanating from the drawer. He plunged his hands into the sea of panties and reveled at how soft and silky they were.

     By this time Tommy had a pretty big hard on, he picked up a couple of panties, brought them up to his nose and took a deep breath. It was like heaven!! despite knowing Samantha for so long, he had never really smelled this smell before. He figured perhaps the perfume she wore was too strong and over powered her natural scent.

     Holding on to the panties he quickly buried them into his pants and over his cock and began to stroke. While stroking he checked closely at the door and could hear Samantha taking a shower, the water splashing around, this added to the experience and made him even more horny.

     Armed with his trusty right hand and Samantha's panties he set off on jacking off. The combined experiences got him off quickly which resulted in the two panties being covered with his cum. Tommy then used the cum soaked panties and wiped some cum onto the crotch area on the rest of the panties in the drawer.

     After spreading his seeds, he stuffed the cum soaked panties into the back of the drawer to give them a chance to dry. Tommy then went back to the bean bag on the floor and continued to listen to music feeling relieved and a little out of breath. Five minutes later Samantha came in wearing just her bathrobe. Tommy got up and left the room so that she could change.

     As she closed the door, Tommy thought "I wonder which pair is she going to wear??" ...... a mischievous grin started to form again at the thought of Samantha's pussy sitting and resting so close to his cum, he walked towards the kitchen.

Thought of the Day by: PEEK

LOOKER's Story In Tokyo

     It's been a long flight from the West coast to Japan, and the plane is preparing to descend into Narita airport.

     The paradise breaths a sigh of relief, because those long flights are the worse, but the paradise experiences a smooth landing and the flight taxi's to the gate. Wow! It finally hits me that the paradise is back in Japan headed to what is perceived to be Tokyo the promise land of upskirts.

     The paradise sets off for the eighty mile trek to Tokyo, a huge conglomerate of buildings, people and of course subjects with short skirts. Hey you mention a short skirt and the paradise is there because that word serves as a magnate for some wild and candid experiences.

     The fact of the matter, is that upskirts is good, and the paradise is impatient to get to the hotel to unpack a suitcase with many various different setups.

     Setups that are tailored carefully to each particular environment and situation. The process is well thought out before the trip began, so the process is tedious.

     Everything has to be reassembled pinholes etc., but that does not take very long to accomplish.

     The paradise sets out at approximately six PM Tokyo time to Shibuya one of the many favorite upskirt places and the crowds is everything one would expect, for they are dense, packed in close and tight, from street crossings, to subway stations, to stores.

     The pickings are prime, but the paradise, over the years of past experiences have learned to choose carefully, scanning for prime subjects. Panty hose, or brief lines are not top selections.

     The paradise sets into a subject mode which is a concentration that cannot be explained in words, for an overwhelming power takes over the senses of psyche, and the rest is history and the end result is all that matters.

     The technique is based on direct precision and taking the steps to gain the right position according to a subject's movement and direction.

     That is the most important thing of all which can make a huge difference with the outcome of the desired footage. Have you ever heard the old saying, time flies when you are having fun, well that is very applicable here , because the paradise wraps up at one thirty AM and returns to the hotel to seek some rest.

     Day two turns into a success because it is learned that a cultural Japanese event takes place around Shinjuku station which is a very large area in terms of human density. The paradise takes two mini DV cams with two heavy duty backup batteries and dress as if we were a dorky looking tourist to offset the attention and that works perfect.

     The paradise spends four hours nonstop blowing through two one twenty-minute DV tapes of directional up and under action without a spec of second looks from anyone. The DV camera is so warm, it burns the skin, so it's time to change cams for the sake of the video heads. A few more hours past with the same success, and it's hard to walk away and take a rest, but that's imperative.

     The venture sets back towards Roppongi, and the trains offer more than enough supplement of upskirt catches. A pit stop has to be made to purchase new tapes in Shibuya again at big camera a twelve story electronics building, with a huge array of electronics products, so the same effect resonates from Shibuya the second evening in a row.

     The paradise reloaded the new tapes and camped out at the intersection of Shibuya and waited for the perfect uppie and that did not take long, for only a few minutes and the direction shifted to an eyewear shop. Please see Eyewear Store Upskirt in the Hall of Stalls.

     The chances the paradise took were elemental, yet conscious and and the final result was most important. Another long day, but the mission still was not finished until the wee hours of the morning, because Tokyo does not sleep at night when the night lights come on.

Part II
Article to be continued next week

We Are All Pawns For The Bush

     Hi, my name is Looker, and I have a penchant to peep under women's clothing, down their blouses, or anywhere or way to see what's totally considered a personal secret. Why would I go out of my way to sneak a peek up a skirt?

     Well, I will attest that this habit was created at an early age, for I started trying to peep up my mother's short skirts or any little girl's skirt I could lift up. The thought of seeing up a dress so much intrigued me that the imprint to capture uppies was forever branded into my psyche.

     Me and many other males share this same idea in a world that is changing into a diversified female agenda. That's right guys, women have totally shifted feminism into overdrive and us men are feeling left out and powerless. Yeah, and one of the ways these women get their point across is to dress provocative with short skirts in the workplace and the outside world.

     Perverts, we are all pawns for the bush, because we all feel a need and urge to be respected, loved, loathed, and wanted by these women. Think about it some of the beauties you capture on tape probably would not give me nor you the time of day. This bush in between a woman's legs control our minds and souls. Ever heard the old saying that women rule the world? It's true and us males cannot deny the fact that women have a first and ten on the goal line poised to score the winning touchdown.

     There is no pressure on a woman to make the varsity football or basketball team. These women do not have to ask us to the senior prom, nor does she have to face stern competition to get good grades, drive a fast car or propose marriage. Yes, perverts we are the ones that face rejection in a very unforgiving world.

     The element of power belongs to a woman and they will never relinquish it as long as we are naturally longing for their acceptance. The short skirt and a pair decent legs can land her a good job, a promotion, and many favors that you and me could not get. My skill and propensity to peep gives me the chance to get some power back women in a very sound and relaxing way.

     They are gaining power as they wear skimpy minis and I am taking it back when my camera crawls up their skirts. Perverts, I have seen it all, for the bloody pads, and creative ways of sticking newspaper, handkerchiefs, or whatever else to absorb the liquid that flows out each month. Man, some of the pussy shot can cause a riot. The big holes in the underwear, the stains, the stretch marks, and the cottage cheese fat between the legs are all indicators that these so called goddesses are not all so attractive.

     The leg un crossing scene in the movie Basic Instinct sums up this article and substantiates my actions and ideology about capturing upskirts. The women especially in the USA want to be treated and respected as equal to men. Well, why do they flaunt and go out into public exposing parts of themselves? What's the purpose? Where is the self respect. Why is there such a crusade against filming up a skirt, when some women wear minis so short you can see the prize with the blind eye? The answer is that they cherish the attention and power a short skirt can bring.

     I'm not saying that every woman should totally cover up, because I actually enjoy going out and getting the best footage within reason, yet if one decides to go out in a scantly clad skirt they will be open game, and I certainly will not play by the rules. Uppies, are good, because it keeps my world going in a circular motion.

Thought of the Day by: LOOKER

Upskirts, A Moral issue or Morale Booster?

     I'm A Nice Guy Yeah, and that is what we all want subjects to think of us huh guys. Well let's face it the fact that upskirt voyeurism surfaces as a moral issue and morals play a big role in every individual's life.

     I guess it would be a great subject to debate about, and I feel that all humans understand right and wrong, but plain and simple if a subject decides to leave a certain amount of being exposed, there is nothing wrong about being on the receiving end of a capture especially in a public place. I have no problem receiving at public venues such as, street corners, parking lots, beaches, and the like because we all have the right to own and operate cameras and most video equipment.

     Is it morally wrong to take pictures or videotape beings or places? Certainly not, and there is no law anywhere other than former Taliban controlled Aftganistan, that banned the use of cameras and all other video equipment. Why would you not want to enjoy a candid moment? I do not think that it is a disrespect, because the subjects who wear short skirt attire leave themselves open for the reception.

     Why invite something if you do not want it, and then cry foul?

     There is no dictation of what, where, and when a subject wears attire, but just rest assure there is always someone who will go the extra distance to take a peek if the attire exceeds the limits.

     Upskirts is a harmless measure and it will stay that way, so if the politicians, lawmakers, and subjects want to create a stir, start by preaching moral values and self respect to the subject first, then approach the video camera makers, and have them stop developing spy cams and the like, then teach the people who purchase and promote pornography to better their morals and there would be no existence of uppies or any other form of smut.

     Being a nice guy is boring, and after you stress yourself out and break your back for any subject, you will find out that you did not gain an inch with that subject you had your eye on and that it all went unnoticed. To me receiving wide open uppies is a morale booster, and life for me could not be better.

Thought of the Day by: LOOKER

It takes Two To Voyeur.

     Voyeurism or must I say Video Voyeurism has reached the mainstream media. This so called high technology of video monitoring is slowly climbing the ladder towards commercial coverage in small proportions.

     Is this bad for the voy community or good? Yes, because the news misfits are telling the general public exactly how voyeurs go about their daily rituals.

     The often regular news special reports, which detail how undercover news teams stake out places to stalk and confront voyeurs. Is this a legal way to get a news story? Well that depends on who you ask, for the firm belief that it's illegal and unfair rests solely with the individual voyeur who's personal rights were violated.

     There should be no exceptions to the rule. The media should be held to the same standards.

     This is a case of the big powerful source going after the small source. Where is the law and it's protections for all the citizens? Voyeurs included. The realization of the matter is that it takes two to voyeur. First, it takes a very loosely governed subject who exorts and leaves everything open for display.

     Then you have the observer, who comes along and decides to admire the display. This is a natural activity, so where does the problem lie.

     The true meaning of voyeurism is to observe, appreciate, and admire beings, things or objects. Plain and simple.

     So the protections of personal privacy should rest the same for the voyeur across the board.

Thought of the Day by: LOOKER

The comments and events exercised here does not intend to promote or advocate a negative or detrimental effect toward any particular race, age, or gender. This is for infomational purposes only and does not reflect the author's views on this commentary. The author does not promote or condone views, topics, or unlawful activities related to any particular topic, and or discussion.


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