spread vagina and pinched nipple

Let's call her Christina. She looked young. She may not look so young in Japan. But in eastern Europe, she looked young at 16. She presented the shy, modest impression. And she was slow witted. I don't say she is fool. She can be a wise person if she is given enough time. And she was interested in SM sex. She said that she never played SM.

So, I set out to see her M degree, where she stood in the masochist scale. Firstly I asked her to be naked. She did ... slowly. I don't say she did reluctantly. She did it slowly. She moved slow. She asked me about underwear and I said "all naked." And so she became all naked. I asked her to turn around. So, I saw her front and back. I wondered if she could not understand my English easily. But soon I understood that all her movement was slow - the lycéenne understood my English clearly. I made her sit on an armchair, asked her to put her both hand on the back of head. Then I asked her to put her legs on armrests. She hesitated a little. I slapped her thigh and ordered once again. Then she moved her leg slowly - simply slowly, no hesitation - onto an armrest. And then, another leg. Fine. She had her legs wide open. I looked into her crotch, opened her pussy lips, and looked closely. I recognized little glittering liquid there. Without any foreplay nor anything, I put a finger there. She made a slight grimace probably with pain there. I moved my finger back and forth for short time - another grimace. And I put one more finger - another grimace. Then I spread my fingers to open her vagina - another grimace and a little gasping voice.

I took out the flashlight and looked into vagina. I could see the pinkish round uterus bottom and very small round circle of dark color something - that must be the opening of uterus. And I explained her all those colors, shapes and wetness. She smiled a little. She seem to be interested. Nowadays I use speculum to open a vagina, and a digital camera attached with TV screen to show a girl her own uterus. But I didn't have them back then. Anyhow she was happy to have me see the uterus. I pulled the fingers out. They were little wet with her female juice. I let her see them closely, then let her smelt at them. Then I touched her on her lips with my liquid covered fingers. She couldn't decide what to do with my fingers. So, I pressed little harder and opened her lips with my fingers. Then I came to her teeth and pressed yet little harder - in the end she opened her jaws and sucked my finger. She must be really nice M, I thought - Christina was sucking her own love juice.

Then I let her stand up, had her arms on her back and tied them. I had her blindfolded and led her to the bed. Whilst I was preparing my SM gadgets, I saw her rolling about all over the bed. And she rolled while she was rubbing her legs each other - rubbing her pussy in between. I was quite sure that she was in heat. Then she came to the end of the bed. I could easily imagine that she would fall from the bed.

I was, however, not decisive - should I let her fall or should I save her? I decided to go the middle road. I waited till the 16 years old girl came to the very end. When it became too late, I shouted "danger! stop, danger!" and jumped onto the bed and grabbed her on the head. She fell from her feet instead of from her head. So, she fell safe. She rolled back onto the bed as if she didn't mind much about her fall.

Then I resumed her M degree test. I had a pinch - an ordinary laundry pinch. I lightly stroked her on one nipple with the clothespin. I stroked her there back and forth few times checking her expression. Then I opened the jaws of the pinch and placed the tit between them. Gradually I loosened my grip on the pin - and that tightened the jaws' grip against the nipple. Her facial expression was rather tense from beginning to end. However, Christina never complained a pain. She never asked me stop. She never screamed. And when I released the hand - and that was when the vise was in full force - she smiled.

"Wow! This is a perfect M woman" I thought.

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