she was my secretary

Now, as I explained I knew of BDSM at around the age of 11 or so. But I did not try it until I was 29. What was the gap of 18 years, from 11 to 29? I believed that SM was bad thing, kind of rape. I believed no woman liked it. I loved BDSM stories, novels, comics, movies - only because I'm a man, I believed. Some women in those stories love to be tied, raped, humiliated, spanked - only because they were in stories, I believed. No real woman likes it, I believed. If a man does it on a woman, he is forcing it on a detesting, resisting woman - I believed. So, I never did it. I never asked any woman to be my BDSM victim. In the later days, I got to know some whores accept BDSM play. But when I was young, I never knew of those special prostitute. I only knew my girlfriends. And I never tried to tie my girlfriends. I believed BDSM is bad.

And then, here came my first BDSM partner - she was my secretary. Let's call her Alice. It was when I was around 29. I was working for a big "international ... ", it was very big and famous. I took low management position at the office somewhere in Eastern Europe. You may ask how I could get management post at my 20's. The reason is:
   I have MBA;
   I am a Japanese;
   I can speak English;
   And the most importantly I'm ready to go anywhere, literally anywhere, war-torn state or whatsoever.
Only few went dangerous place. The most others, like me, ended up with inconvenient place.

I found me in a socialist state.

My secretary was around 35 years old - a lot older than me. She must be very beautiful when she was young. She, however, at the age of 35, had a husband and two children and a little additional meat around her waist.

One day, one Japanese visited my office. He was somewhat important person. So, I asked my secretary to go out to the market and buy a souvenir, and wrapping paper. Here in Japan if you buy something and want it wrapped for gift, the shop would do it. Not in a socialist state. You have to do it by yourself. I asked my secretary to wrap the gift. And you know, a white cannot do it. I don't know what is wrong with the white race but they cannot neatly wrap a gift box. She did it loose and slack. So, I took it over and did it right. Whilst I was doing it I told her about Japanese origami. I even showed her how to make a paper crane. Whilst showing her origami, I told her about Japanese shibari. Nowadays I would be sued for sexual harassment by talking and joking about how to tie a woman. But back then, a joke is a joke.

And it was on Friday. On Saturday morning, Alice the secretary came to my home.

She said that she couldn't fold origami right. I invited her to the house and taught her how to fold it. At the end, I said that I would give her examination later, and if she couldn't fold origami, I would punish her by shibari and spank on her butt.

She came to my home at Sunday afternoon. She said she still could not fold origami to make paper crane. I invited her to the house and taught her origami wondering if I should punish her. I suspected something about her. She said she could not do origami right but she did it mostly right. After I taught her everything, we were silent for while.

AND THEN, I suddenly realized that I could not punish her. I could not tie her. I did not have rope in my house!

"I do not punish you today. This is special treatment. No next time. Next, you forget origami, I punish you. But today, I don't" I said.
"Because I don't have rope" I continued.
But the second thought struck me.
"Or we go to the market" I added; "ok, we go to the market. We can buy rope."
She hesitated a moment and said "yes, boss".

She usually called me "hiro"; "yes, hiro", "no, hiro" or "hiroshi-san". But this time, she called me boss. She goes to the market with me to buy rope only because I am her boss. She refused to think about the consequence. She knew that she would be tied by the very rope we were going to buy. But she refused to think about the consequence; bondage, spanking and something more. She knew what would follow the shopping. But the only thing she must know is what the boss wants - the boss wants rope - and he needs the secretary to help him - so she helped me.

We went shopping. On the way, I had to think and decide how I would tie her and how much rope I needed. I decided hishi-shibari (diamond shape bondage). It looked great yet easy to tie. I bought one of 6 meter rope, one of 4 meter rope and two of 2 meter ropes. The longest one is for the diamond shape bondage. The 4 meter one is to tie her arms and chest. Two of 2 meters are for miscellaneous use.

After we bought 14 meters of rope, we drove back. On the way to my home, I came across a drug store. I thought of everything at once.

"I'm dumb! She is mid-30's. She doesn't worth for it."
"She has this extra-meat at her waist. She must be beautiful 10 years ago. But not now."
"She has husband and children. The husband is a nice man."
"But she has pussy at least! Sex, Sex, Sex!"
"Danger, danger! I'm losing the job. I'm losing the good salary!"
"Not only me. I'm destroying her family life."

In the end, I slowed down the car and stopped at the drug store. I asked her how to say condom in the local language. I left the car, entered the drug store, bought condoms, and came back to the car.
Sigh ... Alice was still there.
She could run away while I was out.
"Can you buy it?" she asked. I felt no emotion in her voice.
"Yes" I said.
What she care was not her chastity but if I could do my shopping.
We drove back to my home.

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