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I thought that we had two problems - my perverted sex drive and our relationship. But we were facing with three problems - her kinky sex fantasy was the third one. I just ignored my sex drive to come up with an interim solution. Firstly, our relationship had simple solution - stop it - though how to stop it was big problem. And her kinky desire could be easily satisfied - "why don't you ask your husband to tie you?" I asked Alice. She thought that no normal man would tie a woman - only a serial killer would do. That was not true. I am a man and I know how a man would react. If a wife asks her husband to tie her, 70% are very happy to do so, 20% are unwilling but still do, only 10% says no. That was my guess and I was confident of my rough estimation. And I knew that she was a wise woman and she could chose right words to have the husband to tie her. Once she had her husband work as a bondage master, Alice didn't need me to tie her - then she could stop the relationship.

My problem, my perverted sex drive was another problem and I thought it was more difficult to find the way out. Though I could imagine the right direction - find another woman who is willing M (masochist). I believed for the last 18 years that no woman wanted to be tied nor spanked. Wrong! I found a woman, Alice the secretary as a willing M. There must be more M somewhere - but I had no idea how to find them, nor where to look for. But my efficient and skillful secretary had solution.

We lived in a socialist state, where government own companies (monopolies) did not supply what people wanted to buy. Common people thereby relied on individual transactions to buy what they wanted or to get things done. The network of such transactions developed into what they called 2nd market. Soon even the state monopolies depended on the 2nd market. Efficient and skillful person in the socialist state meant someone who knew how the 2nd market worked.

A little money was spent to bribe officials here and there, and my personal advertisements with fake (but working!) contact address were run on newspapers. She told me that a lot of communist apparatchikis were doing the same to keep concubines. Although mine was not to find a mistress but to find a BDSM partner - the process was the same. Our advertisement targeted college students - though we did not excluded others. Most lycéennes were living with family. But a lot of college girls were from countryside and living in dorm. Those who had job had less free time than students.

The responses to the advertisements surprised me. Last 18 years, I had been believing that no woman like BDSM. But the truth is that many women are curious about/interested in/preoccupied with BDSM. I interviewed them to choose a steady partner. Among them, 16 years old lycéenne, though she did not become my steady, was memorable.

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* New SM partner wanted: Since the last one dumped me, I'm looking for a new partner. If you are interested in or curious to SM, bondage, master/slave (or love/abuse) relationship, especially those shown on these pages, or if you have your own specific fetish but don't know how to make it real or whom to ask help, I'm the one whom you can trust. Please use the contact form below.

* Job offer: Now hiring a model to shoot these (and other) SM scenes. This can be "no strings attached, one time paid job". If you want to be my SM partner too, I'm more than happy. But you can decide later.

* American millionaires' secret SM society: I'm writing this episode soon in my memoir. It is not really "society" and not all of us are millionaire. We are friends and I'm a special member - they call me "Sensei". If you prefer Fat, Ugly, Rich American (both black and white) than Japanese Shibari Master, ask me. Some of them are interested to meet new women. (And actually, those Americans aren't that bad looking. LOL.)

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