the boss is a Japanese shibari master

According to what she said on that day and the later days, Alice didn't take my words seriously at first. Indeed I was half joking (and inflated my ability a little) at first when I was showing and teaching her origami in the office.

Many Japanese men tie women as foreplay.
This is called shibari - and we even have textbooks published for this.
Unfortunately I do not have a textbook now.
But I can do it without a textbook because I'm a shibari-master.
Crotch rope is the best, it cuts into woman's pussy and gives her joy just as she walks around.
But a rough straw rope cutting into crotch is a real torture - it gives you scratches.
Blah, blah, blah...
And - I will test your origami skills in few days and depend on the result I will give you either joyful or painful crotch shibari.
Sure she could not believed what I said. She merely dreamt that my shibari-talk was true. But she knew me. And therefore Alice could say that I was probably joking but not lying about shibari. Shibari must exist. It might not what I said but somehow it must exist. Anyhow she came to my home without worrying about and without expecting crotch rope - since she couldn't take it personally. She merely wanted to make origami for her children - and secretly, she wanted to know shibari more. Then, I told her about crotch rope again. And that time she sensed that I was not joking. Everything about Japanese shibari art could be pure fabrication. Still her boss could tie her. Bondage and crotch rope was her 25 years old craving. She could have her dream come true. But she could see what followed them. The boss said that shibari was foreplay. Then she would be raped once she was tied. That was the price too high to pay.

But she was already in her mid-30's. If she missed that opportunities, there probably would be no second chance. And the next day, Alice came to my home again. She was ready to pay any price to get tied. During the play I thought that she had strong ability to endure pain and turn it to pleasure. No, she didn't. I tied her nicely. And she saw it beautiful - better than she expected. Although she thought that my shibari was great, it was not good - it didn't reach Japanese quality. Therefore it gave her pain on her wrists. And pain of spanking was added later. Yet, the joy of shibari was overwhelming - which I mistook as her ability to endure pain. I hit her soft at first and then, harder, and harder. As the result, she couldn't cum easily. The spanking prevented her to cum - and accidentally prolonged her pleasure. This is a technique I intentionally use nowadays - but it was unintentional in my first SM play.

When I stopped spanking her and shoved ropes to the left and right and forced myself in her vagina, she felt as if the crotch rope was raping her. She had multiple cums since then. Her head was not settled. She could hear me mumbling something, saying something louder in the end. But she could have only hazy thought about them - "ah, he is saying something in English." I didn't want to hurt her. I tried my best not to humiliate her. And what she understood was I was talking in English.

The second play on Thursday disappointed her. She was tied only on her wrists and no crotch rope. And she got a lot of verbal abuse. She didn't like them. Yet in the end, she decided to accept them - they were facts. For her, the second one was an ordinary sex, no big orgasm. Some later day I asked her why she said "thank you, Hiro" after the 2nd play. But she couldn't remember. "Did I say so?" Alice said. And I thought that she did not feign ignorance.

The 3rd play surprised her. She dreamt of crotch rope for 25 years. But she never thought of crotch chain. She was scared. But once the chain was slide onto her pussy, she found it very comfortable. She thanked me very much for my expertises.

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