kneeled and spanked in the bedroom

We went the bedroom not because I wanted fuck her. Oh, yeah, I wanted fuck her but I could do it anywhere in my house. The reason going to the bedroom was I wanted her kneel. And I didn't want her kneel on the wooden floor. That would give her pain on her knees. So, I had her kneel on the bed and made her bending at the waist, shoving her ass.

That was not enough. I made her bend farther. Then she became on all threes - instead of on all four (on one's hands and feet), Alice was on her forehead and feet. That was better than all four. Her buttocks were higher than her head. I fixed both her legs by bending them and tying the ankles to the thighs. She could not walk away nor even stand up any more.

All three gave me the great view. I could see her pussy from rear. And with her hands tied she could not hide the private area. I knew what she knew. She knew that I was watching her pussy. But I didn't know if she knew exactly what I saw. I saw two round butt cheeks, and pubic hair in the middle (hey, back then women wouldn't shave their genital hair). AND ... the ropes were embedded and got lost in the pussy meat. Should I tell her about the ropes eating into labia majora, and humiliating her - I wondered.

Oh, yeah. My very second SM novel was about the crotch rope cut into a woman - and the villain grabbed the rope and roughly molesting her there - and verbally abusing her saying how wet she already was.

No, I didn't do that. I was not there to humiliate her. I was there to punish her and spank her. That was our agreement.

I knelt beside her and started the spanking. But ... even though I was there to punish her I still wanted sexually stimulate her. So I hit her not only on her round buttocks but also the hairy valley in between. I hit her soft at first to see how much pain she could take. Her ability to endure pain and turn it into pleasure was a lot more than I expected. Alice started sensual gasps soon after I started the spanking. I felt sticky fluid on my fingers. She was then wet, not just moist.

I really wanted to fondle her cunt area. But ... that could not be punishment. We knew everything already. I was going to fuck her. That's everything.

But we were playing the game - punishment. I needed to come up with an alternative to touch her genital with my hand. So, I grabbed the ropes on her back under the waist and pulled them to wiggle while I spanked. I intended that the ropes stimulated her as they were cutting into her cunt and thereby they could transfer the wiggling move.

I was right. Soon I saw her wriggling the lower body. I came to the end of my patience. "I'm going to fuck her now" I secretly said to myself. And then, "how fool am I!" I realized my mistake.

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