Nude Man Covered in Cheese Gets Probation
MARYVILLE, Tenn. - A man caught by police last summer on his 23rd birthday running naked and covered in nacho cheese pleaded guilty Monday to burglary and four other charges. Michael David Monn of Maryville appeared before Blount County Circuit Court Judge D. Kelly Thomas and pleaded guilty to burglary, theft, vandalism, indecent exposure and public intoxication. In a plea bargain with prosecutors, Monn was sentenced to three years in prison but was given supervised probation. He also was given a judicial deferral, which means if he stays out of trouble for the next three years the charges will be expunged from his record. Thomas warned Monn that if he violates the sentencing requirements, he must serve the sentence in a state penitentiary. Early on the morning of July 18, 2004, Monn was highly intoxicated, broke into the John Sevier Pool snack bar area, stole some snacks and did some damage and was caught naked with some stolen snacks, Blount County District Attorney General Mike Gallegos told the courtroom. A police officer found Monn that morning in the parking lot of the pool facility after Monn had apparently scaled an 8-foot-tall fence and was seen running toward a Jeep with a box of stolen snacks and a container of nacho cheese. In addition to being naked, Monn had nacho cheese in his hair, on his face and on his shoulders, police said. He also had a strong odor of alcohol and was semi-incoherent. In his Jeep, Maryville officers found clothing and an open bottle of vodka.

Rejection Hotline Real Popular in Detroit
The Motor City produces the most calls to the Rejection Hotline, a free telephone service that allows uninterested objects of affection to blow off come-ons. It works like this: You're asked for your telephone number by someone in which you have no interest. You might sound receptive by responding, ---*---*-*----. When that number is dialed, this is what they get: The person who gave you this number did not want you to have their real number. Maybe the idea of going out with you just seems as appealing as playing leapfrog with unicorns . ... Do your best to forget about the person who gave you this number because, trust us, they've already forgotten about you. The voice is that of Jeff Goldblatt, a 27-year-old Emory University student who developed Rejection Hotline in 2001. It now serves 29 cities in the United States. The Detroit line has logged more than 1.2 million calls since it was launched last year, making it the most dialed of the 29 hotlines. Cher Wardlow, who was given the number about a year ago, wasn't amused. It was mean, said the 30-year-old store manager. I was kind of insulted. I didn't think I was all bad. I thought he had lot of nerve.(AP)News

Indonesia mulls bans on kissing, exposing 'sensual body parts' in public
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) - Call it a kissing crackdown. Indonesia's government is considering a law banning unwed couples from pecking in public -and harshly penalizing those who do, the Jakarta Post reported Saturday. The campaign against kissing is part of a proposal of sweeping reforms to laws adopted by the country's Dutch colonial rulers in the late 19th century. Drafted by a panel of experts, the revised laws would set environmental protection standards and counter attack human rights violations and terrorism, the newspaper said. But they would also impose penalties on unwed couples who kiss in public, while permitting police raids on the homes of those suspected of living together out of wedlock. Pornography and public displays of certain sensual body parts would be outlawed and media, movies and songs censored. Penalties for law breakers would range from fines as high as 300 million rupiah, or about $40,000 Cdn, to up to 10 years imprisonment, according to the daily. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and the legislature are expected to spend two years debating and revising the draft. Critics say the laws would let authorities restrict personal freedoms and muzzle the media. In recent years, Hollywood movies and TV programs have faced condemnation from religious leaders and government officials in the world's most populous Muslim nation who say such fare violates religious tenets on decency.Islamic conservatives -some of whom want to replace Indonesia's secular system with one bound by Islamic law -have been emboldened since the fall of ex-dictator Suharto in 1998.

Prostitute Sees Sex Trade Hope for Jobless
SALEM, S.D. (AP) - The mix of nude dancers, orange juice and black-white independent films wasn't in Bob Rieger's original business plan. But it has helped his Racehorses Gentlemen's Club survive amid the cornfields of McCook County, S.D., and fend off a two-year barrage of challenges from politicians and outraged members of Citizens Against Nude Juicebars and Pornography. I've been to court with them four times and I beat them every time, Rieger said. When the county denied Rieger a liquor licence for a bar, he opened a strip club with a juice bar in 2003. When it served a stop order saying a commercial business could not operate in area zoned for agriculture, Rieger went to court and won. And when 74 per cent of the county's voters passed an anti-nudity ordinance in June, Rieger found a loophole that exempted movie theatres. After a two-week hiatus, the club re-emerged as Racehorses Gentlemen's Club and Adult Movie Theatre and has been operating ever since. Now the county is drawing up a new ordinance that would require his dancers to wear pasties and G-strings. And a state senator plans to push for a similar state law. At this point, it's harassment, Rieger says. They're really picking on me. McCook County State's Attorney Roger Gerlach said the proposed ordinance is not an attempt to put him out of business. As long as they have some opaque clothing over the crucial parts of the human body, they can dance all they want, Gerlach said. In the meantime, customers continue paying a $10 cover charge - actually called an all-day movie ticket - to watch strippers dance. Patrons can sit next to the stage or have a private dance in a small room off to the side. They can also grab a stool at the juice bar and order a $3 soft drink or a $4 juice or power drink. When Rieger retooled his business as a movie theatre, he said he would feature independent, artsy R-rated films. During a recent visit, though, hardcore fare was playing in the club's 17-seat theatre. The 15-member Citizens Against Nude Juicebars and Pornography has organized protests outside the club and filmed patrons in the parking lot to discourage them from entering. Salem hair-salon owner Maxine Pulse, the group's co-founder, said she saw men drinking and urinating in the parking lot and dancers coming to the door nude. There's a line between right and wrong, Pulse said. And it seems like anymore nowadays that line has got all jumbled up. After Rieger seized on a loophole in the law that allows nudity in such places movie theatres, health clubs and college art classes, Pulse's group dropped its protests for fear of being hit with harassment charges. Republican state Senator Clarence Kooistra plans to take the fight to the next level and propose a state law that would make Rieger's dancers cover up. We do not want the Salem area and McCook County to be known as Sin City, South Dakota, he said

Prostitute Sees Sex Trade Hope for Jobless
BERLIN Jan 31 (Reuters) - A celebrated Berlin prostitute said Monday that German job center advisers shouldn't shy away from offering jobs in the sex industry to the long-term unemployed. Molly Luft, who sold her famous Berlin brothel two months ago and now runs a bar in the city's lively Kreuzberg district, said the sex industry was always looking for new recruits. Why shouldn't they send the unemployed to work in the sex industry? Before it was a gray zone, but now employees are insured and receive benefits, Luft told Reuters. People would no longer be unemployed and could earn themselves a living. Most business sectors in Germany are shedding workers, and unemployment is expected to exceed five million, nearly 11 percent of the workforce, in January for the first time since reunification in 1990. German sex workers have been on a par with any other employee since the government legalized prostitution in 2001. They are entitled to social security benefits and pay taxes. Registered brothel keepers also believe they have a right to seek new staff through job centers and have been scouring job seekers' databases for suitable matches. I was always looking for workers over 30 years in the trade. People aren't willing to work very much but they expect to earn a lot of money, Luft said. A spokesman for the Federal Labor Office said that if job seekers said they were prepared to work as, for example, dancers in strip bars, advisers could put them in touch with any suitable employers, but vacancies would not be displayed in job centers. He also stressed job centers would not look for prostitutes on behalf of brothels, nor offer sex industry jobs to people who hadn't specifically mentioned it as an area of interest. Speculation has grown over recent weeks that Germany's new welfare reforms, obliging the long-term unemployed to take any available job or risk losing their benefits, could lead to women being offered jobs in the sex industry. One can't expect everyone to be prepared to work in the sex industry, Luft said. Plus if people aren't very attractive they aren't going to make much money, she added.

Forget vibrate - set your phone to moan
NEW YORK (Reuters) - This is one cellphone you might not want to set to High Vibrate. Porn star Jenna Jameson is now hawking her moan tones. For $2.50 (1.33 pounds) fans of the ubiquitous porno queen can choose from a variety of moans, grunts and lurid sexual noises all recorded by the blond bombshell. If that's not enough, Jameson will talk dirty to you when you phones rings, in English or Spanish. Jameson, who recently wrote a best-selling memoir, has launched the venture with Wicked Wireless, a mobile music and entertainment company. Also available are colour pictures of the porn star posing naked that can be displayed on your phone for $2.99. Rock stars make music tones, porn stars make moan tones, said Dennis Adamo, head of Wicked Wireless. We thought it would be an interesting novel approach of introducing new content to the mobile users. Jameson's charms are already being downloaded in Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela, and in a couple of weeks will be available from Mexico to Uruguay. Latin American users can download a moan or a picture for $1.00 each, while U.S. customers will pay $2.50 for a moan and $2.99 for a wallpaper once the service is launched. Some people were shocked, but others said they wanted more from the product. If you can get her to say my name then I would buy it. I need that kind of personal attention, said New Yorker Julian McCullough.

Kentucky man who turned sex shop into Christian bookstore selling out
PUTNEY, Ky. (AP) - A man whose religious conversion prompted him to turn his adult novelty shop into a Christian bookstore is giving up because of poor sales. When you've done all you can do, you turn it over into God's hands, said Mike Braithwaite, who recently put the store and two surrounding hectares up for sale for $55,000 US. Braithwaite had a conversion in 2002 after he was booked on charges of distributing obscene materials at his Love World store. He decided to burn all the leather gear, rubber playthings and other naughty merchandise and convert his business into a Bible bookstore named Mike's Place. The obscenity charges were dropped. But Braithwaite said many people from this religious community in eastern Kentucky will not shop in a place that was once an adult novelty store. Rev. John Ditty, pastor of Harlan Baptist Church, said Mike's Place may be the victim of department stores that can sell Bibles at lower prices. Braithwaite said he is glad he changed, even if he loses the store. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Braithwaite asked, quoting a Bible verse.

Brothel Donates Money for Tsunami Relief
BERLIN (Reuters) - A German brothel owner has been so moved by the plight of survivors from Asia's tsunami disaster that she is donating part of her takings from clients. It's not every day you can make a charitable gesture by going to a brothel, said Mercedes Mueller, who is giving five euros ($6.60) of the 39-euro ($51) entrance charge clients pay. It's so terrible what happened there and I wanted to do something, said Mueller, who owns the Happy FKK Club in the western city of Dortmund. Mueller said clients, prostitutes and the public had all responded with great enthusiasm to her gesture, and that about 1,300 euros ($1,700) had been raised so far. We have as much of a right to raise money as any other business, she said. We all have a heart too. I hope it will serve as an example to others.

Portuguese eatery just says no to racy mobile phone calls
LISBON (AFP) - A restaurant in Portugal has barred its customers from talking on their mobile telephones after a man had a racy conversation while having a meal at the establishment, a daily newspaper reported. He completely forgot that he was in a public place, everyone stopped to listen to the conversation which I can only say was really very sensual, the owner of the restaurant, Carlos Fernandes, told Correio da Manha. Diners at the restaurant in the northern city of Guimaraes, located some 350 kilometres (220 miles) northeast of Lisbon, are now asked to leave their mobile phones at the door, turn them off or in case of an emergency, keep them on vibration mode. Of course if the conversation is not pleasant, I am the one who pays because the food will not taste as good and it will seem like it is a problem of the restaurant, Fernandes said. Portugal has one of the highest rates of mobile ownership in the European Union, with more than nine million portable phone owners.

Condom testing reveals best brands
WASHINGTON - The consumers group best known for rating cars and washing machines has turned its testing prowess to condoms to find out which ones measure up best and how other birth control methods compare. The nonprofit Consumers Union says in a new guide to contraception that the seven top types of condoms they studied did not burst despite vigorous testing, and all models met international standards. But results showed that the top brand, able to take the most counter attackment, was the Durex Extra sensitive Lubricated Latex, according to the report. Other top-performers include the Durex Performax Lubricated, Lifestyles Classic Collection Ultra Sensitive Lubricated and TheyFit Lubricated. Planned Parenthood model worst performer. A melon-colored model distributed by Planned Parenthood performed the worst, bursting during a test in which the latex condoms were filled with air. The group says its review of contraceptives was not politically motivated, although there is an intense debate among health professionals and advocacy groups about the focus on abstinence-only education by the Bush administration. We plan our testing programs quite a while in advance. This is purely accidental, said senior editor Nancy Metcalf. Consumers Union uses standardized tests to rate the products it examines, which for latex condoms involves filling them with air. There is no accepted method to test silicon or non-latex condoms. You end up with a balloon 3-feet-tall and a foot wide. They can really stretch an amazing amount, Metcalf said in a telephone interview. Sold without a prescription, it is a lubricated polyurethane sheath that is slipped, closed-end first, into the vagina. The open end remains outside, partially covering the labia. Available by prescription and sized by a health professional for proper fit. Women apply a spermicide before inserting it until the dome-shaped disk covers the cervix. Available by prescription and sized and used similarly to a diaphragm. A contraceptive hormone injection given by a health professional every three months. T-shaped devices inserted into the uterus by a health professional. Three are sold in the United States. The Paragard works for up to 10 years while the Progestasert is replaced yearly. The newest IUD, called Mirena, works for up to five years. Available without prescription in foam, cream, jelly, film, suppository or tablet forms. A collection of morning after pills and a pregnancy test. This emergency contraception may prevent pregnancy up to three days after unprotected sex. High doses of birth control pills have been prescribed for years as emergency contraception, but kits that specifically advertise the use were approved just last year. A contraceptive hormone injection given by a health professional every month. A flexible polymer vaginal ring that a woman wears three weeks a month to prevent pregnancy. It releases a continuous low dose of a combination of estrogen and progestin hormones. Essure is a tiny, spring-like device that is inserted into a woman's fallopian tubes where it causes scar tissue to grow and permanently plug the tubes. Print this the New York-based organization, which publishes the Consumer Reports magazine, also tested 16 other contraceptive choices. Condoms remain the only family planning and pregnancy prevention method that can help prevent sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, which causes AIDS, the group, which has issued similar reports on condoms periodically since 1979, said in a statement. Condoms have improved since the mid-nineties because industry manufacturing standards have become more universally used and more effective, added Edward Kippel, who led the condom test project. Intrauterine devices or IUDs have also become safer than in previous years, as have birth control pills, including so-called emergency contraception, the group said. While abstinence has a 0 percent failure rate, doing nothing to prevent pregnancy has an 85 percent failure rate, the group found. A U.S. government report published last month shows 98 percent of all U.S. women who have had sex have used birth control.

Jilted Malaysian bride to sue runaway groom
KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - A jilted Malaysian bride is suing her groom for damages after he called off their wedding with a mobile phone text message just hours before the ceremony, media reports said. Norlida Abdul Rahman, 23, was left waiting on her wedding dais after Hasmawi Hassan, a professional football player for the northern state of Kedah, sent her an SMS less than 24 hours before the ceremony saying, We were not meant to be together. But Norlida decided to put on a brave face, and her wedding dress, on Friday night and carried on with the traditional Malay wedding feast for 1,000 guests at her family home although her fiance did not turn up. Her family spent close to 20,000 ringgit (5,263 dollars) for the wedding, she said. I have already instructed my lawyer to take the necessary legal action, Norlida was quoted as saying by the Star. This should not have happened to me and it cuts into our life. I cannot describe the embarrassment it had caused me and my family. She was not seeking specific damages but would leave it to the court to decide on the amount, the New Straits Times said. Norlida endured a pinful and scary experience, waiting for the groom who did not turn up while about 1,000 guests witnessed it, lawyer K. Siladass was quoted as saying. For a young woman like her, it's a very difficult situation to be caught in. She has instructed us to handle the proceedings and that is what we will be doing, Siladass said. Hasmawi's mother expressed shame over her son's behaviour but said he had told Norlida that he did not want to get married a few days before he sent the SMS. I do not know where to hide my face and I think all mothers will understand my feelings right now, she was quoted as saying by the Star. Hasmawi, who went into hiding shortly before the SMS incident, could also loose his job. Kedah Football Association vice president Chong Itt Chew told the New Straits Times that Hasmawi's two-year contract would be terminated as his behaviour had tarnished the state team's image. Hasmawi returned to his parents' home late Monday, his mother said. He cried but did not want to explain about his disappearance. He just said he needed time. He also told me that he had informed Norlida about his intention beforehand and followed up with that damaging SMS, she said. The couple had met two years ago and became engaged in July last year.

Stick It Up
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters) - Six pistol-toting Brazilian men appeared to have more than cash on their minds when they robbed a drug store in Rio de Janeiro.They specifically demanded that we give them anti-impotence drugs. These drugs and the money was what interested them, Ailton de Souza, the drugstore manager, told Reuters on Tuesday. On Sunday night, the robbers opened the vault with a blow torch and fled with an equivalent of about $7,000 (3,600 pounds) in cash and cheques, as well as more than 100 boxes containing 400 pills worth about $2,600 -- enough for a two-month sex marathon for each of the six robbers. They were pretty indiscriminate about the brands, the manager said, explaining that the men took packages of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. The drugs, used to treat erectile dysfunction, are sold prescription-free in most Brazilian pharmacies.

Author Lacks 'The Right Stuff' to Describe Sex?
LONDON (Reuters) - American author and journalist Tom Wolfe won one of the world's most dreaded literary accolades on Monday the British prize for bad sex in fiction. The prize is awarded each year to draw attention to the crude, tasteless, often perfunctory use of redundant passages of sexual description in the modern novel. Wolfe won it for a couple of purple passages from his latest novel I am Charlotte Simmons, a tale of campus life at an exclusive U.S. university. Slither slither slither slither went the tongue, one of his winning sentences begins. But the hand that was what she tried to concentrate on, the hand, since it has the entire terrain of her torso to explore and not just the otorhinolaryngological caverns oh God, it was not just at the border where the flesh of the breast joins the pectoral sheath of the chest -- no, the hand was cupping her entire right -- Now! Judges described Wolfe's prose as ghastly and boring. The former Washington Post correspondent, whose debut novel Bonfire of the Vanities was a defining text of the 1980s, fought off stiff competition from 10 other authors including South African Andre Brink, whose novel Before I Forget contains the following description of a woman's vulva: (It was) like a large exotic mushroom in the fork of a tree, a little pleasure dome if ever I've seen one, where Alph the sacred river ran down to a tideless sea. No, not tideless. Her tides were convulsive, an ebb and flow that could take you very far, far back, before hurling you out, wildly and triumphantly, on a ribbed and windswept beach without end. Another writer who only narrowly escaped the prize was Britain's Nadeem Aslam for his novel Maps for Lost Lovers a tale of life in a Muslim community in an English town. His mouth looked for the oiled berry, one of his raunchiest passages starts. The smell of his armpits was on her shoulders a flower depositing pollen on a hummingbird's forehead, another reads. The winner of the award, organized by the London-based Literary Review, is given an Oscar-style statuette and a bottle of champagne -- but only if he or she comes to the awards ceremony in person. Organizers said Wolfe, who is based in New York, was the first writer in the 12-year history of the competition to decline his invitation.

Policeman can be fired for sex videos
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a policeman can be fired for violating regulations after he offered for sale on the Internet videos of himself removing a uniform and masturbating. The justices overturned on Monday a ruling by a U.S. appeals court that reinstated the officer's lawsuit claiming he had been wrongly dismissed by the San Diego Police Department because the First Amendment's free-speech rights protected his off-duty actions. Saying the police department had demonstrated that his activities compromised its interests, the justices said the California-based appeals court had been wrong in ruling it must justify the decision to fire the officer, identified in court documents only as John Roe. We have little difficulty in concluding that the city was not barred from terminating Roe, the justices said in a brief, unsigned opinion filed by the entire court. The court took the unusual step of issuing the ruling without hearing arguments. The officer made a video showing him stripping off a police uniform and masturbating. He sold the video on the adults-only section of the online auction site eBay. His user name was XXXXXXXX. The uniform was not the specific one worn by the San Diego police, but it was a police uniform. Besides the videos, Roe also offered for sale police equipment, including the city's official uniform, and various items, such as men's underwear. A supervisor discovered Roe's activities. An investigation revealed his conduct violated department policy, including conduct unbecoming an officer. He was fired. The Supreme Court ruled the department had demonstrated that Roe's activities compromised legitimate and substantial interests. Roe took deliberate steps to link his videos and other wares to his police work, all in a way injurious to his employer, it said. The high court said that under its past precedents Roe's activities were not covered by the free-speech protections. Roe's activities did nothing to inform the public about any aspect of the (department's) functioning or operation, it said. The speech in question was detrimental to the mission and functions of the employer.

Who Wears the Wrong Size Condom?
BERLIN (Reuters) - Most German men wear condoms of the wrong size, a condom distributor said on Wednesday, after asking more than 2,500 men to measure their erect penis. People measure their feet when they buy shoes. Why shouldn't they measure their penises? A man would not wear non adults' shoes, said Jan Vinzenz Krause of Vinico, which released the study's findings on World AIDS Day. Most condom boxes in Germany indicated size but men, due to embarrassment or vanity, rarely checked or just bought those marked "extra large, he said. Vinico's survey recommended various brands to be used -- depending on the endowment of the wearer. The study found the average erect penis size was 14.7 cm (5-3/4 inches), with 40 percent of participants reporting lengths between 12 and 15 cm (4-3/4 and 5-7/8 inches). When compared with the condoms normally used by the participants, the results showed only 18 percent wore the right size, with nearly half squeezing into condoms that were too small and 34 percent trying to use those that were too big.

Have Sex With Me or Go to Hell
SAN DIEGO -- A National City, Calif., pastor accused of using the fear of the devil to persuade women in his congregation to have sex with him will go on trial next year. Carlos Romero, 59, faces up to five years and eight months in prison if convicted of three felony counts, including making a criminal threat. Superior Court Judge William Kennedy Wednesday scheduled a pretrial hearing for Dec. 13, with trial scheduled to start Feb. 14. At a Sept. 17 preliminary hearing, La Mesa, Calif., police Sgt. Daniel Willis testified that Romero told him he was sorry for telling three women who went to his church the devil would physically harm them and he could protect them if they had sex with him. Willis said the pastor told him he knew his actions toward the women were wrong and he wouldn't do it again. A woman identified as Dora testified that she had gone to Romero's church for about a year and came back in 2000. She said she met the defendant in Fashion Valley last January. He told me that there was a revelation from God, Dora said. He told me that I had already been attacked by the devil, that I could only stop this by having sexual relations with him. Dora said she believed Romero because she considered him a true pastor who was guiding us toward eternal life. Another woman testified that Romero told her the devil would leave her gravely wounded if she did not have sex with him. A third woman testified that Romero threatened to kill her after she tried to end their sexual relationship in February 2003.

India offers safe sex cocktail
HYDERABAD, India (Reuters) - India, home to the world's second-largest HIV population, may have found a perfect cocktail for safe sex a free condom with every bottle of alcohol sold at liquor shops. The southern state of Andhra Pradesh has made it mandatory for liquor shops to hand out a free condom with every bottle of alcohol they sell from December 1, the World AIDS Day. The new measure is part of an awareness campaign among those who drink about the dangers of unsafe sex, K. Damayanti, head of the state-run AIDS Control Society, told Reuters. The state government would supply the condoms free to shops and distribution would be monitored, she said. India has the second biggest HIV population after South Africa, with 5.1 million cases. Experts fear it could soon reach the top slot as knowledge about the illness is scant. Andhra Pradesh, a state of 76 million people, has the second highest number of HIV infections among Indian states with 470,000 cases. The western state of Maharashtra leads with about 700,000 cases. Damayanti said many liquor shops in smaller towns in the large farming state already distributed condoms to customers. The latest move would take the campaign to cities as well.

Cleveland Anchor Appears Nude in TV Report
CLEVELAND - A television news anchor appeared on the air nude in a first-person report about an artist's photographs, drawing a record number of viewers for the time slot, the station said. Sharon Reed was one of hundreds of people who participated in Spencer Tunick's nude photo installation in Cleveland in June. Her report, which aired Monday on the 11 p.m. newscast on WOIO-TV, showed far away angles of her nude and some closer seminude shots, as well as other participants. The station said Wednesday that the story on its Web site attracted nearly 1 million visitors. WOIO news director Steve Doerr said the story was aimed at bringing in ratings during November sweeps when audiences are measured to set advertising rates. The report comes in the midst of increased attention to the airwaves, following Janet Jackson's breast-baring performance during the Super Bowl halftime show. The Federal Communications Commission proposed a record fine of $550,000 against CBS, WOIO's parent network. The network is protesting. On Tuesday, ABC apologized for the intro to Monday Night Football that featured a supposedly naked actress jumping into a player's arms in a spoof of the television show Desperate Housewives. Doerr said the idea was to cover Tunick, a well-known artist, in a different way, and he said the response has been generally positive. Reed said she was praised for standing up for what she believed, but also was ridiculed for jeopardizing TV news standards. Monday night's newscast received a record 17.1 share, compared with the 13.6 earned during the newscast airing immediately after this year's Super Bowl, according to Broadcasting & Cable, an industry publication. The station aired advisories before the piece, and FCC spokeswoman Janice Wise on Wednesday said WOIO followed commission rules that prohibit indecent material from being aired on broadcast television from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Nude Man Jumps Into Lizard Tank at Zoo
NEW YORK - A man was undergoing psychiatric evaluation after he jumped naked into a pool of carnivorous reptiles at the Bronx Zoo, authorities said. The episode happened at about 1:30 p.m. Friday, when the man, whose name was not released, stripped off his clothes and climbed a 5-foot wall surrounding the zoo's tank of caimans — a type of crocodile from Central and South America, police said. The tank was inside the zoo's World of Darkness section, which features nocturnal animals. He tried to touch one of the toothy lizards before police and zookeepers were called to the scene and pulled him out. Thankfully, no one got injured and it didn't happen while there were any school groups around, zoo spokesman Linda Corcoran told the Daily News for Saturday editions. It was not clear why the man jumped into the tank. He was taken to Jacobi Medical Center for observation

Justin, Cameron Go Camera Shy
Rumored to be on the outs just months ago, Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake have reached a new level of celebrity togetherness: They're both under investigation. Police are looking into a complaint filed last Saturday by a photographer who accuses Diaz and Timberlake of grand theft and battery, Officer Eduardo Funes of the Los Angeles Police Department said Wednesday. A crime report was taken, Funes said. An investigation is under way. While police were tightlipped on specifics, the Nov. 22 edition of Us Weekly is not. The new issue, due out this week, features six shots purchased from shutterbug Saul Lazo and Jose Gonzalez's photo agency of their evening with Diaz and Timberlake outside Hollywood's legendary Chateau Marmont hotel. The pictures range from Diaz and Timberlake (wearing a sweatshirt bearing the stenciled imprint, criminal) in smiling, hand-holding mode, to Diaz engaged in a one-on-one skirmish with Lazo. After we took a couple of shots, Cameron just ran at me, Lazo tells Us Weekly. She tried to take me down. Then she took my camera. While Diaz and Lazo were sorting out their issues, Gonzalez says in Us that Timberlake tried to block him from taking pictures. Later, Gonzalez alleges in the magazine, the popster slapped Lazo on the head. According to police, the criminal complaint naming Diaz and Timberlake was filed by Lazo. Diaz and Timberlake, meanwhile, have a different take on the story behind the pictures. In a joint statement from their reps Wednesday, the two stars say they were ambushed by two men who jumped out of a concealed hiding place on a dark, deserted street late at night. actions by Diaz and Timberlake were merely taken in self-defense, the statement said. Diaz's swipe of Lazo's camera was described as evidence gathering by the Charlie's Angels detective--a move undertaken in order to be able to identify the individuals who jumped out at [Diaz and Timberlake]. The grand-theft accusation, a possible felony charge, is believed to concern Lazo's camera. Per Diaz and Timberlake, the camera is now with police. Diaz, 32, and Timberlake, 23, have dated for more than a year, their A-list coupling inspiring celebrity photographers to expend much film. Even before the recent paparazzi dustup, the pairing had not been picture perfect. Last summer, Timberlake sued a British tabloid that claimed he'd stepped out on Diaz with a model. (Diaz, meanwhile, was waging her own legal battle against a photographer who had snapped topless shots of her in her pre-Mask days.) More stories of discontent surfaced in September, around the time of Timberlake ex Britney Sex pears wedding ceremony. Reports had the former 'N Sync singer out and about in Los Angeles in the company of a woman other than the brand-name actress. But last month the couple turned up as a couple at a DVD release party in Hollywood. E Online!

Stage Sex Man Shocks Again in Court
OSLO (Reuters) - A couple who sparked outrage by having sex on stage in front of thousands of stunned rock concert goers in Norway shocked again on Tuesday when the man pulled down his trousers in court. Oops, I must have dropped my pants, Tommy Hol Ellingsen, 28, said as he stripped in front of reporters during a break at a local court in Kristiansand, southern Norway. Hol Ellingsen and Petra Leona Johansson, 22, were in court after refusing to pay a fine of 10,000 crowns ($1,574) each for copulating on stage during a concert in July. The two, who are members of an environmental group, said their sex stunt was meant to draw attention to a campaign to save the rain forest. Their attorney argued that they were protected under freedom of expression law.

Idaho Man Accused of Stealing Underwear
POCATELLO, Idaho - A 44-year-old man is accused of breaking into a student housing area at Idaho State University to steal underwear from the laundry room. The man, who reportedly admitted he was wearing a stolen thong during the interview with police, is charged with two counts of unlawful entry and two counts of petty theft. After several reports of missing female undergarments, Idaho State University's Public Safety began paying more attention to the laundry room's surveillance camera. While checking the monitor at headquarters the evening of Oct. 22, an officer noticed a man rummaging through laundry and called Pocatello police. Campus security officers arrived to find the suspect still at the scene. Pocatello police Lt. Steve Findley said the man admitted having a long-standing affinity for stealing women's underwear. Reports like this are fairly infrequent, Findley said. And it's very infrequent that someone with a glitch like this is actually apprehended. The man, who was not identified, is not a student at the university.

Police struggle to stop naked street lovers
BERLIN (Reuters) - German police say they have detained a naked 25-year-old woman and her 23-year-old partner who were engaged in sexual intercourse on the pavement in the middle of a busy shopping district. Police in the western town of Duelmen said the couple were spotted by pedestrians late on Friday morning having intercourse. Pedestrians in the town of 40,000 called police, but the couple initially ignored police orders to stop. The naked couple continued their passion-filled activity on the cold asphalt, a police spokesman said on Saturday. They finally followed police instructions to stop on the third warning. The spokesman said the two face a 100-euro fine each for disturbing the peace.

Zeta Jones Sues Topless Club Over Photos
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has sued a Nevada strip club for using a picture of her face to promote itself on the Web as The Friendliest Topless Cabaret in Reno. Zeta-Jones, who won an Oscar for her role as the murderous cabaret singer Velma Kelly in Chicago, sued The Spice House after learning that she was featured with partially nude women engaged in various sexually explicit poses, according to the federal lawsuit filed in Los Angeles. The suit said Zeta-Jones had never been to The Spice House and did not want her highly valuable image and persona to be used as an endorsement. Kent Wallace, owner of The Spice House, said his Web designer got the photo from a royalty free Web site without recognizing the face, and claimed he took it down as soon as Zeta-Jones' lawyers contacted him last October. We are just shocked and bemused by this, Wallace told Reuters on Monday. She is a big double-D and we are just B cups. She ought to pick on someone her own size. Despite the lawsuit's demand for damages of at least $75,000, Wallace said he and his dancers welcomed the attention and were having fun with it. One of the club's dancers has renamed herself Catherine Ta Ta Jones, and Wallace plans to hold a Halloween contest asking patrons to come dressed as your favorite brunette star.

Champagne, Controversy for Madrid Model Ball-Girls
MADRID (Reuters) - A champagne-soaked celebration marked the end of a week of wolf-whistles, government complaints and media controversy for a troupe of models who made their debut as ball-girls at the Madrid Masters tennis tournament. The women, aged 19 to 28, were drafted in to collect stray balls and hand towels to players, while wearing split skirts and skimpy tops emblazoned with the name of a sponsor. They replaced volunteer youngsters in all the televised matches and the players, far from being frustrated by occasional slip-ups, were generally in favor -- despite complaints from government and some fans that the move was sexist. Tennis is not in a great position right now, said tournament champion Marat Safin, who thanked the models on court when he picked up his trophy before soaking them with champagne. It seems like tennis players are not exciting for the spectators. The models mean people are still talking about tennis. Good publicity, bad publicity, it doesn't matter. Soledad Murillo, a senior government official responsible for equality, protested that the decision undermined the spirit of the sport and asked organizers and sponsors to withdraw a project she condemned as sexist. The tournament was hit by the withdrawals of the world's top three players and bringing in the models proved a media coup, winning coverage from London to Tokyo. MIXED UP ON COURT. On-court results were mixed, even though the models were given two weeks' intensive training on the game's rules. One confused model forgot which way to run as she collected a ball and had to be reminded by the umpire to return to her place beside the net. Others dropped balls or fumbled after them while players waited to start serving. The models, some converted into ardent tennis fans after seven days on center court, shrugged off the criticism. It the best job I've ever done, said Sara, 22. It's been really exciting being involved with sport. And it is nice not having to wear heels. This is my work. Who is the minister to say I am being used as an object? Madrid Masters director Carlos Santana remained enthusiastic on the tournament's final day. For me it has been very positive from the start, he said. I don't think it is sexist, and anyway there are already models working in many sports -- basketball, formula one, cycling. But some of the fans remained unconvinced. It really is very sexist -- the non adults wear polo shirts and the models come out in those skin-tight tops, said 18-year-old student Carolina Pastor. It's not very respectful of women, and I don't think it is really the way to promote the game to us.

Reek rises as gals stick with stinky panties
By: Ryann Connell
Dyed hair, make-up, body piercing, 40 percent with sexual experience, 30,000 of them having abortions every year. Unthinkable among teen-age girls a few years back, it's the norm in Japan now, according to Shukan Asahi (7/6/2001). And if the once unthinkable is now common practice, it should be no surprise that we're witnessing what had previously been unimaginable -- girls nowadays refuse to change their panties. My undies? It's a pinned changing them sometimes. You know, like after you've stayed at a friend's place, you don't change 'em much, 16-year-old Yumi says. But ... I do make sure I use a protective sheet for secretions so my panties don't get dirty. Kyoko, a 17-year-old Tokyo teen, tells a similar story. It costs a lot to buy underwear if you're away from home for two or three days, right? That's why I always used the protective sheets, Kyoko says. But I've stopped using them now. I used to leak a real lot of fluids. My panties would get all crunchy and the hairs would stick to them. It really molest me when I changed my undies. Physicians are astounded by the girls' attitudes. These girls have got an alarming knowledge of sex techniques, but most of them have no idea about illness or hygiene, says Tsuneo Akaeda, a gynecologist. Some girls think it's fine not to change their underwear for a few days as long as they replace the protective sheets for secretions. Akaeda tells Shukan Asahi that a random test he conducted last year found that 82 percent of 125 girls in their late teens or women in their early 20s have had some form of venereal disease. He adds that random tests on teen-age girls this year have come up with even more alarming results. Just changing the protective sheets and not their panties can lead to a build-up of smells and conceal the degree [to which a sexually transmitted disease (STD)] has progressed. Sometimes, this makes it too late to treat the STDs, Akaeda says. Shinya Iwamuro, a doctor from Kanagawa Prefecture specializing in public health, agrees there're problems with young women's awareness. Most of them think that if they come down with an STD it'll be easily treated, he says. But they've got no idea of the difference between germs and bacteria, or what's clean or dirty. It seems the problem lies largely at the feet of the protective sheets women can insert in their panties to absorb nether-region secretions. But the sheet-makers are shocked to hear that many young girls are using their products as an alternative to changing their panties, Shukan Asahi notes. Many women feel uncomfortable with the fact that secretions can dirty their underwear. Protective sheets were developed in 1988 so that even if secretions did appear, women could feel clean in their delicate zones without having to change their underwear, says a spokesman for Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals Co., Japan's largest manufacturer of the sheets. Kobayashi has found that 36 percent of all Japanese women use the sheets, with the core market made up by 20- and 30-somethings. Those in their teens account for 39 percent of all sales. With the declining birthrate, sales of all women's sanitary products are down, except protective sheet sales, which are booming, the spokesman says. Shukan Asahi finds that some girls feel that using the sheets as an alternative to underwear helps their sex life. If secretions dirty my panties, it's really embarrassing when I have sex, says a 17-year-old girl. But all I need to do is take the sheets out just before I do it, and my panties stay clean. Perhaps cartoonist Mimei Sakamoto speaks for many when he utters his disgust at the idea of girls leaving their knickers on for days. They're not changing their undies? Sakamoto scoffs in disbelief. Letting their panties smell so bad that anyone who gets a whiff becomes sick shows a complete disregard for others

Norwegian Prisoner Hires Exotic Dancer
OSLO, Norway - Hoping to boost morale among his fellow inmates, a Norwegian prisoner secretly hired an exotic dancer to spice up the prison's monthly culture night. The woman got all her clothes off, to the cheers of the male inmates, before guards could react on Wednesday night at the Hof minimum security prison in southern Norway. Everything had been agreed in advance with the inmates, who also had permission to invite the woman, warden Kjesti Solberg told the P4 radio network Thursday. What we didn't know was that the hired dancer could do more than dance. Every month, the prisoners are allowed to have a culture night, usually organizing it themselves after the approved. Wednesday's show began tamely, with an inmate doing a standup comedy routine. As he left the stage, raunchy music filled the auditorium, and the woman started dancing and taking her clothes off. By the end, she was completely naked, Solberg said, adding the woman danced on stage for a few minutes before guards hustled her off to the roar of the inmates' laughter. Even though Solberg seemed to be a good sport about the surprise, she said the inmate, who was not identified, would have to explain himself.

Sleepwalking Australian woman enticed and had sex with strangers, doctor says
CANBERRA, Australia (AP) - A woman seduced and had sex with strangers while she slept and later had no recollection of her infidelities due to a sleeping disorder, her Sydney doctor said Thursday. The middle-aged woman had no idea that she was sneaking from her house at night in search of sex with random strangers until her partner awoke, discovered she was missing from the bedroom, and found her having sex with another man, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital sleep medicine physician Peter Buchanan told the Sydney Morning Herald. Her partner was already aware that she was a sleep walker and also had been confounded by condoms he found strewn around the house, Buchanan said. Buchanan will discuss the case when he lectures on sleep sex - the disorder has yet to be given a formal title - at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Sleep Association in Sydney at the weekend. It is very complex, elaborated motor behaviour during sleep, Buchanan told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio Thursday. People are often stunned and overwhelmed when they're told what they've been doing. The partners and doctors of people not agreeing from the disorder often do not believe the acts were committed while they slept, he said. It's very stressful both for them, for their partner or for their relationship, Buchanan said. It also promotes an intense sense of embarrassment on their part, their partner's behalf and this inhibits people coming forward to seek potentially helpful professional intervention.

Union leaders spent subs on sex toys and booze
STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Union leaders in the Swedish industrial town of Trollhattan, which is threatened by huge job losses, have quit after allegations they used membership dues to buy liquor, porn and sex toys, the union says. An internal audit by Sweden's second-largest union, Metall, unearthed expense abuses by branch 112 in Trollhattan, where about 6,000 workers at a Saab car factory fear they might be hit by European job cutbacks by Saab owner General Motors. A former cashier at the branch told public radio Ekot of drinking bouts and sex shop sprees during official visits to Denmark and Belgium, using cash from union subscriptions. The branch did not pay for sex services -- that was up to individuals -- but the costs surrounding those visits were paid for by the branch, said Tommy Larsson. I can confirm they bought dildos with union money and shared them out. Metall spokesman Anders Ferbe said on Thursday nine union bosses were suspected of not following financial rules. Charges they spent union money in bars and sex clubs would be investigated, he said. Metall has 400,000 members in a country with one of Europe's highest rates of union membership -- about 2 million people from a total population of 9 million.

Infrared camera phones X-ray the X-zone
By:Ryann Connell
Staff Writer
Infrared filters for mobile cameras are being used to take X-ray photos that expose literally everything except the clothes a subject is wearing, according to Asahi Geino (10/14) Sony Corp. got into trouble a few years ago after one of its Handycams had a 'night shot' function that used an infrared lens to take photos that made people's clothes see-through. Now, there is a filter for mobile phone cameras that does the same thing, Tsubasa Hara, a writer specializing in the thriving business of concealed camera photography, tells Asahi Geino. Hara notes the night shot function that got Sony into trouble was supposed to permit photos to be taken in the dark. But, as many darker types were quick to discover, under certain conditions it actually allowed right through clothing. Sony quickly whipped its videocameras off the shelves, changed specifications and re-launched the brand without its unexpected and unintended X-ray function. Now, however, an infrared filter that can be attached to a mobile phone is apparently capable of performing the same task. Normal clothes don't become see-through, but apparently there's a chance that dark-colored swimsuits won't even show up if they're photographed when wet. Of course, deliberately taking photos like this would be a violation of public nuisance ordinances, a writer on Japan's demi-monde tells Asahi Geino. People into taking shots using concealed cameras wouldn't go out and deliberately use one of these filters to take their photos, so I think it's more likely that they'd only be used by people who want to take the occasional shot with a hidden camera. Makers of the filter are shocked to hear that their products are being used for nefarious purposes. We only sold these cameras because we expected the night shot function would be used for taking pictures such as a non adult asleep in bed, or the fine details of a leaf, a spokesman for one of the companies making the X-ray cameras tells Asahi Geino. It's disgusting that people would be using them to take sneaky shots. mainichi news.

Drunk Dozes Off in Sex Shop, Sparks Alert
BERLIN (Reuters) - A German man got more excitement than he bargained for in a sex shop when he dozed off in a video booth, got locked in overnight and was mistaken for a burglar by police as he tried to get out, authorities said on Tuesday. He'd had rather a lot to drink and had gone in to enjoy himself, said a spokesman for police in the southwestern city of Mannheim. Seemingly the effects of the alcohol proved the strongest stimulus though. He fell asleep. When the 50-year-old woke up in the dark inside the closed sex emporium, he struggled in vain to get out, only to set off the shop's alarms and alert police, who soon arrived. The officers initially thought he was a burglar, the spokesman said. But he managed to provide them with proof that he was telling the truth.
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Sex in a Bar Bathroom -- Is It Legal?
ROME (Reuters) - Making love in a bar lavatory does not breach public decency laws so long as the door is shut, an Italian court ruled on Tuesday. A Swiss couple was accused of committing obscene acts after the owner of a bar in the northern Italian town of Como caught them having sex in the lavatory, Ansa news agency reported. State prosecutors demanded a six-month prison term for the un-named male defendant and a five-month term for his partner. But Judge Luciano Storaci threw out the case, saying public decency was not offended because the door was closed. However, he fined the Swiss man 200 euros ($246) for breaking the lock on the lavatory after he was caught with his trousers down. If the barman had given me time to get dressed then nothing would have happened," Ansa quoted the Swiss woman as saying.

Adult world abuzz over vibrating condom
By: Ryann Connell
Staff Writer
Shukan Taishu (10/18) finds that men actually do make passes at ladies who wear glasses, especially when the ladies are myopic but voluptuous beauties employed in the sex industry. Yomiuri Weekly (10/17) sighs that bachelors who cannot marry are on the increase. Grizzly Iwamoto, a female pro wrestler who always grapples in the role of villain, is turning tricks for an outcall hooker service, bodyslams Shukan Gendai (10/16). Shukan Post (10/15) demands to know why the Sumo Association is so reluctant to accuse wrestlers of having engaged in fixed bouts. Yoko Shibui, winner of the Berlin Marathon on September 16, had broken off a torrid romance with her lover just before the race, Friday (10/15) reveals. Aera (10/11) reveals the truth about the segments of the imperial family's home video that were not shown to the public. Weekly Diamond (10/9) belches and staggers that Japanese sake has changed! Shukan Jitsuwa 10/14) announces Japan's 10 most unpopular attractive-but-unlikable female TV anchors. Shukan Bunshun (10/7) wonders to what degree the wife of pro baseball superstar Ichiro Suzuki is contributing in his drive to set the all-time record for hits in a single season. Shukan Shincho (10/7) delves into the mystery of why the deputy of Osama bin Laden was in possession a music type by Japanese singer Miyako Otsuki. Weekly Playboy (10/12) wonders if Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara is showing signs of senility by proposing an ordinance that would make sex by junior high school students illegal. (Compiled by Masuo Kamiyama) A new prophylactic equipped with a vibrator is creating a buzz across Japan, according to Shukan Gendai (10/16). Since the development in 1909 of the Heart Beauty, Japan's first domestically produced condom, Japan has, according to the men's weekly, led the world in the development of rubbers. And the Vicon, short for vibrator condom, the latest development the safe but saucy sex business has unsheathed, has proved to be a real humdinger, though it's currently available only in adult goods stores on a trial basis. Vicon has two distinctive parts, the rubber prophylactic similar to any other standard condom with the exception that it has a hard plastic ring at the base, which holds the second part -- a tiny, spherical vibrator. The vibrator is made of opaque plastic and contains a battery built inside. It starts moving and shaking at the flick of a switch. Ideally, it is placed at the foot of the stalk and is supposed to stimulate the most intimate parts of a woman's most intimate parts. Trovix, developers of the Vicon, swear by its performance. We drew on the greatest minds of the Japanese (adult) toy business to come up with the Vicon, a spokesman for the company tells Shukan Gendai. Our most difficult problem was the exact placement of the vibrator. We sent one of our workers out to brothels on numerous occasions to do some research on women and find out the average location of the clitoris. Of course, we also put consideration into the size of the vibe. We're confident that it will be of an ideal size and placement for every single person. Taka Kato, one of Japan's most prominent adult movie industry actors, speaks highly of the Vicon. (The vibrator) is really tiny, yeah. But, I don't think it's really appropriate for piston movements. I think it'd work best if insertion was made right until the base and held there tightly instead of being moved in and out, the AV man tells Shukan Gendai. I think there're probably many people out there who think their women will be pleased if there is repeated movement in and out during coitus, but that's a mistake. They actually prefer it more if the base stays in place and the stalk is moved up and down. (Vicon) is really well made. Former prostitute cum writer Ayumi Sakai also sings the praises of the Vicon. Women do like insertion, but they really love the clitoris, Sakai tells Shukan Gendai. With the Vicon, they can get both pleasures at the same time and also be comforted by the knowledge that it has none of the cords that are always a bit of a pin when you use a sex aid.

"Humming" sex toy shuts airport
SYDNEY (Reuters) - A vibrating sex toy in a rubbish bin sparked a security scare and shut a regional Australian airport for almost an hour, officials say. An emergency was declared at the airport in Mackay, 500 miles north of Brisbane in tropical Queensland state, after airport staff heard a strange noise coming from the bin, Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio said on Monday. It was rather disconcerting when the rubbish bin started humming furiously, cafeteria manager Lynne Bryant said. Police evacuated the terminal and were about to call in bomb experts when an unidentified passenger came forward to identify the contents of a package left in the bin. A police spokeswoman said the package was identified as an adult novelty device. Australia has been under heightened security alert since the September 11, 2001, hijacked airliner attacks on the United States and security at major buildings and transport hubs has been tightened even further ahead of an October 9 election.

'Naked Photographer' Sentenced to Jail
COLUMBUS, Ohio - An attorney was sentenced to a year and a half in jail for ambushing dozens of women while nude and taking pictures of their shocked expressions. But Stephen Linnen, 34, won't lose his law license and will be allowed to leave jail to continue work as a law clerk. He must start serving his time next week after being sentenced Monday under a plea bargain in Ohio's Franklin County Common Pleas Court. He pleaded guilty earlier this month to 53 misdemeanor counts of public indecency, sexual imposition and criminal trespassing. Linnen, a former lawyer for the Ohio House Republican caucus, has admitted to photographing women while he was unclothed over nearly two years, gaining the name the naked photographer. He apologized in court, but none of his victims was there. Judge Tommy Thompson declined to label Linnen a sexual offender, saying he was not a threat to the community and was unlikely to repeat the offense. Thompson ordered Linnen to keep seeking psychiatric treatment. Linnen said in court that he meets with a psychologist weekly and goes to daily meetings for people addicted to sex. Prosecutors said they might appeal the judge's decision not to make Linnen register as a sexually oriented offender.

Prostitutes excluded from work permit waiver
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Foreign prostitutes in the Netherlands are to be excluded from new rules that allow foreigners who are specialists in their fields to work in the country without a permit, the government says. The decision on Friday angered members of the world's oldest profession, which is legal in the Netherlands, who argued they too should be considered experts since what we do isn't taught on any school curriculum. The country is home to 30,000 prostitutes, many of them foreigners, who have their own trade union and pay income tax. From October 1, the Netherlands will allow foreign specialists to work without a permit as long as they earn more than 45,000 euros a year if they are over 30 years old, or 32,600 euros if they are younger than 30. Because prostitutes could also earn salaries in these income levels, they could in practice be like specialists. The lower house of parliament finds this undesirable because prostitution is a legal but not a normal line of business, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment said in a statement. But Mariska Majoor, founder of the Amsterdam Prostitute Information Centre, said the decision was discriminatory. We pay taxes, we are legal. The same rules should apply, not only when it suits the government. She agreed that the job was unlike others but urged the government to treat prostitutes fairly. Of course it's not normal. What we do isn't taught on any school curriculum. But if the government applies rules that benefit it (like taxes), then it should apply the ones that benefit us, she said. The Netherlands has some of the world's most liberal rules on prostitution, defined as a legal profession since 1988. There are 2,000 brothels operating openly in the country's infamous Red Light districts.

Quebec man killed in head-on crash while having sex at the wheel
ST-JOACHIM, Que. (CP) - A 25-year-old man was killed and his partner was seriously injured Friday in a head-on crash that police said took place while the driver was having sex behind the wheel. Another car veered into the couple's path in this town 25 kilometres northeast of Quebec City, shattering both vehicles and trapping the occupants. The 25-year-old driver, from Baie-Comeau, Que., was killed on impact and the driver of the other vehicle was gravely injured, said provincial police. Witnesses said the deceased man and his female passenger were partially undressed, leading police to believe the couple had been having sex prior to impact. The two people at this moment were in the midst of having sexual intercourse at the wheel of the vehicle, which makes driving that much more dangerous, said provincial police spokesman Richard Gagne. Although the couple's car never veered out of its lane, police said their manoeuvre was dangerous and potentially illegal. They endangered their safety and that of others, said Gagne. Provincial police said anyone found to have been having sex at the wheel prior to an accident could face criminal charges ranging from gross indecency to negligence. Emergency workers used heavy tools to extract the injured victims from their cars. Provincial police said the 37-year-old driver whose car left its lane was either distracted or fell asleep at the wheel. The Canadian Press.

Students Counter attacked for Dorm Stripper Pole
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Three students at Jacksonville University have been counter attacked for installing a stripper pole in an on-campus apartment and taking pictures as fully clothed women performed on it at a party. A female student who won a dance contest also was disciplined. About a dozen women competed for a $100 Victoria's Secret gift certificate Sept. 11, said James Foster, a 20-year-old who hosted the party. None of the women disrobed. The men bought the steel pole from Home Depot, bolted it to the concrete ceiling and attached the bottom to a plywood stage covered in red felt. Honestly, we just wanted to say we had a stripper pole, Foster said. We never actually expected girls to dance on it. When university officials ordered the men to remove the pole, they complied, but not before building a huge party around it. Signs reading Pole Dancers Wanted were posted around campus and the men bought large quantities of beer. Friends were enlisted friends to check identifications and manage security. They charged $5 for men, and women were let in free. The party ended shortly after the beer ran out. John Daigle Jr., a school spokesman, said the party's hosts may have violated the university's alcohol policy and broken rules against indecent behavior and the making of unapproved changes to university property. Daigle, citing school privacy rules, would not identify the students or the counter attackment they received, but said: The university took this seriously and the counter attackment was appropriate. Counter attackments at the university can range from a reprimand to dismissal. Foster said he was put on residential probation through Nov. 9 and had to write a letter of apology. Daigle said he later learned the woman who won the dance contest was also disciplined, but would not say what her counter attackment was. There was no public nudity involved here, he said. Residential adviser Amber Davis said the party degraded women. There are other ways they can go out and get a girlfriend if that's what they want, she said. The men have taken down the pole and converted the stage to a pingpong table.

Safe Haven for Naked Yoga
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Nudists, grab your yoga mats and head for San Francisco. City prosecutors on Wednesday said it was not illegal to perform naked yoga in the city -- even at the crowded tourist destination of Fisherman's Wharf. Prosecutors dropped charges against a limber nudist, known locally as the Naked Yoga Guy, who made a habit of striking yoga poses in the buff in order to promote a book and his lifestyle. The Naked Yoga Guy, whose name is George Monty Davis, had stripped to stretch near Fisherman's Wharf, prompting a public complaint. But prosecutors decided they had a weak public nuisance case against him because local laws do not bar public nudity. Simply being naked on the street is not a crime in San Francisco, said Debbie Mesloh, a spokeswoman for the district attorney's office. To bring a case, a person would have to exhibit lewd behavior, block traffic or impede pedestrians on a sidewalk, something along those lines. In another case involving a Los Angeles teenager who dropped his pants to expose his bottom, or moon, passing motorists from a nearby sidewalk, a California appellate court ruled nudity itself is not a crime, Mesloh said.

Taichung police orders fleshy 'betel nut beauties' to cover up
TAIPEI (AFP) - Taichung police has ordered the city's scantily-clad betel nut saleswomen to dress more conservatively to help reduce car accidents, it was reported. Under the new dress code, women peddling spicy chewing betel nuts at roadside stands are barred from revealing their bodies in sexy transparent clothes or soliciting business on the streets, the local TVBS station reported. Don't put on any dissipated poses such as dancing outside the sales booths, a policeman said while promoting the new dress code. Instead, he suggested several young saleswomen to don white navy tops, tight short pants and the same type of hats worn by singer Feng Fei-fei, a local diva in the 1980s. Taichung police consider the so-called betel nut beauties a likely cause of traffic accidents in the central city as drivers are often diverted by saleswomen in flashy revealing clothes, the report said. A young sales girl told reporters the tighter dress code sounded reasonable. But it's really not my business, it's my boss's problem, she shrugged. Betel nut beauties thrive in central and southern Taiwan. A Health Department study two years ago reported one-tenth of Taiwan's population regularly chew the indigenous nut, the seed of a palm tree, as a stimulant.
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Guests at federal-provincial health talks get a look at inadvertent nude shows
OTTAWA (CP) - They provided a flash of excitement during a federal-provincial conference otherwise dominated by dry discussions about wait times and cash transfers. A crowd of federal-provincial officials, journalists and security guards was given an impromptu peep show as they milled outside a national health-care summit Wednesday. The unexpected performances came from guests at the Westin hotel across the street from the convention centre where federal-provincial talks were being held. The spectacle began in the morning when a woman appeared topless at a window in the hotel. Another woman came to her window on the seventh floor several times wearing only a bra and black-thong underwear. Cheers went up from some in the crowd below at each of her appearances. White bra means there's a (medicare) deal, black means there's no deal and nude means we're all coming back tomorrow, said one wag. The Canadian Press.

Doctor charged with voyeurism
The Coeur d'Alene Press.
HATTIESBURG, Miss. -- A retired Post Falls physician was arrested by Hattiesburg Police Friday night on an Idaho warrant alleging felony voyeurism and sexual battery on a non adult. William Non Adult Fouche, 58, was ordered held on a $1 million warrant issued in Kootenai County, claiming four counts of video voyeurism and one of sexual battery of a non adult. As of Monday night, he was still being held in the Forrest County, Miss., Jail in Hattiesburg. A family friend said Fouche traveled to Mississippi to seek treatment at a rehabilitation center. Idaho officials are seeking to extradite him back to Coeur d'Alene. Kootenai County Sheriff's Capt. Ben Wolfinger said Fouche was under investigation for about a month. In August we started to get a lot of people complaining, Wolfinger said. The warrant alleges Fouche secretly videotaped guests in a bathroom in his Post Falls home since early spring. Wolfinger said one of the victims videotaped was under 18, which resulted in the sexual battery charge. Deputies said a new state law, which went into effect March 19, makes videotaping a person without their knowledge of consent for sexual reasons a felony. If convicted, Fouche could face up to five years of prison for each voyeurism charge and up to 15 years for the sexual battery charge. He also could face a $50,000 fine on each charge. Also on Friday, a civil lawsuit was filed in 1st District Court by lawyers representing up to 10 women who claim to have been victimized by Fouche at his home. The plaintiffs, listed as Jane Does I-X, claim that over the past two years, Fouche surreptitiously viewed, photographed or videotaped the women while undressing, while showering or while engaged in other private activity without their knowledge. Lawyers received permission from 1st District Judge Charles Hosack to serve him by publication in the newspaper if he is not personally served with the complaint. Sources said a few weeks ago Fouche made a statement in front of his fellow parishioners during a Sunday service at the church he attended. He admitted that he was into sex sins, said a member of the church, who asked not to be named. It was very vague, and he didn't go into detail. Chris Billingslea, a physician at Post Falls Family Medicine, worked with Fouche for seven years. We are all shocked and saddened by this Billingslea said. We hope the people involved can get the help they need. Billingslea said Fouche began a leave of absence Aug. 12 after he told co-workers he would not be able to see any patients. He told us to take him off the schedule, Billingslea said. Later, employees received word of the allegations against Fouche, who then officially quit his job and retired. Billingslea said the Idaho Board of Medicine was notified. He knew that he would no longer be practicing medicine, he said. Billingslea said an in-depth search took place to make sure no video recording devices were installed at the Post Falls clinic. We didn't see any evidence of any cameras, he said. It looks like it's just confined to his home. Billingslea said everyone who works in the clinic is doing his or her best to deal with the allegations. This is just like a nightmare where you keep on expecting to wake up, but we're not waking up, he said. This is just so far out of the blue." Billingslea said he thought Fouche was a good doctor and knew his patients were happy with him. If Fouche waives extradition, Wolfinger said a deputy will be sent to pick him up within two weeks. If extradition isn't waived, it could take up to three months before he could be returned to Coeur d'Alene. He's not being held on any Hattiesburg charges. Family friend Darlene Reed said she's known Fouche for about 10 years and her non adults are best friends with his offsprings. This man has done so much good for the community, she said. It's a disappointment to us all. You never expect this from people you put your trust in. Copyright 2004, The Coeur d'Alene Press

Something You Can't Do in California...
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Having sex with corpses is now officially illegal in California after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill barring necrophilia, a spokeswoman said on Friday. The new legislation marks the culmination of a two-year drive to outlaw necrophilia in the state and will help prosecutors who have been stymied by the lack of an official ban on the practice, according to experts. Nobody knows the full extent of the problem. ... But a handful of instances over the past decade is frequent enough to have a bill concerning it, said Tyler Ochoa, a professor at Santa Clara University School of Law who has studied California cases involving allegations of necrophilia. Prosecutors didn't have anything to charge these people with other than breaking and entering. But if they worked in a mortuary in the first place, prosecutors couldn't even charge them with that, Ochoa said. The state's first attempt to outlaw necrophilia, in response to a case of a man charged with having sex with the corpse of a 4-year-old girl in Southern California, stalled last year in a legislative committee. Lawmakers revived the bill this year after an unsuccessful prosecution of a man found in a San Francisco funeral home drunk and passed out on top of an elderly woman's corpse. The new law makes sex with a corpse a felony counter attackable by up to eight years in prison.

Nude Photographer Arrested For Robbing Student
Mainichi Japan News
A man arrested on suspicion of taking nude photographs of a female university student and robbing her has been referred to prosecutors, police said. Police sent the man, Kojiro Nakajima, 28, to public prosecutors accusing him of robbery resulting in injury following the incident, which took place at a hotel in Tokyo's Shibuya district. Investigators said three similar incidents involving the same tactics had occurred in the district, and they are continuing to investigate a possible connection between them. Nakajima allegedly used a digital camera to take nude pictures of the victim against her will on the evening of Sept. 4, hit her when she resisted, and stole a bag from her along with 6,800 yen in cash. When he took the student outside and tried to use her cash card to withdraw money from her bank account, she yelled, robber, and a 34-year-old man on the street apprehended him and held him down until police arrived. The student suffered facial injuries requiring about a week's treatment. Nakajima has reportedly refused to speak to investigators. Police said three other incidents in which female university students were photographed nude, including two on Sept. 1 and 2, also took place in hotels in Shibuya. (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan)

Peeping Soldier Busted In Women's Changing Room
Mainichi Japan News
MITO -- A Ground Self-Defense Force (GSDF) soldier was arrested Tuesday for sneaking into a women's changing room at a local hospital in order to peep inside, police said. Masaki Goto, 28, 2nd Lt. at the GSDF's Asaka post, is accused of trespassing. He admitted to the allegations. I intended to peep into the room, he was quoted as telling investigators. Goto sneaked into a women's changing room at Mito Kyodo Hospital in the Miyamachi district of Mito Tuesday morning, according to local police. When a 34-year-old nurse spotted him in the room, he ran away. However, the nurse gave chase and managed to apprehend him in the hospital parking lot. (Compiled from wire reports, Japan, Sept. 7, 2004)

Pervy Professor's Upskirt Inspections Expose Cracks In Pillar Of Society
Mainichi Japan News
Kazuhide Uekusa was almost destined to appear in the limelight. An elite student, academic and bureaucrat, he became a celebrity financial analyst widely regarded as one of Japan's finest economic minds. Yet, when the spotlight was turned on Uekusa, it focused on his perversion rather than his precision, according to Josei Seven (7/8) Uekusa entered a not guilty plea when his trial for breaking a local government ordinance by peeping up a schoolgirl's skirt opened, but statements from prosecutors left a nation already stunned by Uekusa's arrest feeling even number. Despite Uekusa's pleas of innocence, working against him is a mountain of evidence, an earlier confession to the accusation and a prior conviction after it was revealed to the court that he had been convicted and fined for groping a schoolgirl commuter in Kanagawa Prefecture back in 1998. (Uekusa) has an extraordinarily strong fascination with peeping up the skirts of high schoolgirls and groping, Josei Seven quotes a prosecution lawyer as telling the Tokyo District Court on June 17. Testimony given by one of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police officers who arrested Uekusa at JR Shinagawa Station in Tokyo on April 8 was damning. Whenever a schoolgirl rode on the escalator, Uekusa would jog up behind her and stand on a step two steps to her rear. He would place some baggage on the step between himself and the girl. Then, he would place his right leg on the same step as his luggage and bend down, resting his right arm on his right thigh. In his hand he held a handkerchief, which he folded back to conceal a mirror he used to leer up the schoolgirl's skirt, the officer tells the court. A raid on Uekusa's home in the wake of his arrest tells much of his proclivities. He used to buy schoolgirl uniforms and miniskirts for women, then made them wear the outfits as they crawled around while he photographed them, the police officer says. We seized 509 photos scantily clad or naked women, 240 of which had been taken with a Polaroid, 238 with a digital camera and 31 with a mobile phone camera. Several other sordid items were also seized from Uekusa's home, shocking his unwitting wife and 10-year-old son. In his Mercedes Benz, Uekusa had hidden 2 DVDs filled with footage taken from hidden cameras directed up unsuspecting women's skirts. Nearby were another 10 adult DVDs, mostly with a train groping theme. We think the schoolgirl uniforms were also in the car, a source close to the investigation tells Josei Seven. Another 12 dirty videos were found inside Uekusa's gorgeous home worth over 100 million yen despite having a mere 80 square meters of floorspace. Of these, three were about molesting female commuters and another eight featured sneak camera footage. He'd hidden them under lock and key in a room of his own, the police source says. Chuo University emeritus professor Yasumasa Shimomura says Uekusa is unlikely to be counter attacked severely. He confessed soon after his arrest, though he later recanted, but it still means there's a high likelihood of conviction, Shimomura tells Josei Seven. He's already suffered quite a bit by losing his university teaching jobs and social standing, so even the severest counter attackment the court would likely hand out is a suspended sentence or maximum three months in jail.

Lodging Lasses Vulnerable To Voyeuristic Videos And Vixens
Mainichi Japan News
Frustrated by the regular beatings her husband handed out to her, 23-year-old housewife Emiko Bishiyama was delighted to find the online ad from a woman looking for a female roommate. In cramped Japan where tiny homes are the norm and usurious real estate agents commonly demand several months' rent as a deposit and bribes for taking on requests, room sharing has recently become popular, especially among the cash-strapped young. Unfortunately, it's also paving the way for carnal criminals to do their dastardly deeds, with young women in particular offering tasty targets, according to Spa! (8/31). Sharing a room meant I could get by without needing a guarantor and getting a 2-room place where each room had its own lock for just 25,000 yen a month was an offer too good to refuse, Bishiyama tells Spa! Bishiyama met the woman who advertised just once, when she decided immediately she would move in with her. Once I moved in, she was never around. She sent me e-mail saying that she was on a two-week business trip, but she still hadn't come back after a month. I was beginning to think the situation was all a bit strange and then, totally by accident, I found it, Bishiyama says. It that the battered housewife refers to was a tiny video camera built into the knob of Bishiyama's bedroom door. A thorough search of the place where she had been living unearthed a further two hidden cameras. The place I was staying was actually owned by a guy with a fetish for voyeurism through cameras. The woman I met when I interviewed for the room was just a plant. I went to the cops, but they said there wasn't much they could do because the guy who installed the cameras was the owner of the place, Bishiyama tells Spa! Eventually, I got myself a lawyer and we went to see the guy. He caved in, but even then only promised to ditch all the footage he'd taken, return the rent I paid and demanded I leave the property immediately. Growing numbers of women like Bishiyama are apparently being lured by the prospect of cheap rent and same-sex companionship only to be suckered into becoming stars for voyeuristic videos. Online sites offering to aid teenage runaways are also proliferating, placing many young girls in danger. A teenage runaway from Yamanashi Prefecture followed the advice of a girl she met online and sought sanctuary with a man the girl introduced her to. I met this guy through a bulletin board. He promised to put me up for a while, so I went to his place to stay, the 17-year-old schoolgirl tells Spa! On the third day I was there, this group of four guys calling themselves the guy's friends suddenly turned up and surrounded me. There was nothing I could do, I didn't have any money and the guy was letting me stay at his home, so I had to let them have their way with me. (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan)

Police officer 'looking for excitement' up high school girl's skirt
Mainichi Japan News
SHIMONOSEKI, Yamaguchi -- A former police officer who was fined for taking photos up the skirt of a high school girl at a convenience store here had told investigators he wanted excitement, police said. "I had worries, and wanted excitement," Kazuo Yamamoto, 54, a former sergeant at a local police station, was quoted as telling investigators. Yamamoto used a digital camera to take photos up the skirt of a high school girl at a convenience store on the premises of JR Shimonoseki Station on the night of July 14, police said. He was summarily indicted for violating the prefectural ordinance that forbids people from creating a public nuisance. He pleaded guilty and paid 200,000 yen in fines. He resigned immediately after he was suspended from duty for a month beginning on July 30. (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan)

Congress Focuses on Video Voyeurism
Business News
A bill circulating through Congress seeks to combat so-called upskirt photos and other types of voyeurism spurred on by cell phones and PDAs with cameras. The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to take up legislation banning surreptitious video voyeurism after it returns from a May 24-31 Memorial Day break. The legislation would increase personal privacy by prohibiting photography of certain parts of an individual's unclothed body or undergarments without his or her consent. Last week, the House Judiciary Committee unanimously approved the legislation that makes video voyeurism a crime on federal property such as national parks, public buildings and courthouses. Violators of the proposed bill will be subject to a fine, up to one year in prison or both. The Senate has already approved a similar bill. According to the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), video voyeurism is also known as cyber peeking and is often focused on fetish photographs such as images of women's underwear taken from cameras mounted to a voyeur's shoe, down-the-blouse photographs and the alteration of images where the face of one person is digitally edited to appear on the naked body of another. Law enforcement agencies have reported a steady increase of hidden cameras in bedrooms, bathrooms, public showers, locker rooms and tanning salons. EPIC reports that the surreptitious photos combined with the Internet have turned video voyeurism into a sport for many voyeurs. Tim Johnson, a spokesperson for bill sponsor Mike Oxley (R-Ohio), said although originally introduced in 2000, the legislation has recently gained traction among lawmakers with the explosive growth of cell phone cameras. We weren't even imaging cell phones [with cameras] in 2000. With the introduction of cell phone cameras and the Internet, you now have the potential for instant viewing, Johnson said. According to Johnson, the bill is narrowly limited to federal property in order to control actions on federal lands and to offer model language to states without a video voyeurism law. Approximately a dozen states currently have such laws. This is one of those bills that attract widespread bi-partisan support, Johnson said. It sets a floor and we believe it is a bill we can get through quickly. Under traditional privacy law, individuals in a public place do not enjoy a legitimate expectation of privacy. Invasive privacy acts such as photographing women in public places and leering are legal. Peeping Tom laws apply only in the context of secretly looking into a person's home or other private rooms or buildings. Oxley's Video Voyeurism Prevention Act of 2003 amends the federal criminal code to prohibit knowingly capturing (by videotape, photograph, film, or any means or broadcast) an improper image of an individual, without that individual's consent, depicting that individual's naked or undergarment clad genitals, pubic area, buttocks, or female breast under circumstances in which that individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy. When the bill passed in committee last week, Oxley, a former FBI agent, said, There are gaps in current law that can make it hard to prosecute people who take pictures of others in compromised situations. Victims need protection against this intrusive technology.

Trial Set For Man Accused Of Secretly Filming Stepdaughters
Naples News
An Ocala man accused of secretly filming his stepdaughters changing clothes and sharing the images with a friend will stand trial next month on the charges. Kevin D. Battles, 39, formerly of San Carlos Park and Fort Myers, was charged by the State Attorney's Office in December with eight counts of voyeurism after an FBI and Lee County Sheriff's Office investigation revealed that he had placed a Web cam in the girls' shared changing room in their home in San Carlos Park in 2002. Images of other girls changing their clothes also were captured on the Web cam, an indictment stated. Battles is scheduled for trial on June 8. Battles' attorney, Michael Hornung, said during a hearing Monday in circuit court in Lee County that he wanted to speak with one of the girls and the friend with whom Battles is accused of sharing the images Anthony D. Comello, 31, whose last known address was Comello, who has not been charged in connection with the case, was unable to be reached for comment Monday. Hornung said Comello previously said that the oldest girl wanted the Web cam in her room. Assistant State Attorney Tony Kunasek said she may have wanted a Web cam in her room so she could speak with friends over the Internet, but being electronically recorded and viewed by others is different. That's what the purpose of depositions are, Hornung said. To find out if she wanted a camera. The girls are not being named because they were or are non adults and because of the nature of the case. Judge Leigh Frizzell Hayes ruled that Hornung could not conduct depositions with the girl or Comello. Lawyers are able to question witnesses and victims about their involvement in cases during depositions. A Lee County sheriff's report dated Jan. 18, 2003, stated that Battles said he installed the Web cam on his stepdaughter's computer. He told investigators he and Comello were drinking beer one night when he and Comello agreed to set up the Web cam to see what they could peek at, the report stated. Battles said he obtained video footage of one of the girls changing and saved the images on his computer's hard drive so he could view it later, the report said. A Jan. 21, 2003, Sheriff's Office report also stated that images were captured of the girls' younger sisters changing. Hornung questioned why Comello wasn't charged, saying he wanted to speak with Comello to determine whether he was offered any type of deal. There was no deal made, Kunasek said

Hidden Camera Placed In Women's Shower On Navy Ship
Investigators are searching for the person who hid a small wireless video camera above a shower stall for female sailors aboard the San Diego-based command ship Coronado. The camera, about 2 inches wide and attached to an air vent, was discovered April 14 when a sailor noticed it as she was showering, Cmdr. Scott Gureck, a Navy spokesman, told The San Diego Union-Tribune. The camera's battery was dead and a search of nearby compartments failed to locate a receiver, Gureck told the newspaper. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service and officers of the Navy's 7th Fleet have interviewed several sailors and civilians aboard the ship, which left San Diego for Japan on March 5, the newspaper reported. No arrests have been made, Navy officials told the Union-Tribune. The miniature cameras are readily available on the Internet and at security equipment stores. Equipped with a built-in transmitter, such a camera can send video signals short distances to a receiver hooked to a television or VCR. After the discovery, sailors searched every female berth, restroom and shower but found no more cameras, Navy officials told the newspaper. Under a first-of-its kind arrangement, the ship is commanded by a Navy captain and manned by a split crew of Navy sailors and civilian mariners with the Military Sealift Command. The arrangement is designed to save money by operating the ship with fewer personnel. The ship is on temporary assignment in the Western Pacific as the flagship for the Japan-based 7th Fleet. It will return to San Diego later this year and is set for decommissioning next year.

Doctor pleads guilty to voyeurism
By Lee Mueller
A Letcher County pediatrician, charged in 2002 with three felony counts of sexual-misconduct in connection with the use of a non adult in a sexual performance, pleaded guilty yesterday to voyeurism, a Class A misdemeanor. Dr. Subrata Dey, 44, of Whitesburg, agreed to serve 15 consecutive days in jail before July 1 and pay a $500 fine as his trial was scheduled to begin. Dey, whose medical license was suspended on July 11, 2002, also agreed that, if his license is restored, he will not practice within 50 miles of Whitesburg in Kentucky for at least five years, said John A. West of Covington, one of Dey's attorneys. Letcher Commonwealth's Attorney Edison Banks' original plea offer also called for Dey to take out paid advertisements in Letcher County's two weekly newspapers before July 1, apologizing to his victims. But West said negotiations yesterday reduced Dey's contrition to apologizing to his victims in open court. Dey, who was chief of pediatrics at Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital, had drawn praise from some fellow Letcher County doctors. But in all three accusations of sexual misconduct, Banks said that Dey used his unaided eye during a purported medical examination to observe and view the genitals, nipples and breasts" of the youngsters without their permission or the consent of their guardian. Defense attorneys had said Dey asked his patients to disrobe as part of his job. And some Whitesburg doctors told the court in letters that Dey's examinations conformed to standard medical practice and expressed outrage at the indictments. West said yesterday's plea agreement allows his client to move on with his life. While he is not necessarily pleased, he felt it was a resolution he could live with, West said. Letcher County Attorney Harold Bolling, who presented the case to the grand jury, had said the incidents occurred in January and December of 2001 during medical visits to Dey's office at Mountain Comprehensive Health Corp. in Whitesburg. Banks, the prosecutor, could not be reached, but his plea offer outlined charges against Dey involving two 13-year-old girls and a 16-year-old girl. Banks said the victims agreed to the plea bargains to avoid lengthy legal proceedings. The young women in this case wish to put this matter behind them and believe this agreement is the first step in the healing process, Banks wrote. Dey, who had faced potential maximum sentences of 20 years in prison on each felony charge, received three concurrent 12-month sentences. After the two-week jail term, however, prosecutors agreed to probate the bulk of the sentences for two years if the other terms of the agreement are met. Special Judge Eddy Coleman of Pikeville scheduled formal sentencing May 21.

Biz Wiz Plays Malice Through The Looking Glass
By Ryann Connell
Mainichi News Japan
A Kanagawa Prefectural Police officer stood and watched at the middle-aged man in the expensive suit as he tailed young women in miniskirts as they walked around Yokohama Station. He kept his eyes on the man as he got on a train headed for Tokyo, then boarded the same carriage. Almost 20 minutes later, Shukan Shincho (4/22) says, the man got out and the cop followed close behind. They went down an escalator at JR Shinagawa Station. Upon reaching the bottom, however, the well-dressed man suddenly turned around and hopped onto an escalator leading back up the way they had just came. Immediately in front of him was a high schoolgirl with a hemline so short her attire barely deserved to be called a dress. Bringing up the rear, unknown to the well-dressed man, was the cop, peering intently at the target acting suspiciously. He wasn't the only one doing some intent peering, however, as the well-dressed man whipped out a tiny hand mirror and directed it up the schoolgirl's skirt. He was still looking as the cop thrust an arm on his shoulder and informed him that he was under arrest. Given a closer look at the man he had been following, the cop was surprised to learn that his catch was a household face at least, if not name. If perhaps lacking in other areas, Kazuhide Uekusa, the well-dressed man caught leering up a schoolgirl's skirt, was regarded as one of Japan's top economic brains. He passed through some of Japan's top academic institutions before beginning a career including stints at the Ministry of Finance, a research fellowship at Stanford University and the Chief Economist post at prestigious Nomura Research Institute before he assumed his current post as a professor at posh Waseda University's graduate school in Tokyo. A precocious talent who many regarded as the elite of the elite, the 43-year-old had been penciled in for bigger things. He had talent, wealth and panache and, unlikely many in the staid academic world's ivory towers, wasn't afraid to show it. Uekusa used to drive his Mercedes Benz to the university. Lots of Waseda professors drive Mercedes, but many of them get their wives to drop them off somewhere near the university and they catch the train in so it looks as though they've got a pure heart interested only in learning, a Waseda insider tells Shukan Shincho. He didn't bother about that stuff, driving his pricey car up to school with no second thoughts. Uekusa started to get a peek into Japanese homes in his early 30s, as current affairs and news shows took a liking to his no-nonsense comments about the business world. He was a regular commentator on a number of Japanese programs. Uekusa's name may not have easily rolled off most tongues, but people knew he was a celebrity. More than anything, though, a source from a Fuji TV show on which Uekusa worked as an expert commentator says, "he was outstanding for being able to give simple explanations of complex economic issues and also provided sensible comments on other matters outside of his field. Elite though Uekusa may have been, his popularity showed he had the common touch. He may have been a bit too touchy, though. Actually, the professor really loved the booze and the birds, a reporter from an economic magazine tells Shukan Shincho. After he'd had a few drinks, he used to force the women reporters to have a cheek-to-cheek dance with him. He was fairly well known for giving their boobs and butts a quick feel after they'd been drinking, too. Women reporters pretty much hated him." Recruited by TV stations in the hope his good looks and appealing manner would snare the daytime housewife viewer, the academic's career is in a shambles thanks to the little mirror he admits shoving up skirts. Now, rumor has it, he could be facing more charges. Some think he may have been a habitual peeping tom. Usually, with arrests of this nature, it only means an overnight detention, a police insider tells Shukan Shincho. But Uekusa is being kept for the maximum legal detention period of 10 days. That suggests there is some suspicion he had been up to this kind of thing.

Celebrity Academic Caught Leering Up Schoolgirl's Skirt
Mainichi News Japan
Kazuhide Uekusa, a high-profile professor at the prestigious Waseda University, has been arrested for using a hand mirror to peer up a 15-year-old schoolgirl's skirt, police said Monday. Uekusa, 43, who achieved a degree of fame working as a TV commentator, served as the chief economist at the Nomura Research Institute and had a glittering academic career in the nation's top universities. He was arrested for breaking a Tokyo Metropolitan Government ordinance forbidding people from creating a public nuisance. Uekusa admits to the allegations. I'm terribly sorry, he said. Waseda University officials also released a statement on the case. Currently, the facts of the case have not been established, but we find it extremely regrettable behavior that should not have come from an educator, a university spokesman said. Police said Uekusa rode an escalator at JR Shinagawa Station behind a 15-year-old high school girl on April 8, using the hand mirror to peer up her skirt. A police officer saw what the celebrity academic was doing and arrested him. (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan)

More women join suit against Hooters for secretly filming them undress
More than 40 women who had hopes of becoming Hooters Girls say they were secretly filmed while undressing, according to a civil suit filed against the national restaurant chain in Los Angeles Superior Court. The women join five original plaintiffs who are accusing the company of invasion of privacy, sexual discrimination and harassment, as well as negligent supervision of a Hooters employee. They are seeking unspecified damages. I'm disgusted in the way that I was violated and that my privacy was invaded, said Scheana Jancan, one of the original five litigants. I am disappointed that I put my trust in someone who betrayed my rights and violated me. Juan Aponte, the former Hooters manager at the center of the allegations, faces a civil battery claim for reportedly touching some of the plaintiffs and commenting on their bodies during the interviews. Aponte has not been arrested, but a police investigation is expected to wrap up this week, when he'll likely face formal criminal charges. His attorney, C. Mario Jaramillo, did not return calls for comment.

Hooters Planning To Stay In West Covina
WEST COVINA -- Despite an ongoing lawsuit involving 25 women and the departure of 13 percent of its prospective waitresses, Hooters of West Covina has no plans to leave, officials said Friday. Hooters of America spokesman Mike McNeil said five of the 11 women who quit are involved in the lawsuit, which alleges the company was negligent in hiring 32-year-old Arcadia resident Juan Aponte, who is accused of videotaping about 80 job applicants as they changed into the restaurant's world-famous skimpy uniforms in a trailer on the Garvey Avenue North construction site. Aponte has not been charged with any crime. Eighty-two waitresses were originally hired to work at Hooters of West Covina. It was scheduled to open in April, according to past reports, although it might not open until late May or early June, said McNeil. He added he was not aware of the April opening date. A very small number of employees decided not to go forward with employment,' McNeil said. We're still going to open on time.' City officials have virtually no control over the facility's opening because Hooters has a lease agreement with the property owner, said Mayor Mike Miller. As long as the zone is correct and the building meets with building-safety measures, there's nothing we could do to prevent it,' Miller said. The previous occupant of the Hooters building was a Charley Brown's restaurant. Councilman Roger Hernandez an opponent of the restaurant opening in West Covina said he will do anything in his power to make sure Hooters and its management play by the city's rules. Hernandez said he is urging the city's planning department and law enforcement authorities to keep Hooters on its toes.' It's my personal opinion that Hooters is a business that exploits women,' Hernandez said. I don't think it's necessary for women to walk around half naked to bring me a beer.' Officials agreed the videotape scandal had not tarnished the reputation of West Covina, since the women have high- powered attorney Gloria Allred on their side and nationwide press. I don't think it is' giving West Covina a bad name in the eye of the press, said Councilwoman Shelley Sanderson. One of things very sad in our society is these things happen. It's not just in West Covina.' Councilman Steve Herfert did not say he was completely against the Hooters opening in West Covina, but would rather have a restaurant that strays from what seems to be the city's norm of eateries that serve chicken wings, mozzarella sticks and potato skins. "I'd rather see a steakhouse there,' Herfert said. I think we have too many (restaurants) with the same kind of food.'

Waitress Applicants Videotaped Naked
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - At least 82 women were secretly videotaped naked or partly undressed while applying for jobs at a Los Angeles-area Hooters restaurant and changing into the chain's distinctive uniform, police said on Thursday. Detectives in the Los Angeles suburb of West Covina were interviewing the women, who range in age from 17 to 25, after seizing 180 video files from the personal computer of former Hooters manager Juan Aponte, police spokesman Rudy Lopez said. The videos were of the women changing into and out of the Hooters uniform, Lopez said, and were taken while they applied for a job at the restaurant, which is scheduled to open in April, at a trailer on the construction site. At the interview they were told to change into the uniform of bright orange shorts and a white tank-top bearing the Hooters logo and were surreptitiously videotaped, he said. We're taking photographs of the girls in the videotapes and comparing them with the applications and that's who we're trying to contact, Lopez said, adding that while more than 1,200 women had applied it appeared that not all were taped. They are appalled, Lopez said of the victims. They are angry, upset, emotional and had absolutely no knowledge this had taken place. Lopez said Aponte, 32, had not been arrested but that detectives hoped to present a case to prosecutors for possible charges within days. He said Hooters officials had been very, very cooperative in the investigation. Aponte's lawyer, Brian Michaels, declined to comment on the details of the case, but said, We've been cooperative with the police and we're going to remain cooperative to the extent that it helps my client and clears this matter. Mike McNeil, a spokesman for Hooters, said the Atlanta-based restaurant chain was disturbed by the case. The restaurant chain is in no way implicated in this, McNeil said. In our 21-year history we've never seen anything like this before and we're very concerned about it. We're doing everything we can to cooperate. McNeil said Hooters applicants were not expected to model uniforms during job interviews, adding: This manager was in clear violation of our written policies and then went beyond that and appears to have broken the law. By Dan Whitcomb

Camera-phone voyeur faces jail sentence
HONG KONG: A high-tech "peeping Tom" faces jail in Hong Kong for using his cellphone camera to take a picture up a woman's skirt, a news report said Thursday. Computer technician Alan Ng, 36, stood behind a 21-year-old woman on an escalator at an underground train station and used his camera-phone to take a picture up her skirt. A passerby alerted the woman and when station staff collared Ng, he was hiding in a cash dispensing machine deleting the photos from his camera, the South China Morning Post reported. At a hearing Wednesday, Ng admitted disorderly conduct and was warned he could be jailed for up to two years. Sentence was adjourned until March 24. Police in Hong Kong have been dealing with cases of men taking indecent pictures with camera-phones at the rate of one a month since last year. The territory's Department of Justice has issued guidelines on dealing with the problem, telling police serial offenders can be prosecuted for the more serious charge of outraging public decency. -- dpa

Johnston Authorities Look For Alleged Peeper
JOHNSTON COUNTY, N.C. -- A Peeping Tom is on the loose in Johnston County. Authorities believe they know who he is, but they cannot find him. Authorities said three women reported seeing a man in the bathroom at Johnston County Community College. Officials believe the man may have used a camera phone to take pictures of the women. The man fled from campus before security guards could find him. Later that same day, a female employee at a Johnston County Wal-Mart reported a similar incident that took place in the restroom. However, the woman was able to identify the man as one of her co-workers 31-year-old Cornelius Higdon. Authorities believe Higdon was the same person seen on the Johnston County Community College campus. Administrators have sent an e-mail to faculty and students, alerting them to the incident. Investigators have not been able to locate Higden. If you have any information about Higdon's whereabouts, you are asked to contact police.

For Hi-Tech Voyeurism Victim Speaks Out
AVENTURA - A 17-year-old victim of voyeurism speaks out. She was among several women who police say Anatole Kenevsky videotaped while at the Aventura Target. He videotaped up skirts of several customers, including a 17-year-old woman. While he was videotaping the woman, a store surveillance camera inside the store videotaped him. The victim says, I was actually frightened and scared to think what the world has come to. The Seventeen-year-old victim is still frightened by what a suspected pervert did to her on Friday. He had a video camera in his suitcase, and he was actually taping things. He put it down on the floor. I was wearing a knee-length skirt, so it wasn't too long or too short. He put the bag right by my feet, and was taping things that shouldn't had been taped. The sickening story begins when two teenage girls take a trip to the Aventura Target. Then one girl notices that a guy creeps uncomfortably closely to her. The victim says, "He was very close to me. I did feel uncomfortable and I did feel his presence right next to mine. It would never even come to mind that he would be doing such a thing. The 17-year-old and her 18-year-old friend left the store and saw the same guy in custody. They thought he was a shoplifter until a police officer told the 17-year-old that 38-year-old Kanevsky put a videotape inside a backpack, and put the backpack on the ground to capture her private parts. The officers also said she wasn't the only victim of the video camera voyeur. It wasn't his first time in Target, but they weren't able to catch him the first time, because he did get away. But this time they let somebody look over him and someone followed him until the police came and then they arrested him. Police say Kenevsky confessed to the crime. He was charged with one count of voyeurism and posted his $500 bond.

2 women track, help nab voyeur suspect
The man allegedly followed women into the library bathroom. January 29, 2004 By: Derek Shepard - Sun Staff Poulsbo police credit two women with providing valuable information Tuesday that helped police find and arrest an alleged voyeur who had apparently been targeting women in the Poulsbo branch of Kitsap Regional Library. Poulsbo police arrested a suspected voyeur from Bremerton on Tuesday after he allegedly peeked under a women's bathroom stall around 4 p.m. Tuesday in the library and touched a woman's leg. The woman screamed, causing the suspect to run from the scene and begin driving away. Another woman who saw him fleeing and the victim, who apparently did not know each other, got in a car and began following at a safe distance behind the man. While in pursuit, they used a cell phone to give police a detailed physical description of the suspect and his location as he drove away. Poulsbo Police Chief Jeff Doran credits the cool attitude and common sense of the two women with helping police catch the suspect, adding they did the right thing by not trying to catch the man themselves. That was just dynamite, he said. The women eventually lost sight of the suspect, but police soon caught him at Hostmark Street and Fourth Avenue, about four blocks from the library. They arrested him on suspicion of voyeurism and fourth-degree assault for allegedly touching the woman's leg and booked him into Kitsap County jail. The case was referred to Kitsap County prosecutors Wednesday morning and bail was set at $50,000. Apparently, the suspect would wait until he saw women enter the restroom, where he would follow them and peek under the stall, police said. Doran said someone reported a similar incident at the library Jan. 20 and the librarians told police Tuesday that a similar incident recently occurred but wasn't reported to the police. The suspect admitted to officers that he had peeked in the stalls at least once before, police said. Voyeurism crimes are rare in Poulsbo, and Doran hopes they won't see anything like it again. He warned that people who think peeping isn't a serious crime should think again. Somebody who thinks it's no big deal (to be a voyeur) is looking at being a convicted felon, Doran said. According to Washington state law, voyeurism is a felony.

Women suffer bottom burns in toilets
Five New Zealand women have suffered burns on their bottoms after sitting on public toilet seats smeared with an unknown substance. Detectives in Christchurch say they believe a misguided prankster is behind the incidents. The latest victim was a woman visiting an inner city bar, and the four other incidents were at the Sydenham Park toilets. Christchurch police Senior Sergeant Neru Leifi said: It appears that a clear, gel-like substance had been smeared on the toilet seats, press-down buttons and on the building's walls. A police spokesman added: We believe it's possible this may have started off as a prank, with the person responsible not realising how serious it would end up, if that's the case, we'd like that person to come forward, reports One News.

Alleged Peeping Tom Due in Court
January 8, 2004 A Montgomery County man is headed to trial for allegedly peeping at women inside fitting rooms at shopping malls. Thirty-six-year-old Robert Hedin showed up for court in Montgomeryville and waived his right to a preliminary hearing. Hedin is charged with invasion of privacy. Police say he drilled holes in fitting room walls at several malls, including King of Prussia and Montgomery Mall, so he could watch women and girls undress.

Man jailed for videotaping his roommate in Gardena
A Japanese national is serving 180 days behind bars for secretly videotaping his female roommate while she showered and used the toilet in Gardena. Yasuhiro Ryoki, 35, who is in the country on a visa, was convicted by a Torrance Superior Court jury Sept. 19 of three misdemeanor charges of invasion of privacy by a camera. Judge Michael Vicencia sentenced Ryoki on Wednesday to county jail, 36 months of probation and ordered him to not own or possess any photographic equipment. Vicencia also ordered Ryoki to register as a sex offender. Deputy District Attorney John Harlan said Friday that the judge's order that Ryoki register as a sex offender was done at Vicencia's own discretion, since the misdemeanor does not require it. If a judge feels the crime was motivated by sexual compulsion or gratification, the law says he can require the registration, Harlan said. Harlan said he did not know how the conviction would affect Ryoki's immigration status. Ryoki, who is bilingual, was working as an information technology specialist for a high-tech firm in Gardena when he met the victim through mutual friends. The 22-year-old Japanese woman was in the U.S. on a work visa, Gardena police detective Russell Temple said. The woman needed a place to stay and Ryoki, who was living in an apartment on 169th Street rent free, offered her his spare room. She moved in in mid-December, Temple said. After living there a few months, the woman noticed something shiny next to a flower pot in the bathroom. She pulls the plant out and it's a camera, Temple said. The woman called a friend over and they searched her bedroom, finding another camera. They called the police, who returned with a search warrant, Temple said. Officers found another camera in the bathroom below the toilet pointing up and a wireless surveillance system in Ryoki's room, Temple said. Ryoki was arrested Jan. 5. Officers seized about 150 videotapes, which included footage of the woman showering and using the bathroom, and her 25-year-old sister showering, made when she and other family members visited. During the trial, the woman, who flew from Japan to testify, became emotional on the witness stand and said the experience left her devastated and sleepless, according to Temple. Simon Hiller, Ryoki's attorney, argued that the woman knew about the taping and was OK with it. We felt very strongly that Mr. Ryoki had no criminal intent and that he believed that he had permission to do so from the complaining witness, Hiller said. Now she says something different. The woman has a civil suit pending against Ryoki, too. Temple said such crimes are a threat to public safety.

Police say man had camera in bathroom
A 35-year-old Springfield Township man whose home was a popular neighborhood hangout is expected in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court today on charges that accuse him of secretly videotaping non adults and adults who used his bathroom. Robert Wolsefer was indicted Dec. 18 on 12 charges of illegal use of a non adult in nudity-oriented material or a performance and two charges of voyeurism. One victim was 5 years old, according to court documents. A couple visiting Wolsefer in November discovered a videotape, recognized a woman and some of the non adults and reported Wolsefer to the Springfield Township Police Department. Authorities say Wolsefer had a motion-sensitive camera in the soap dish of his bathtub and a camera inside the toilet paper roll. The cameras captured the victims in various states of undress, according to prosecutors.

Man pinched for sneaking into women's spa with camera
MAEBASHI -- A man who sneaked into the changing rooms of a women's spa in Gunma Prefecture in an attempt to secretly record bathers on a miniature video camera has been arrested, police said. The man, Katsuaki Yasuma, 47, a member of the Fuchu Municipal Board of Education's lifelong learning division in Tokyo, was arrested for illegal entry following the incident, which occurred in the Gunma Prefecture village of Manza on Saturday. Police said Yasuma crept into the hot spring baths of a hotel in the district at about 11 p.m. on Saturday, armed with a miniature video camera, with which he planned to film female bathers. At the time there reportedly were three women in the bath. When another woman came in to change, she noticed Yasuma and alerted an employee, who contacted police. When questioned by police over his actions, Yasuma reportedly admitted to the allegations against him, saying, "I went in to secretly film women as they were bathing. Yasuma had been staying at the hotel on an overnight trip with several acquaintances, police said. (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan)

Sneaker camera a little too sneaky
KOBE -- A man has been arrested after fitting a digital camera into his sneakers so he could take photos up women's skirts, police said. Yohei Kikuchi, 23, a student, was arrested for breaking a Hyogo Prefectural Government ordinance forbidding people from creating a public nuisance. Kikuchi admits to the allegations that he used the relatively bulky camera in his shoe to spy up women's dresses. I did it a few times out of curiosity, he told the police. Police were shocked. It's pretty hard to believe that somebody would walk around with a camera stuffed into their shoe, one officer said Police said that Kikuchi was spotted while using the camera in his shoe to take a photo up the dress of a woman reading in a department store book section above Sannomiya Station. Kikuchi had loosened the shoelaces on his sneaker and stuffed inside a camera measuring 11 centimeters in length, 5 centimeters in width and 3 centimeters in depth. He had also cut a hole in his sneaker to poke the lens out. Police noticed he was walking strangely and accosted him, quickly spotting the camera lens peeking out of his shoe and arresting him. (Mainichi and wire reports, Japan)

Man dolls self up to sneak inside women's baths
MATSUYAMA -- A man who dressed up as a woman to infiltrate women's baths and stare at naked female bathers has been arrested, police said. Police sent documents to prosecutors on the man, Eichi Yamamoto, 33, of Sukumo, Kochi Prefecture, accusing him of 17 counts of illegally entering buildings and peeping. He has reportedly admitted to the allegations. I wanted to see women naked, he was quoted as telling investigators. Dressing up as a woman was a step to do that. Police said Yamamoto dressed up as a woman and entered a bath in Matsuyama at about 10:40 p.m., and began staring at naked women as he soaked in the water. However, other people in the bath became suspicious because of the way he walked, and alerted a worker. He was nabbed on the spot in the changing rooms of the bath. Investigators said Yamamoto admitted using the same tactics to peep at women on 13 occasions in Ehime Prefecture and four occasions in Kochi Prefecture since April last year. Yamamoto was about 170 centimeters tall, weighed about 64 kilograms and had no chest or leg hair, police said. When he entered the facilities, he reportedly wore a wig of long hair, a white blouse, a gray skirt, a bra, and put on lipstick. After taking off his clothes he would hide his front with a towel and then take the towel off just before he got into a jet bath, which made it easier to hide that he was a man because of the bubbles, police said. (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan)

Skirt-peeping photographer breaks leg as he tries to escape
KANAZAWA -- An elementary school teacher who tried to take a photo up a woman's skirt in a bookstore here, then fell and broke his leg while trying to escape, faces charges, police said. Police on Friday sent documents to prosecutors on the 39-year-old teacher, whose name has been withheld, accusing him of violating a prefectural ordinance that forbids people from creating a public nuisance. Investigators accuse the teacher of placing a digital camera up the skirt of a woman reading at a bookstore in Kanazawa at about 6:25 p.m. on Oct. 2. Another female customer nearby met eyes with the teacher, and he tried to escape, but as he was leaving the store he tripped and broke his leg. He was apprehended by police officers who were called to the scene. The man reportedly told police that he photographed two or three people using the same tactics, and images were found on his camera, police said. (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan)

Teacher caught red-handed filming up woman's skirt
MATSUE -- A public school teacher was fired Thursday for using a video camera to film inside a woman's skirt at a municipal government facility here, the prefectural education authorities said. Police are questioning the 24-year-old teacher at a Matsue municipal junior high school over the allegations in a bid to press charges against him. The names of the teacher and the school were not immediately disclosed. The teacher admitted to the allegations during questioning by his bosses. "I was frustrated, so I was hoping to get some relief by filming (up the woman's skirt)," he was quoted as saying. He also acknowledged he committed four other similar acts since late last September. In the specific case for which he was dismissed, the teacher used a video camera to film inside the skirt of woman at a local government facility in late October this year, the Shimane Prefectural Board of Education said. He attempted to escape after the woman realized what he was doing, but was overpowered by staff at the facility. He went to a bathroom before being questioned, and dumped the video tape containing scenes of inside the victim's skirt in a bid to destroy evidence. (Compiled from Mainichi and wire reports, Japan)

Former Valpo student pleads guilty to voyeurism
Former Valparaiso football player Christopher Hayen has plead guilty to voyeurism for putting a camera in a locker room used by the women's volleyball team. Hayen, 22, of Granger could face up to three years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Hayen was charged with voyeurism after he was accused of putting a wireless camera in the changing area of a Valpo girls locker room. Police say they found two tapes made by the recording device in his dorm room. Hayen no longer attends the university.

Cop employee pokes camera at woman on toilet
Mainichi news
NAGASAKI -- A police station employee who sneaked into a female toilet and tried to film a woman in the next cubicle has quit his job after being handed a one-month suspension, his colleagues said Friday. The 45-year-old man who was in charge of a patrol boat at the Iki Police Station, Nagasaki Prefecture, allegedly sneaked into a woman's toilet in a public parking lot on the morning of Oct. 25. A woman in the next toilet saw a camera poking out below and screamed, investigators said. The man, whose name is being withheld, fled by car, but the woman took note of the vehicle's license number and reported the incident to the police. He has been accused of illegal entry in a document the police sent to prosecutors. The police suspended him from work for one month Friday, and he tabled a letter of resignation. (Wire reports, Japan)

Berlin brothels offer happy hours to combat recession
Brothels in Berlin are offering happy hours with half price sex to attract customers during the economic slump. Prostitutes are also offering 'get-to-know-me' prices for new clients and discounts for regulars. Sociologist Marion Detlef from Hydra, Germany's biggest association looking after prostitutes' interests, said it is an indication of Germany's economic problems. She said: Even the world's oldest business is going down under the ongoing recession. And prostitutes are continually having to make reductions even though their prices have considerably decreased over the last 15 years. One woman named only as Joyce, 22, who usually charges 70 euros for 20 minutes, said she had been made to reduce her fees by force. She said: Not all men can still afford it. Now I give discounts to regulars otherwise they will just stay away.

Porn director in trouble for employing enthusiastic amateurs
Porn director in trouble for employing enthusiastic amateurs. Actor's unions are threatening an Italian porn film director with legal action for paying only alcohol and energy drinks to enthusiastic amateurs. The director, named only as Cesare, put an ad in local papers in Arad, western Romania, after running out of cheap but professional stars for his low budget film shoots. He said he was flooded with inquiries from people wanting to volunteer to take part in his orgy and has already used some of them in his films. But actors unions are unhappy about the wages being paid for the job. The director told the National daily: The men are happy with what they are being asked to do. They do it for fun. They only get whisky and energy drinks during shooting but they are not complaining. His co-producer, a former prostitute known as Alina, added: We're very happy with their work so far.

Man demands right to video people having sex in public
A man arrested on charges of videoing couples having sex in a Connecticut park claims he had the right to film because he was in a public place. According to court papers, Robert Berwick has pleaded not guilty to breach of peace and voyeurism charges for allegedly secretly videoing people in Bruce Park, Stamford, and in other areas of the town. Prosecutors say visitors to a public park can expect some privacy, if their acts are not in plain view. But the lawyer representing Berwick said a park is different from a home or a locker room, which are private. A Superior Court judge has ruled that both sides can debate state law at a hearing on October 15. Court papers said two women reported last October that Berwick was pointing a video camera at them. He was arrested and charged with a breach of peace, criminal trespass and interfering with police, reports nbc30.

Alleged camera pervert caught on MRT
By Jimmy Chuang
The Taipei City Police Department's Rapid Transit Division yesterday urged female users of the MRT to be aware of an increasing number of perverts who use hidden cameras to take upskirt photographs on the trains. The division made the statement yesterday morning after its officers arrested a suspect who was trying to shoot upskirt pictures on the MRT platform at the Taipei Railway Station. "This is the third time within a month that we have busted a pervert of this type on the MRT," Chang Fu-wan (±iºÖÆW), a division spokesman, said. "This serves as a warning that there are more and more perverts who would sexually harass female train users, so I urge all ladies to be careful, especially when they are wearing mini skirts." The police said that around 7am yesterday, Liu Yu-kuo (¼B¦ö°ê), a 28-year-old computer software technician, hid his digital camera in a bag before approaching his 23-year-old victim, who was only identified by her last name, Sun. Liu tried to shoot pictures under her skirt on an escalator leading to the platform where she would catch her train. However, Sun became suspicious when Liu's bag continually bumped against her legs and when she turned around she saw what he was trying to do. The police said that Sun, who is approximately 1,7m tall, was very upset and punched Liu on his nose, breaking it in the process. Sun then "arrested" Liu and took him to the police right away. Liu told the police that he had merely been curious about shooting photographs up skirts and this incident was the first time he tried to do it on the MRT. He said it also was not his intention to distribute his photographs on the Internet or to duplicate and sell them. Liu said his behavior was the result of watching too many adult videos and he sincerely regretted what he did. Meanwhile, he also said that he never thought he would be caught and beaten up by a woman, especially as he had not yet succeeded in taking any pictures. The Taipei Times

October 12, 2003 -- A Port Authority cop - once credited for helping find a missing 9-year-old boy with Down syndrome at JFK - was arraigned on non adult sex-abuse charges after he was allegedly caught secretly videotaping an 11-year-old girl in the shower of her Queens home, law-enforcement authorities said yesterday. Russell Bass, 42, of Hempstead, L.I., was being held on $75,000 bail on a slew of charges including video voyeurism and non adult endangerment. He was arrested Friday morning after he was spotted by the girl, who noticed a hand holding a video camera at the partly opened first-floor bathroom window, according to Queens District Attorney Richard Brown. The alleged victim is a non adult whose privacy was crudely invaded and whose innocence has been shaken, Brown said. The girl, who was getting ready for school at the time, ran and told her mother, who sent an older son to confront Bass, who was still standing in the back yard of the family's first-floor apartment, according to a neighbor and law-enforcement authorities. According to the neighbor, whose daughter is a friend of the family, when the son asked Bass why he was standing at their window, he answered, I'm taking a p---. The woman, who asked to not to be identified, said the son made Bass to open his parked Lexus automobile by force, where he found a pile of video cassette tapes. She said there was a scuffle, but Bass managed to run away. Bass dropped the camera bag as he fled. He was arrested by cops a few blocks from the scene. Sources said the bag contained numerous videotapes of underage girls and adult women in various stages of undress. Over the past two weeks, he had videotaped other members of the family, the source said. Investigators believe Bass had stalked the family to their home The girl's shaken mother told The Post she was not acquainted with Bass. I am shocked, said Bass' son, Russell Jr. He's just an average dad. The divorced Bass, a 15-year police veteran, was suspended from the force. If convicted, he faces up to seven years in prison.

While Sister Diddles Downstairs, Bad Brother Zooms In
By Ryann Connell
Staff Writer
Peep videos featuring women in compromising situations captured by concealed cameras have long been a staple of the Japanese movie market, but now they have become more of a family affair, according to Tokusatsu Shinsengumi (11/1). "Concealed camera footage of family members have become a popular feature on loads of websites recently," an adult video scriptwriter tells Tokusatsu Shinsengumi. "For instance, you might get clips that a man has taken of his wife changing clothes, or a brother has sneakily snared of his sister while she bathes or lies around in her room. Some of them feature young women masturbating, or having sex with their boyfriends. They all tend to differ but do have the common thread of one family member making a film of another family member while they're in a rather delicate position." Few families would see the need to be wary of concealed cameras within their own homes, making it easy for the less scrupulous to take advantage of their own flesh and blood. Why they'd stoop so low is hardly a mystery. "If it's somebody with footage of a sister, they're almost invariably looking to make money out of her footage. They can make some handy money just by selling clips of those closest to them. There're DVDs on the market filled with such stuff. Whether the subject is aware they're being filmed is only something they know. It's sort of like the couples who send photos of their sex sessions into magazines that run those sort of pictures," the writer says. "For those people who like these types of movies, the thrill probably comes from watching raunchy scenes gathered from a home just like their own. It makes the excitement of what they're watching far more intense than just a normal peek," the writer tells Tokusatsu Shinsengumi. "Those who collect the footage generally have less to worry about than others who make a habit of filming people with hidden cameras. Even if they were caught, most family members would not tell on one of their own to the police. Whether what they're doing is legal is a delicate matter. What is clear is the enormous shock you'd feel at discovering a member of your own family was spying on you and making money out of something you thought

Sex scenes are fine. As long as I don't have to watch
By Victoria Coren
The Observer
The tabloids have been getting all excited about a new sex trend called 'dogging'. This apparently refers to an activity whereby two lovers throw dignity to the wind and do all sorts of worrying things in public while strangers gather round to watch. Meanwhile, I've been excited about the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez movie Gigli, which is basically the same thing. (If you didn't catch this amazing vanity project in its first and last week of release, then bad luck. Unless J-Lo's mother happens to own a cinema in Slough, you're unlikely to see it.) What charms me about both these acts of shameless exhibitionism is that the mechanisms are so cutely old-fashioned. Sex in a parked car with lechers peering in? Famous couple on the big screen for six quid a ticket? And this in an age in which website designer Scott Wright from Sussex has been able to post his wedding video on the internet ( via a series of 'web-compressed quicktime movies'? We are all voyeurs or show-offs these days, and technology hasn't followed the public mood so fast since the invention of the printing press coincided with the first person saying: 'I'm sick of these bloody poetry readings, I wish I could just stay at home with a good old pot-boiler.' Thank God for video mobiles, DVD cameras, closed-circuit surveillance and broadband internet streaming - were it not for these, there might be a small risk of somebody in John o'Groats having a piss in private. Yet doggers and Hollywood stars, it seems, have grasped twenty-first-century voyeurism while being stuck with ancient methods. It's a form-content gap - as if your old aunt was desperate to hear the new Dizzee Rascal album but wanted it on 78 vinyl. The Daily Mail warned that 'dogging locations' were all too easily found on the internet, but I had no luck at all. One link simply took me to an Australian website featuring forklift trucks and heavy-duty loading cranes - which may be highly erotic to an Australian but didn't do much for me. The closest site I could find was one that advised me to stand underneath a certain bridge at Baker Street Underground station if I wanted to look up women's skirts. But it costs £2.30 to get to Baker Street from where I live, and I can look up my own skirt for free. Evidently this practice works on the basis of good old-fashioned word of mouth. And Gigli would have done, too, given a bit of time. I was lucky enough to see it and, make no mistake, it is not one whit less embarrassing, awkward or ill-advised than any other couple leaping from the privacy of their bedroom to hump and pillow-talk right under your nose. The film has been rightly celebrated for Lopez's eye-watering invitation to oral sex: 'It's turkey time. Gobble, gobble!' Brave words for any new movie; I'd have loved to see them used on the poster. But even as a straightforward seduction line, it's not exactly up there with Come up and see me sometime or even 'Mrs Robinson, you're the most attractive of all my parents' friends'. Subtle, it ain't. It's the equivalent of Lauren Bacall murmuring, 'Just put your lips together and blow', while sprawling on a bed with her legs apart. As though La Lopez had phoned her agent and said: 'I'm tired of people thinking there's nothing to me but a big ass. I want a project that gets my genitals in the frame, too!' All of which is made so much more exquisitely embarrassing with the knowledge that she and Ben are (or were) a real-life couple. It's been a good year for this kind of mistake: let us pause to remember Swept Away. OK, only Mad woman was visible on screen (playing a spoilt heiress made to submit by force to the whims of a macho Italian sailor after a shipwreck) while Guy Ritchie remained behind the camera - but the idea of her husband directing her to crawl around, licking a bloke's feet and saying, 'Please, let me have some fish, master!', was certainly enough to have audiences biting their arms in horror. Meanwhile, Eyes Wide Shut, which featured the startling sight of Tom Cruise grasping Nicole Non adult man's breasts, did about as much at the box office as it did for their marriage. I have nothing against couples making films together, if that's what rings their bell. I just think they need to accept that it's only a celebrity sprinkle on suburban wife-porn, and market the product accordingly. Ben and J-Lo could have kept costs down by getting it on in a car park near Wimbledon Common - and every person who paid to see Gigli could probably have fitted around the car.

Accused voyeur's release leaves victim still afraid
By John Holl
Hannah Arbuckle slept peacefully the night after she jumped into the bed of a moving truck and caught a man suspected of peeping into her windows. But on Saturday -- a day in which she was championed as a hero by a national cable news program -- Arbuckle was still afraid to stay alone in her Kessler Boulevard home. That's because Robert Joseph Braun, 57, was still free after posting a $30,000 bond on Friday. Police say Braun, a convicted rapist who spent 18 years in prison, had been spying on Arbuckle as far back as April. He was given a second chance of life, and now he faces the reality of going back to prison, Arbuckle said. He has a problem that he can't control, and I feel bad for him . . . but I'm angry because he changed my life and made me afraid. And this is not the first man caught peeping through Arbuckle's windows. Indianapolis Police Department Detective Steve Fippen said Saturday that another city resident was arrested earlier this year and charged with voyeurism. Details about that arrest were not immediately available. Meanwhile, Arbuckle spent Saturday fielding dozens of calls and e-mails praising her actions. The 28-year-old marketing director also appeared on the Fox News Channel to tell her story. It's touching that people find this heroic and brave, Arbuckle said. In hindsight, it was not an intelligent thing to do, but the ends justified the means because I wanted this man caught. Arbuckle expressed shock and anger over Braun's release and said she wanted him back behind bars very soon. Fippin blamed Braun's release on the county's new Arrestee Processing Center and the way it is designed to prevent jail overcrowding. "We put this guy in jail, and the next morning he was released. It is frustrating," he said. On Wednesday, police said, Arbuckle observed Braun peering into the windows of her one-story brick home. When he tried to get away, Arbuckle jumped into the back of his truck as he sped off. As the white Ford Ranger traveled down Central Avenue, Arbuckle called police from her cell phone and relayed passing addresses to the operator. Arbuckle suffered multiple bruises and a twisted knee after Braun pulled over and began hitting her, police said. Police arrived moments later and arrested Braun. A search of Braun's truck revealed items that police say are commonly found in non agree sex kits. Fippen would not identify the items and said it was unclear whether Arbuckle was a non agree sex target. Two searches of Braun's Speedway home uncovered videotapes and pictures of Arbuckle and three other identified victims, Fippen said. He urged other women, who believe Braun might have targeted them, to contact police. A call placed to Braun's Speedway home was answered by a man identifying himself as Braun's brother. The man said the family would not comment on the case. On Monday, prosecutors plan to formally charge Braun with 12 counts of felony voyeurism, as well as stalking and felony battery of an officer. Court records show Braun was convicted of non agree sex in 1982 and served 18 years in prison.

Gross groupies gather to gab about gal-groping
By Masuo Kamiyama
Contributing Writer
Shigeru Oohori (a pseudonym) is a 35-year-old "elite salaryman" at a major corporation and loving father of a 10-year-old daughter. He's also a dedicated chikan (groper) who gets his thrills running his hands over the bodies of young women on commuter trains. Five years ago, Oohori was posting messages on an Internet bulletin board set up for aficionados of train groping. (Example: "Today, I got my hands on a girl with a big ass...") and proposed that his fellow correspondents get together for drinks. "I never could have imagined it could be so enjoyable to get together and discuss our fetishes," he tells Hanashi no Channel (11/6). Oohori was quite impressed to see that many of the participants at the gathering were of high social standing. "We had Buddhist priests, school principals, government bureaucrats, doctors and others," he relates. This initial encounter led to the formal establishment of the Chikan Tomo-no-Kai (The Gropers' Brotherhood), whose membership currently numbers 50 nationwide, and of which Oohori serves as chairman. While the members range from students to septuagenarians, the largest age segment is composed of salaried wage earners in their 30s, an overwhelming number of whom are married. According to Oohori, there are two types of chikan. One is the "orthodox" type, who become excited by seeing the expression of disgust on a girl's face at the moment they begin running their hands over her body. The other type, the "technician," aims at subtly titillating the woman using practiced erotic techniques that succeed in getting her wet before she even realizes what's happening. Some 80 percent of chikan are estimated to belong to the former category. Once monthly, the groper groupies gather at a pub somewhere in Tokyo to swap stories about their conquests. At a recent meeting, one relayed an account of his special technique for perforating girls' pantyhose in order to get closer to the land of milk and honey. While some members listened in with rapturous envy, others energetically transcribed his advice into their memo books. Another speaker warned his fellow enthusiasts that plainclothes detectives would be on duty in the Ikebukuro area in the coming month, so they should take added precautions not to be nabbed. "Groping was once a solitary activity, but now thanks to the Internet it's become easy to link up with people who share the same kind of sexual interests," enthuses Oohori. "We swap information. This nurtures a sense of competition and spurs us to bolder activities. Another purpose of our group is to warn members from getting so carried away they risk arrest." Aside from being able to attend lectures on groping techniques and proper etiquette, Hanashi no Channel adds that members of Oohori's group become eligible for hands-on training sessions, aboard actual commuter trains. "We all pool our money and employ several girls who let us grope them while actually on the train," he explains. "We do it in teams of six, and take turns on the girl, while the others observe from a slightly detached location. Then when it's over, we'll go to a coffee shop and critique the others, telling one, 'If you look around suspiciously before touching her, people will take notice,' or 'You squeezed her too hard at the beginning; you can't do it that way.'" A proper performance in front of the brotherhood's chairman can earn the accomplished groper a "black belt" ranking, with the level proficiency based on how effectively the candidate conducts suchmovements as groping while carrying a briefcase (basic), or how effectively he succeeds in getting fingers inside a girl's panties (advanced). So far, Oohori has reached the exalted level of 7th dan; 12 others are ranked 1st dan and five have reached the 2nd dan level. A 5th dan is expected to maintain the prestige of his rank by fondling the buttocks of at least 100 women a month.Oohori was honored with this advanced 7th dan level by his ability to flee police pursuers. To do this, he keeps himself in top physical shape, arising each morning at six for an hour or more of jogging

Pervert professor pinched for snapping station toilet pics
CHIBA -- An academic at a top women's university in Tokyo has been arrested for sneaking into a woman's toilet at a Chiba Prefecture train station and taking photographs of females there, police said. Makoto Kataoka, an associate professor at the University of the Sacred Heart Tokyo, was arrested on charges of trespassing. He has reportedly admitted to the allegations. "I've taken similar images before," the 41-year-old specialist of Victorian literature was quoted by police as saying. Police said Katayama, of Yokohama, was caught in a woman's toilet at JR Tateyama Station in Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture, shortly after 9 a.m. on Wednesday. The associate professor reportedly sneaked into one of the cubicles undetected. When a 19-year-old woman started using a Japanese-style toilet in the next cubicle, he pushed his digital camera through the gap at the bottom and photographed her. However, the victim spotted the camera and alerted her mother waiting outside, who called the police. Investigators reportedly found several compromising images of women in toilets saved in his digital camera. Kataoka reportedly told his wife before leaving his home on Tuesday that he would go to a "trip." University of the Sacred Heart in Shibuya-ku was closed at the time of the incident for summer holidays. The women's institution has responded to the incident by removing his images from its official Website. (Compiled from Mainichi and wire reports, Japan)

Pedophilic dentist blames lack of sister for perversion
A Tokyo dentist has been arrested for offering money to junior high schoolgirls for sex in an ad he posted on an Internet matchmaking site, police said Monday. Pedophile Masakatsu Arai pinned the blame on the fact he has no sister. "I have only brothers so I developed this desire to play with a sister-like junior high school girl," the 32-year-old dentist reportedly told investigators. Police said Arai, of Arakawa-ku's Higashi Nippori district, posted a message on an Internet chat board inviting junior high school students to have sex with him on Sept. 13, the very day online messages seeking non adults as sexual partners were outlawed under the Dating Site Control Law. "Junior high school girls please feel free to respond. A gentle touch up guarantees three 'Yukichi' (Yukichi Fukuzawa, economist and Keio University founder featured on the 10,000 yen note)' and perhaps more," Arai wrote under his handle, Kenta. Police said Arai received seven responses for the message. The dentist is the third man to be arrested under the new law. On Friday a Yokohama man was arrested for seeking sex with junior high school girls "under 13" on the Net, followed by a Fukuoka pediatrician busted on Saturday for posting similar ads targeting junior high school girls. (Compiled from Mainichi and wire reports, Japan)

Jealous Wife Filmed In-laws Naked
A jealous wife has been taken to court in China after mistakenly filming her mother-in-law and brothers-in-law naked as she tried to catch her husband cheating. The woman hired a cameraman to film her husband's family home in Luzhou in the hope of catching him with the woman she suspected he was having an affair with, according to the Hong Kong edition of China Daily. The cameraman filmed everyone going into the bathroom, not knowing what the woman's husband looked like. He filmed the woman's mother-in-law and brothers-in-law before being spotted and grabbed by family members.The wife is now being taken to court for invasion of privacy

UK women are Sex-perimental
British women are becoming more adventurous in the bedroom - regardless of whether or not they have a man. A new survey found more than half of women confessed that they own a sex toy. More than a quarter would like to have sex with another woman if they had the chance. The average length of time for a sexual encounter is less than 15 minutes. And one-third of Brits have sex less than once a week, according to the poll of almost 5,000 people for women's website The survey was conducted to launch a new sex guide by writer Anne Hooper. She said: "There has been a shift in the attitudes of UK men and women towards sex and a new atmosphere of sexual acceptance seems to reign which is affecting how adventurous we are in the bedroom. "The survey clearly shows that women now know what they want when it comes to sex just as much as men do." The results showed that nearly half favour a variety of sexual positions, with only one in ten preferring the missionary position. They also revealed that single women are more likely to have orgasms during sex than those in relationships. But not all women feel entirely liberated - more than 40% of women said they would like to have more adventurous sex but are too afraid to ask.

Amateur Hookers Need To Learn A Few Tricks Of The Trade
By Masuo Kamiyama
Staff Writer
Is prostitution illegal in Japan? Well yes --- at least to the extent that it is NOT legal. The Anti prostitution law of 1956 defines prostitution and in Article 2 sets specific penalties for forcing a person to engage in white slavery, which provides for up to 10 years' imprisonment and fines of up to 300,000 yen. So where's the catch? If you pore over the fine print in the statute, you will find that while Article 5 bans certain activities, such as public solicitation for purposes of prostitution, the law carries no specific penalties for the act of offering one's body to a willing customer in exchange for sexual favors. Thus, police can haul in women for creating a public nuisance, or, in the case of foreigners, for performing work that is definitely not compatible with their visa status. But the simple act of prostitution itself is about as unlikely to result in arrest or prosecution as littering or jaywalking. Which probably explains, as Shukan Tokuho (9/22) discovered, why it's thriving as never before. Housewives, students and other women, eager to make a buck without giving up their amateur status, are horning in on the professionals in droves. "The evening tabloids are full of ads placed by women," says a newspaper journalist. "If you call the phone number shown in the ad, you can easily meet up with them." Shukan Tokuho's reporter immediately moseys over to his nearby convenience store and, upon perusing the classified pages, finds a section marked "Deai/Kosai" (encounters and dates), which contained this ad: "Married woman, former model, 31, seeks adult relationship." "I think you know what I mean by 'adult' relationship,'" the woman tells him over the telephone. "But I live a ways out of town and would appreciate it if you'd pay my transportation." While such a hesitant negotiating technique clearly establishes her as a rank amateur, the reporter nonetheless agreed on 30,000 yen --- enough for the price of a round-trip rail ticket and then some. On the day of their encounter, she appeared as promised. While her short stature made him skeptical she had actually worked as a model, he found her quite attractive. En route to the love hotel, she told him her story. Married for six years, she had formerly worked for an ad agency. She was not injuring financially, but turned to prostitution for money to "pursue her own interests." After entering the hotel room they showered separately. After administering oral sex, she gave herself to him in the missionary position and afterwards allowed him to snap "just one" commemorative photograph. "If you call me again, next time I'll let you shoot two pictures," she winked, as they parted. Other women commonly advertise their services as "models" who will "pose" for nude photos. One, a "mature female" catering to those with an Electra complex, sent the reporter a message via cell phone with her photo attached.Her going rate for modeling: 15,000 yen per 2-hour session. "But I won't do 'H,'" she added, using a popular euphemism for sexual intercourse. Nevertheless the reporter proceeded to meet Akemi (a pseudonym) at noon. "Shall we shoot the pictures in a love hotel?" he asked her. She nodded in agreement. "How many times have you done this?" the reporter asked, once they were in the hotel room. "Um, about 20," came the reply. "But I haven't always posed nude. I don't do it for guys I don't like." During the nude photo session, Akemi assumed a series of erotic poses during which she permitted the reporter to paw her body and manually explore a few cracks and crevices, but adamantly refused to go all the way. "Would you like to see the photos I just took of you?" the frustrated reporter invited. "Absolutely not!" came her indignant reply. The experience with Akemi proved highly unsatisfactory. Considering, moreover, that the sidewalks around the north exit of JR Ikebukuro station swarm with foreign hookers who will provide a quick session of oral sex in an alleyway for as little as 2,000 yen, Shukan Tokuho's reporter wonders if these picky, prickly middle-aged Japanese amateurs are really worth all the effort.

Osaka oddball's pantyhose fetish has women up tights
By Ryann Connell
Staff Writer
Osaka has found itself in the unlikely position of being home to a criminal with a tendency to leg it, according to Shukan Jitsuwa (9/18), but that's not to say he has a propensity for running away. Over the past three years, 16 Osaka women, most of them young hostesses with bulging purses, have reported being assailed by a man who sneaks up on them and holds them at knifepoint while he fondles their thighs and calves. But this man is content to treat his victims the way some amorous dogs treat their masters by focusing his attention on women's legs, then lurching off when he's had his fill. Nobody has reported being physically injured by the man described as being in his 20s with dyed brown hair parted in the middle and he has yet to rob any of his victims. "Nearly every case has been exactly the same. He has sneaked up behind a woman using an elevator or emergency exit, whipped out a knife and demanded she lift her skirt and show him her legs. He then rubs their legs, mostly the thighs and calves, without ever taking their pantyhose off," a police beat reporter for a national daily tells Shukan Jitsuwa. "One woman did report that he had fondled her breasts, but he has directed his attentions almost exclusively to their legs. He never forces them to remove their pantyhose, never licks them, or anything. He just moans and groans as he rubs their legs and barely says a word." Osaka's oddball first appeared in 2001, striking three times. He hit again four times last year, but has already attacked nine women in 2003. Statements victims have provided the police make it almost certain that it's the same man getting a lift out of legs. "Wearing pantyhose and a skirt is the trait that every victim has in common. Because this year had such a cold summer, there were more women wearing pantyhose than there usually would have been, so we've had four cases since June alone," a police insider tells Shukan Jitsuwa. "About 70 percent of the victims have been nightclub hostesses going home after a hard night on the job. They've all been carrying a fair amount of money, but he hasn't showed their riches the tiniest bit of notice. All he seems to want to do is feel their legs. He did order one woman to remove her pantyhose and give them to him, but she called him an idiot and he ran off empty handed. He appears to be a pretty weak type." At the moment, the man only faces indecent assault charges as he has not robbed or injured any of his prey. Osaka cops have created a likeness of him and made up 4,000 posters that have been stuck up in stores across the metropolis. But further police action seems unlikely."Actually, the cops questioned one guy from Naniwa-ku who often rented leg fetish videos at a store in the ward, and kept an eye on him for a while," the hack tells Shukan Jitsuwa. "But, the reality is, it's not a physical attack crime and, having only assigned a handful of officers to the case, the cops aren't really all that serious about tracking the criminal down.

Sex tour operator busted over non adult porn site
YOKOHAMA -- A Gifu Prefecture-native resident of Cambodia who runs a sex tour operation in that country has been arrested for posting non adult pornography on his website, police said. Rikiya Oga is the first Japanese living overseas to be arrested for posting non adult pornography on an Internet site thus breaking the non adult pornography and non adult prostitution law. He is also one of the extremely rare few who have been arrested in connection with a website operated from outside Japan. Oga, 41, of Phnom Penh, admitted to the allegations upon his arrest when he returned to Japan earlier this week. Kanagawa Prefectural Police said Oga refused to voluntarily remove 20 pornographic images featuring non adults that he had posted on his website in about September last year and instead allowed several people to view them freely. Oga operates a Japanese language website filled with information about Phnom Penh's sex industry. He makes his living running a tour bus ferrying Japanese to the Cambodian capital's red light districts. Pornographic photos of girl prostitutes were among the many images posted on the bulletin board of his site by some of his customers who returned from a Cambodian sex tour. Oga first set up the site in Japan in 1999, but later moved to Cambodia and operated it and his sex tour business from there. Kanagawa Prefecture cybercops found the site during a routine sweep of the Internet. In February, they reported to prosecutors two men who had posted images on the site. Statements from the two men led investigators to Oga. (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan)

Female sexuality evolving so fast, guys can't keep it up.
By Ryann Connell
Staff Writer
About the only things to have toughened up in postwar Japan, according to Shukan Post (8/22-29), are shoes and women. And nowhere is the empowerment of gals more evident than when it comes to sexual ethos as the typically demure prewar submissive woman gave way to a predatory vixen, according to Japan's top-selling weekly, which cites a poll of 300 young office workers at the country's top companies that shows nearly two-thirds have had at least more than five sex partners. While most of the women surveyed had gone through somewhere from six to 10 men, some claimed to have bedded over 100 and not one of the respondents aged from 21 to 35 claimed to be a virgin. Workplace romances are generally frowned upon in Japan, but nearly half the women polled had been involved with somebody at work at least once, with a stunning one in six consummating the relationship on company premises. "We did it one night my boyfriend was on nightshift," a 26-year-old pharmaceuticals company employee tells Shukan Post. "Things had been getting kinda boring between us and we needed a new thrill." Another woman, a brokerage employee aged 28, adds: "A guy from the same team seduced me one night when we'd been working overtime every day for a while. He did me from behind on an emergency exit stairwell. It was refreshing!" Cheating was also a common trait among the women, with about one in three saying they had been involved in a relationship where either they or their lover were playing around on a partner. "It just happened that way with one of my bosses who had helped me with my worries," a 25-year-old foodstuffs company worker says. "We continued for two years, when the rumor of our fling started floating around the office and I quit." Sometimes, playing around can have dangerous results. "My lover's wife found out she was cheating on him and came rushing over to my house with a knife in her hand. Right from the start I'd only been in it to have a little fun, so I apologized to the wife and promised I'd break it off. She relaxed and gave me some money to pay me off for not seeing him again," a 30-year-old record company worker says. "I learned later that my lover comes from a really rich family. My only regret is that if I'd have known at the time that he was wealthy, I would have asked the wife for a little bit more for the pay-off." Gals were also interested in the less than conventional aspect of sexuality, with many expressing an interest in such activities as S&M, car sex, dressing up and using adult aids, with the trend showing even stronger the more sexual partners women reported having. "My boyfriend started me on it, but I grew to enjoy it myself. I dress up in a schoolgirl uniform and love having sex while pretending to be a high schoolgirl," a 28-year-old woman working at an electronics giant says. "My dream at the moment is to go to (Tokyo teen haven) Shibuya and find a real schoolgirl who we can play with." Few showed resistance to the idea of paying for relief. "I bought a boy in (gay district) Shinjuku 2-Chome for 10,000 yen. I wanted to see what it was like to have sex with a teen-ager," a machinery equipment company employee says. And though an overwhelming number of the women said character and looks were the most important factors they considered when selecting a suitor, a surprising one in six also claimed to choose their men depending on his talent for titillating. "You get sick of young guys, whose only blessing is their strength. If I'm going to have a fling, the absolute minimum for the guy is to be a technician who knows how to please a woman," a gal working for a foreign trading company tells Shukan Post. "If he's just going to be another dirty old man, there's no reason why I should see him. Unless he's got money. If he's prepared to give me a bit of pocket money, I'm willing to bear him being a dirty old man."

Officer pinched for peaking up girl's dress.
OSAKA -- A police sergeant will face charges after he used a small digital camera to photograph up a girl's dress while she visited a police box in Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture, to report a theft, it was learned Wednesday. Hyogo police are preparing to send to prosecutors documents accusing the 42-year-old sergeant at Takarazuka Police Station of breaking a Hyogo Prefectural Government ordinance forbidding people from creating a public nuisance. The policeman, whose name has not been disclosed, has admitted to shooting up the girl's skirt and is apparently remorseful over his actions. Hyogo Prefectural Police, however, are furious. "We regard this matter with the utmost seriousness and will treat it in the most stern way," Nobuyuki Kishimoto, Hyogo Prefectural Police internal affairs spokesman, said. "We are so upset that we don't know the appropriate words to apologize to the people of Takarazuka," said Takarazuka Police Station chief Satoru Yamauchi. Police said that early this month, the girl in her teens turned up at a police box in Takarazuka where the sergeant was posted to report that her bicycle had been stolen. While she was there, the sergeant, suspecting the girl would not notice, used his digital camera to take a photo up her skirt. However, the girl saw the flash of the camera and reported the incident to prefectural police the following day. Takarazuka Police Station has badly tarnished its crime-fighting reputation in a number of incidents this year. In January, a sergeant was sacked after his arrest for non agree sexing and injuring a schoolgirl. The following month, another sergeant was given a pay cut after he bashed a railway employee, while in June an assistant inspector was suspended for one month when he was found to be driving while intoxicated.
(Mainichi and wire reports, Japan)

Mini-skirts again in vogue.
More and more Korean women are wearing skirts this year; especially those that rise above the knee line, an apparel institute said yesterday. According to a survey of some 2,800 men and women seen in downtown areas in major cities last month, about three out of every 10 women wore skirts, an increase from the 20 percent of last year, Samsung Fashion Institute said. Short skirts, in particular, gained popularity, accounting for 22.6 percent of the various skirts styles seen in the streets, compared with 4.8 percent a year earlier. Knee-length skirts became less trendy for Korean women, with 57.9 percent of the women wearing them compared to 71.6 percent last year. Men's pants styles are becoming diversified. Korean men are increasingly opting for shorter pants, which reveal their ankles, instead of traditional long trousers. Long trousers accounted for 60 percent of men's casual wear choices this year, decreasing from the 65.2 percent of the previous year, while shorter ones accounted for 8 percent this year, up from last year's 1.7 percent. By fit, 8 percent of men chose loose-fit pants, up from 1.7 percent a year ago. Traditional tight trousers are becoming less popular declining from 91 percent to 76 percent this year.
By Kim Sung-mi
This serves better for all Korean voyeurs, yet Korean subjects seem more cautious and protective when they wear skirts.

Cyber-Peeping Ban Progresses
Mon Jul 28, 4:00 AM ET
Grant Gross, IDG News Service
WASHINGTON-- A U.S. Senate committee has approved a bill that makes it illegal to broadcast Peeping-Tom images on the Internet, but it won't affect many U.S. residents. The Video Voyeurism Prevention Act, sponsored by Senators Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) and Charles Schumer (D-New York), covers such activity only in places where the U.S. has special territorial and maritime jurisdiction, such as military bases or ships in U.S. waters. The bill makes it a crime to capture an improper, naked, or near-naked image of a person who hasn't consented. On Thursday, Senator Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat, amended the bill in the Senate Judiciary Committee (news - web sites) to make the act of broadcasting such images over the Web or elsewhere also illegal. The committee approved both the bill and the amendment. The maximum penalty under the bill is a year in prison and fines. Duplicating States Many states already have similar laws, but the bill isn't intended to create a national law that overrides state laws, says a Judiciary Committee staffer. Instead, the bill extends protection against video voyeurism only to federally controlled lands and waters, and will not result in the FBI (news - web sites) tracking down Peeping Toms nationwide, the staffer says. Representative Michael Oxley, an Ohio Republican, introduced the original Video Voyeurism bill in June after a constituent raised concerns about the issue, says a spokesperson for Oxley. As of Friday, Oxley's staff hadn't taken a hard look at Leahy's amendment. "We're interested in anything that's going to move the bill along," the spokesperson says. Oxley's version of the bill hasn't had a hearing in the House yet. A spokesperson for DeWine says the amendment passed unanimously by voice vote. "The point of the law is to append Peeping Tom laws so they apply to current technologies, so it makes sense," she says of the amendment.

Trash that mail, bury that porn! What will they find when you die?
By Ryann Connell
Staff Writer
Kakeru Meiwaku was attending one of those long, boring, meaningless meetings that Japanese companies adore when he suddenly collapsed and died, aged just 29. After his funeral, Meiwaku's mother went to his apartment to clean it up and gather all his worldly possessions. "Hmm," she sighs, as she enters the apartment cluttered with all manner of mess. "He never was very good at keeping his place clean." Tears begin rolling down the middle-aged woman's face as she packs her son's belongings away. Then, stuffed between the pages of a magazine, she finds a business card belonging to a brothel worker. More work reveals a discount coupon for a bordello. Under the bed she finds a pile of dirty magazines and filthy manga featuring graphic depictions of sexual acts she never imagined were possible. "I can't believe my boy could ever look at things like this," Meiwaku's mother says as she collapses to the floor in a flood of tears brought on by a wicked combination of grief and shock. Meiwaku is only a fictional character, but sudden death has -- thanks to deadly stress-inducing factors such as unpaid overtime, lay-offs and pay cuts, as well as such fatalities as the Cameroonian soccer player who collapsed and died during a Confederations Cup game in France last month -- become a great fear among Japan's 20- and 30-somethings, according to Spa! (8/5). Just as frightening for those suddenly aware of their mortality is creating problems for loved one after they've gone. "I helped clean up the apartment of a friend who died suddenly and was amazed by the extent of pornography he'd collected," a 29-year-old ad man tells Spa! "His parents' face went a deathly pale when they saw what their son had been into." Rapid-fire technological advancements haven't helped, either. "It used to be that when you died, that was it. Finished. Kaput. But in this age of advanced information technology, there are so many reminders of your life that can be left over once you're dead. It's really frightening," says columnist Soichiro Ishihara. Indeed. The weekly interviewed 100 men and women in their 20s and 30s to find what they most feared being unearthed if they departed without notice. Men, in order, were scared that their adult videos, erotic stories and records of their surfing through hardcore Internet sites would be revealed. Women, meanwhile, trembled at the idea their diaries, e-mail or chaotic rooms would be unveiled. Experts say there are ways to avoid embarrassing the folks when you've entered the afterlife. "Just don't collect," S&M manga artist Gomez Yamada tells "Erotic novels should be made disposable so they can be thrown away after you've come. Adult videos and other dirty movies are dangerous, too. Instead of buying them, rent them from a video store and return the movie as soon as you've got yourself off. Don't bookmark erotic sites, but take the time to memorize where they are instead." Sage advice, for sure, but hardly realistic considering that sometimes a man just needs to have something there to get him to sleep at night. "Well, in that case, get something from every genre you can, from old women, to pedophilia to outletology, and outleter it all around your home. The stuff you really want, you hide in a place nobody would think of looking. Then, give a buddy the key to your home and instructions on what to clean up in the event of your unexpected passing," Yamada says. Getting somebody else to clean up after you've gone may not be as easy as it seems. "Bereaved relatives may see somebody entering the deceased's apartment as an invasion of privacy," lawyer Funon adulti Nagashima tells Spa! "It could lead to arrest for robbery or trespassing." Simple preparation while alive should suffice. "Anything that could be compromising should be placed in a sealed box, with a label directing that it be handed unopened to a friend in the event of your untimely demise," the legal eagle says. E-mail can also be a worry, particularly for those engaged in the Japanese cultural practice of an extramarital affair. "E-mail from a lover is decisive enough for a court to force her to pay compensation to a widow," Nagashima warns. It's not the easy situation to deal with. "All you can really do is delete the mail as soon as you've read it," saucy comic artist Yamada tells Spa! "But mobile phones also have address books, so there's really no end to how you have to get ready. It'd be great if the phone companies devised some method where information could be disposed of by remote.

'Upskirt photography' bill among 4 signed by Lingle
By Lynda Arakawa
Advertiser Capitol Bureau
A bill expanding the state's violation of privacy law to include so-called "upskirt photography" became law yesterday. Gov. Linda Lingle signed into law Senate Bill 1107, which makes it a crime to record or broadcast a person's "intimate area" underneath clothing in a public place without that person's consent. The bill, which was part of the city prosecutor's legislative wish list, was prompted by a case in which law officials said former Iolani School basketball coach Tyler Takehara, 49, positioned a camcorder in a bag and videotaped shots looking up women's skirts as they rode escalators at Ala Moana Center. Prosecutors said existing privacy laws only prohibited recording someone with a secret camera in private places, and didn't apply to Takehara's case. But the new law makes recording someone underneath their clothes without their consent in a public place a misdemeanor, which holds a maximum penalty of $2,000 fine and a year in jail. The law also allows the court to order that any recording in violation of the statute be destroyed. The bill was one of four that Lingle signed into law yesterday. Lingle signed Senate Bill 1306, which requires the Public Utilities Commission to establish intrastate telecommunications relay services for the deaf, hearing- impaired and speech-impaired. Lingle also signed Senate Bill 538 and Senate Bill 1255. Senate Bill 538 alters the definition of public lands to allow the Agribusiness Development Corp. to negotiate subleases with potential tenants instead of having to put the land through an auctioning process. Senate Bill 1255 allows the Department of Agriculture to enter into cooperative agreements relating to agricultural safety and security with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Posted on Sat, Jul. 05, 2003 Video voyeurs face few consequences
By Dan Reed and Roxanne Stites
Mercury News
Just about every time Lauri LaBeau was in her room, every time she undressed, every time she slept, someone was watching. But the housemate who is accused of planting hidden cameras in her bedroom faces no more than a year in jail. Seem like a light counter attack? Consider this: If a man on the street secretly pointed a camera up a woman's skirt and posted the images on an Internet fetish site, he probably couldn't be charged with a crime at all.
The technology of 21st century peeping has evolved faster than the law.
Miniaturized cameras are allowing video voyeurs to be far more invasive than the old-school boyish pranksters with mirrors on shoes, and the explosive growth of the Internet has created a lucrative market for their work. Yet the risks these voyeurs face are paltry. Had LaBeau's housemate secretly taped her conversa- tions instead of capturing her image, he could be charged with a felony and receive a much harsher sen- tence. That's outrageous, LaBeau said. "When I close my bedroom door, whatever I do, that is my sanctuary,'' she said. "Nobody is allowed to watch me when the door is closed and the blinds are closed.'' The law is even murkier when the unwitting model is in public. Three years ago, California lawmakers outlawed such surreptitious shots -- but only if the image identifies the target. No matter how repugnant digital voyeurism might be, "the Legislature is saying if you can't identify someone, there's no harm,'' said San Mateo County Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe. Moreover, if a voyeur takes under-the-clothes pictures in public -- say at an outdoor festival -- his actions may be constitutionally protected, at least one expert believes.
Few restrictions
That lapse in the law helps fuel voyeurism in cyberspace, experts say. The Internet is littered with Web sites dedicated to "upskirting'' and "downblousing,'' pictures taken up women's skirts or down their tops. A Google search for the word ``upskirt'' returns more than 3 million hits. Al Cooper, director of the San Jose Marital and Sexuality Centre, said his clinic treats a lot of voyeurs, some of them Silicon Valley engineers who design their own hidden recording gear. ``It just wasn't an option 10 years ago, not this kind of technology,'' he said. LaBeau, an account manager who doesn't vote and has never been part of a political cause, has teamed up with her sister, Cheryl Carter, to form a group called SUAVE, Standing United Against Video Exploitation. Since police arrested her roommate, Steve R. Alvarez, on March 8, they have been contacting state lawmakers trying to make electronic peeping a felony. They are also pushing for a bill that Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., introduced last year that would make ``video voyeurism'' a federal crime. State Sen. Dick Ackerman, R-Tustin, isn't sure LaBeau will have much luck toughening the law in the Golden State. Three years ago, he wrote an amendment to California's peeping Tom law forbidding hidden camera shots of an unconsenting person's undergarments when in public. He couldn't convince his colleagues -- ``fairly liberal Democrats,'' he said, ``who think nothing should be a crime'' -- to make it more than a misdemeanor.
Other states, however, have also been trying to criminalize it.
In Hawaii, the governor signed a bill in May outlawing "upskirt'' snapshots and video, after a legislative committee noted that "advancement in technology has provided opportunity for `video voyeurism' in public places.'' New York state last month strengthened its law against electronic peeping into places where people have an expectation of privacy, such as a bathroom or bedroom, similar to LaBeau's case. Such peeping is now a felony. But laws that forbid taking sexual photos in public places remain on shakier ground. In Washington state last year, the Supreme Court nullified an ``upskirt'' law, saying no one in public can have a true expectation of privacy. Lawrence Walters, a Florida attorney and First Amendment expert who represents cyber-porn sites, among others clients, thinks most such laws may be unconstitutional. "It's pretty well recognized that you have a reasonable expectation of privacy in your house, or hotel room,'' he said. "But the courts have not been inclined to extend that to outdoor areas.'' It is not a crime to look up someone's skirt or leer down her blouse, he said. So "why would it be a crime to take a picture when it's not a crime to look?''
Question of harm
Despite LaBeau's complaint that eavesdropping is counter attacked more severely than video voyeurism, there's a good reason it is, Walters said. ``The state interest in protecting confidential information is pretty well established,'' he said. "What kind of information is being concealed underneath a woman's skirt?'' While LaBeau's case will be prosecuted under standard protections against peeping Toms, a Redwood City man accused last month of videotaping up women's skirts at a Palo Alto car show faces an uncertain legal fate. James Rochelle Rich, 56, is accused of rigging a walnut-sized camera in his shoelaces, with wires carrying the images inside his pant leg to a digital video camera in his hand. Police say they found under-the-skirt pictures of many women in his camera. But if the women aren't "identifiable,'' as the statute says, Rich might be able to escape prosecution. How is the district attorney supposed to find the victim? Jay Boyarsky, supervising deputy district attorney in Palo Alto, said no decision has been made on any charges against Rich, who is due in court in August.

Mystery surrounds life of suicidal pervert
The motives behind the suicide of the man who gassed himself while confining four schoolgirls in a Tokyo condominium and the way he financed his extravagant life are still shrouded in mystery, investigators said. Kotaro Yoshisato, 29, was found dead when police stormed a condominium in the Akasaka district of Tokyo and rescued four sixth-grade elementary school girls he had confined there Thursday. Yoshisato's registered address is at the home of a relative in Yokohama. However, Yoshisato, a native of Okinawa Prefecture, rented an apartment in Kuki, Saitama Prefecture, in 1995 in the name of his father living in Naha. At the time, he told a real estate agency that manages the apartment complex that he was a fourth-year university student. He also rented a nearby parking lot for a Ferrari he was driving. Over a one-month period from early June this year, he occupied a suite room of a 40-story hotel in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, for 100,000 yen per night. He met with at least one of the four victims in the hotel room. Yoshisato apparently employed high school girls as "scouts" to recruit elementary school girls and met the younger girls at the hotel room that he used for "job interviews." He moved to the Akasaka short-stay condominium on July 11. When he checked out of the hotel, he paid the more than 3 million yen bill in cash. The condominium was rented in another man's name, however Yoshisato paid 97,000 yen in weekly rent and 25,000 yen in surety money. Yoshisato may have earned a large amount of money from his underground business of introducing young girls to customers. He is suspected of using high school girls to scout for elementary school girls to do "part-time work" and forcing them to meet with his regular customers. Investigators have took a list of these regular customers found in the condominium. In September 2001, leaflets of a mail-order service for pornographic videotapes, photos of young girls wearing only underwear and a handwritten list of his 40 to 50 customers were found abandoned at a garbage-collection site of the Kuki apartment complex. Yoshisato had prepared the two cooking stoves and coal he used to poison himself, leading investigators to believe he had intended to commit suicide even before confining the girls. He made a tent from plastic sheets in the dining room of the short-stay condominium and burned the coal in the stove and died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Noting that the tent was airtight, investigators said Yoshisato intended to prevent carbon monoxide generated from the stoves from killing or sickening the girls he was confining. An autopsy on Yoshisato's body has proven that he died Wednesday night or later. News media began Wednesday to report the disappearance of the four girls and police noted that there was a TV set in the room. No suicide note was found in the condominium. Police also noted that two relatives of Yoshisato's had committed suicide.
(Mainichi Shimbun, Japan)

Accused gropers' savior caught filming up skirt
A leading member of a group fighting to clear men falsely accused of groping women has been arrested for allegedly filming up a female commuter's skirt on a Tokyo subway train, it was learned Wednesday. Mitsuru Nagasaki, representative of the Chikan Enzai Higaisha (Victims of False Groping Accusations) Network has denied the allegation. "I was drunk at the time. I have no recollection of performing the alleged action," the 46-year-old printer was quoted by police as saying. Police said Nagasaki was traveling on the Toei Oedo Line train at about 11 p.m. on July 10 when he used his camera-equipped mobile phone to film up the skirt of a woman sitting opposite to him. A male commuter sitting next to Nagasaki saw what happened and grabbed him. Nagasaki was arrested at the Toshimaen Station but he reportedly deleted the photo and smashed his mobile phone just before he was handed over to police. Nagasaki, of Tokyo's Nerima-ku, was originally arrested in 1997 for groping a woman on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line train. Insisting his innocence, he went all the way to the Supreme Court in an attempt to clear his name, but Japan's highest court found him guilty last September and he was fined 50,000 yen. He has become a leading member of the Chikan Enzai Higaisha Network and was distributing leaflets on July 10 to raise the public's awareness about the plight of men falsely accused as molesters before he was arrested on the Oedo Line train. Nagasaki and other members of the network visited the UN Commission on Human Rights in Geneva several times to complain about the Japanese justice system, which they argue supports a "witch-hunt" of accused gropers.
(Mainichi Shimbun, Japan)
This guy was caught redhanded and he still denies the charges, hey my kinda guy

A Love Letter To my Sister Marlee
My name is Christopher Michael Lehman and I am a registered sex offender and known pervert. My downhill trend all started when I committed sin with my younger sister.
Hello I'm Chris and I would like to tell you the story of how I grew to have fuck feelings for my younger sister. This is how my story began, for I grew up in rather comfortable environment, and my family was catholic. We lived in an upper middle class setting in Charlotte, North Carolina. My father was a captain(pilot) with Eastern Airlines in the sixties, and my mother was a homemaker who chaired fundraising events and community functions. I had three sisters two older and one younger. My family was stable and very happy according to mom and dad. Even though dad was on away on trips often the family was close and tight knit. My sister Sandy was an older college student attending Vanderbilt University on scholarship, and my other sister Madeline was studying at Oxford University in England and that made mom and dad proud. Everytime, dad spoke of Madeline, you could see the genuine happiness he displayed since Maddy had accomplished so many successful things in her life. There she was twenty-two years old and attending a prestigious university on full scholarship, for that's enough to make anyone proud. Then you had me a somewhat lame failure when it came to school, and my younger sister Marlee, We were the only two siblings left at home. I kinda accepted the fact that Marlee was mom and dad's favorite daughter, since she was the youngest. Marlee, was seventeen and I was nineteen, and she was a total knockout. Marlee, had an athletic build, and ran cross country track, and was courted by many universities for track and soccer scholarships. She excelled in school too by being a straight A student. Then there is me a dork of sorts who did not excel in anything other than deviant activities, for I spent most of my time in my room reading comics and playboy magazines. I masturbated a lot , and I was afraid to ask any girl for a date, since I was a nineteen year old virgin. Since my mind set was totally deviant in nature, I began to role play about me and my sister Marlee being lovers. I remember when we were non adults, I was nine and Marlee was seven, I would get her to play hide and seek and the game was if I found her I could take her pants down and look at her vagina. That worked to perfection because there was no place she could hide in the house without me finding her. The game graduated from looking at her to actually to touching her vagina to finally me orally copulating her vagina. Full penetration sex never happened, yet I came close a few times, and I always told her to keep our game a secret from mom and dad because they would get mad with us, then I offered her candy also. Now, Marlee is a seventeen year old knockout with many jocks calling our residence asking for dates. I get so fucking jealous, when they call because I had a physical attraction to Marlee. A perverted attraction in that I would hide sometimes to catch a glimpse of her changing in her room. Our rooms were next door to each other, and when Marlee was at school, I would go into her room which was a total mess. Marlee, did well in every area except for cleaning her room. Mom used to beg her to clean up, but she chose to keep a messy room. That was perfect for me because Marlee would pull off her dirty panties and leave them on the floor. Panties was strewn about all over the floor in her room. I would get a hard on after I sniffed Marlee's dirty soiled underwear, and I would take them to my room and masturbate my penis into a sore state. This was a deviance that I was totally addicted to. I could not stop, for I found myself going into Marlee's room on a daily basis spewing jizz in her underwear. Marlee, wore sexy laced panties and I found a black pair one day with an adequate amount of vaginal pubic hairs stuck in the crotch. Click slam, the front door to our house has closed and Marlee is coming upstairs to her room, and I race to get back to mine for I stuff the laced underwear in my shorts(crotch) and sneak back to my room. As I am wiping the sweat from my face, Marlee is knocking on my door, and I am nervous that she caught me leaving her room. I am scared pussy waterless to open the door, yet I give in and let her into my room. Her laced underwear is still in my crotch, because I did not get a chance to pull them out. What a rush, for there I am with my sexy sister's panties and she standing talking to me. Marlee, just wanted to find out whether I was interested in meeting a few of her female friends at the local tavern tonight. Supposedly, a guy friend of Marlee's was in a local grunge band, and they wanted to see him play. I said no thanks because, I wanted to be home alone since dad was on a trip flying and mom was visiting friends out of town. This was perfect, for I could walk around the house nude and jack off into Marlee's underwear. I role played this undie masturbation to perfection. Marlee, arrived back home at two o clock AM, and was totally drunk, wasted to the point that one of her girlfriend's brought her to the front door and rang the doorbell. Marlee, left her keys somewhere and they could not get in. I opened the door to witness my sister in a really drunk state. When Marlee's friend handed her over to me to carry my dick got rock hard and I did not know what to think at this point, other than carry her up to her room. By the time I got Marlee to her bed she was totally unconscious, with a pair of tight blue jeans and a top. I pulled off her boots, all the while my dick is throbbing in pinned. She lightly mumbled something, but went back into unconsciousness immediately. I carefully unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down a little, but they were very tight. All I could see is a little of the white laced thong she was wearing. I boldly exerted some pressure and pulled the blue jeans off to a full view white thong. I was sexually intense, but I felt that having sex with Marlee was not the right thing to do. The deviant mentality pushed me over the edge, and I started doing foreplay while Marlee was unconscious. Her perfume scented body drove me into a sexual insanity. I licked her shaved pussy very lightly as she echoed a faint moaning sound and I licked her tits until they grew rock hard as if she was awake and enjoying the foreplay. This is the moment I dreamed, for this is a payoff for all those lonely days and nights I jacked off into Marlee's panties. Tonight Marlee belonged to me and without any reservations, I took out my penis and inserted it into Marlee's warm pussy and she made a faint grunt as I thrust in and out. Her pussy massaged my rod to a stimulating treatment, and this felt so goooood. I pulled out my penis and tried to insert it into Marlee's ass hole but her sweet looking little hole was too tight. I then reinserted into her pussy and stroked until I reached a tidal wave orgasm, then I saw flash of light on Marlee's body. Marlee never moved or woke up during this ordeal, and I left quite a bit of cum around her pussy. I went to the room, and the guilt set in, because what I had did was wrong. I went back to her room crying because I knew nothing could ever materialize from this and cleaned her pussy free of jizz with warm water. From this point on, I was in love with my sister and I did not know what to do. Marlee, did not say or mention anything about that night other that she did not remember anything after she left the bar. I had sweet love thoughts about marrying my sister, without her even knowing what had happened. I was so embarrassed and depressed, that I avoided Marlee at any cost while I was at home, then I started to write anonymous letters. I am deeply in love with you, and I hope one day you will share the same genuine feelings for me. I cannot express how much you mean to me because I dream and stimulate to you daily, and not a minute goes by without the thought of you. I must keep this anonymous because you would not understand the circumstances, yet I channel this love letter to you from the goodness of my heart. Years later Marlee is halfway through college and engaged to a college sweetheart. I drift from place to place never coming close to having a normal existence because of my phobia with women, and because I still love my sister Marlee. I am convicted of forcible non agree sex and molestation, and I am off to prison to think about my inadequacies. Am I still in love with Marlee? The answer is Yes.

Suit seeks $450,000 for camera in restroom
DOWNSTATE -- Tiara Temple of Belzoni, Miss., was driving to the Chicago suburbs to visit relatives when she stopped at a gas station in Downstate Paxton and got the shock of her life, a federal lawsuit alleged Monday. In the restroom, Temple suddenly noticed a red light glowing from a toilet plunger, according to her attorney, E. Garnet Fay of Chicago. It turned out to be a hidden camera, and Temple immediately went to local police, Fay said. Ford County State's Atty. Tony Lee said authorities recovered more than 20 videotapes. Station owner Richard Dobkins pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of unauthorized videotaping and was sentenced in December to 2 years' probation, 40 hours of public service and counseling and was fined $1,000. Temple's lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Chicago, seeks $450,000 for her going down "emotional anguish, sleeplessness and fear for her well-being."
Copyright 2003, Chicago Tribune

Telephone cameras
By YURI KAGEYAMA, AP Business Writer
TOKYO - It may have been inevitable. Now that cell phones with little digital cameras have spread throughout Asia, so have new brands of misbehavior. Some people are secretly taking photos up women's skirts and down into bathroom stalls. Others are avoiding buying books and magazines by snapping free shots of desired pages. "The problem with a new technology is that society has yet to come up with a common understanding about appropriate behavior," said Mizuko Ito, an expert on mobile phone culture at Keio University in Tokyo. "No matter what the technology, there'll always be people who don't mind their manners." While camera phones have been broadly available for only a few months in the United States, more than 25 million of the devices are out on the streets of Japan, which leads the world in fancy mobile phones. In nearby South Korea (news - web sites), where more than 3 million cell phones equipped with cameras are believed to be in circulation, Samsung Electronics is banning their use in its semiconductor and research facilities, hoping to stave off industrial espionage. Samsung, a leading maker of cell phones, is taking a low-tech approach requiring employees and visitors to stick tape over the handset's camera lens. "Digital shoplifting" is another concern. Japan's magazine publishers association is mailing out 34,000 posters to bookstores asking patrons not to use camera phone to shoot pages from periodicals in lieu of buying them. Simply taking pictures of magazines on store shelves generally does not constitute copyright violation under Japanese law if it's only for individual consumption and not distributed to others. But bookstores say it is devastating sales. "Times are tough already. And this kind of problem has to come falling from the sky," says Makoto Niikura, owner of the Yakumodo book store in Tokyo, which has put up a poster that says: "Magazine lovers watch their manners." Minako Yama Pussy Water, a 32-year-old housewife who uses her cell phone to take pictures of her non adults, said she has witnessed people sneaking photos in bookstores and acknowledged a temptation to do it herself. "I can understand," she said. "But I'd never do it." A camera phone starts from virtually free for those rendering blurry photos to $300 models that offer digital-camera-quality images, albeit at tiny sizes. It's still impossible to read an entire magazine page in a picture shot from a phone, even if the image is relayed to a personal computer. But photographing a restaurant address, information about job openings, a recipe or pop star's photo are well within the technology's range. No government in Asia has yet tried to regulate camera phones. And South Korean manufacturers have already written the government opposing any possible regulation as a blow to sales, according to LG Electronics, a member of the industry group that wrote the letter. Most people use the camera-phones for harmless things like jazzing up e-mail with snapshots. But perverse uses are cropping up. Around Asia, fears are rising about photos being surreptitiously taken in swimming pools and locker rooms. Cell phones have already been declared off-limits by Japanese public bath houses. Japanese police say they have apprehended people using camera phones to take photos up the skirts of unsuspecting women in crowded trains and stores. One culprit was fined $4,200. In China, a teen-ager was non agree sexed by a man who photographed her nude with a camera-phone and threatened to disseminate the pictures, police said. One woman was sued for allegedly taking camera-phone pictures of another woman while she was in the bathroom and transmitting them to acquaintances. Japan's camera phones are designed to set off an electronic ring when the shutter is pressed, warning everyone nearby that a photograph is being taken. But the alarm can be muffled by placing a hand or piece of cloth over the speakers, police say. Then again, camera phones can enhance the safety of people in trouble. In Yokohama, Japan, an 18-year-old female store clerk used her camera phone to take a photo of a 38-year-old man who was fondling her on a commuter train. She called police during the train ride and presented her phone shots as evidence. The man was arrested at the next stop. Daisuke Okabe, professor of education and human sciences at Yokohama National University, says rules about mobile phones ideally should be created by the users themselves, rather than made upon them by force. "Mobile technology can change social behavior, and social behavior leads to new mobile technology," he said. "It's a two-way street."

One Voyeur's Lifelong Dilemma
This is a story of a peeping tom who sought professional counseling for his addiction to peeping and other perversions.
Part 1
My name is Harland Elkins and I am a single middle age man who developed an urge to peep into windows. My sexual urges started very early in my life, so I feel that it is only right to explain to you how my downward aspirating trend began. I grew up in a single home family, since my dad abandoned my mom at the very ripe age of seventeen years of age. My mother became pregnant at sixteen and my father who was nineteen at the time decided that he did not want the responsibility of taking care of me and my mother. At the time of my birth, my grandmother decided to move the family to Daytona, Florida. Then the sixties it was a little easier for my mother to seek work and get a job to support us, and my grandmother was very cooperative in looking after me while my mom worked a full time job during the day and part time at night three nights a week in a book store. My mom was nineteen at the time and a very stunning and attractive young woman, so opportunities began to calmly open for her, and she landed a job at a local bank as an executive officer of finance. Great job at that time yes, and she wore very sexy short skirted suits to work. My mom lived with me and grandmother until she decided to move into a small apt near downtown. I guess she realized that personal freedom was her total independence, and she moved away from me with my grandmother. As I was growing up, I saw my mom about twice a week, so I began to develop a systematic relationship with my grandmother as my mother. That's the way I saw it, and I kinda viewed my mother as a sister of sorts. I called grandmom mother and my mother by her first name. Also, I was just outright attracted to mom in many ways because she had a great body and beautiful legs to and she dressed to entice, since she was in her early twenties. Back then the attraction was an innocent one, but I never really developed a formal relationship with mom, but life carried on until mom ran into some difficulties with alcohol and finances, so she moved back in with me and grandmom. Grandma was a deeply religious lady who held all family members to the highest moral standards, and her and mom clashed often about my mom's bad habits from drinking to smoking and of course chancy attire. After further disagreement ensued my mother moved out again and decided to take me with her, but after numerous legal wrangling my grandmother regained full custody of me. All the many years me and mom was apart I did know what to think, yet after quite some time my grandmother became ill and passed of heart failure. I finally ended up with my mom who I always called by her first name Jane, and she worked while I went to school by day and at night especially on weekends she would go partying with friends and come home in the wee hours of the mornings. I was ten years old at the time and she would leave me in the apartment, and tell me not to open the door for anyone. At first I was very scared, but then I watched the cartoons and played with my coloring books. One time a guy my mom was dating forgot and left a porn magazine in the apt and I found it and after many viewing I had my first wet dream. Then a few weeks later I stumbled onto my mom undressing near her closet and go into the bathroom totally naked, to get ready for a party. WHAT A FUCKING RUSH AND HARDON I GOT. I am sure this sounds kinda sick, but I developed a sexual appetite for my mom from this time on. When she would leave me home during the weekends I played these deviant games with myself until she got home in, then I placed myself out of sight to watch her undress again and again and again. Eventually, mom moved us to a medium sized city in the Midwest and we settled only to find that she experienced many difficulties finding a decent job. This led to heavier drinking which turned for the worse as time progressed. She would drink until she sometimes passed out, yet she still took good care of herself, and she still looked great. Remember she was only twenty eight and sexier than ever. The apt we lived in was very voyeur friendly for me to peep on her especially in her bedroom. This is were my deviant activities grew stronger and worse and more sick. Since I was a scary shy little non adult who was deftly afraid of girls, I had no one to play out these deviant roles except my mom. I had a part time job after school to keep me busy, yet when I was home all I wanted to do was see mom in a naked state where I could go back to my room and jack off. Those times were special to me because I felt me and mom could share closeness once and for all. The urge got stronger and stronger and I graduated from one deviancy with thoughts of my mother deeply evolved in my mind. I wanted her for myself and me only, because I felt no other man could love her as much as I did. I toiled stressfully with the idea of asking my mom to have intercourse, BUT.............. well I could never bring myself to do it. Time progressed and years passed, but I never relinquished the deviant activities or feelings for my mother. All the while her drinking became an harsh addiction to her unhappiness with certain issues in her life. As her addiction with alcohol progressed for the worse so did my sexual deviant dysfunction. Then one night my mom came home from a gathering very drunk, and I struck up conversation and asked her could I rub and massage her back she had on jeans and a blouse and I took off the top then proceeded to massage her beautiful white cream skinned body and her skin was soooooo smooth because she oiled and lotion her body everyday. The sweet smell of perfume evolved from her body and my blood pressure and libido elevated to dangerous levels and I had a hard on that would not wait too. As I was giving her the massage she passed completely out, and this is where my sexual bastardtry took over, for I removed her jeans down to the G-string. I kept rubbing while my penis was throbbing wildly in my shorts, and my feeling of nervousness as my heart raced uncontrollably pounding like a sledge hammer. I asked mom a question to test the waters to make sure the coast was clear. I shook her like I was asking her something to make sure everything was definitely okay. I then pulled off the G- string and proceeded to play with her vagina and rub my hard penis on her firm gelatin buttocks all the while she is knocked out from the drunken spell. I rubbed everywhere on her body to satisfy my selfish and perverted sex ridden urges, yet I still could not bring myself to intercourse just yet. I was still too nervous, so I put her jeans back on and returned to my room and jacked off into submission.

One Voyeur's Lifelong Dilemma
This is a story of a peeping tom who sought professional counseling for his addiction to peeping and other perversions.
Part 2
My name is Harland Elkins and this is the second part of my story. This is the morning after, for the night earlier I was a hair pin shy of having full blown sexual intercourse with my birth mother. The guilt of this treacherous act rang out throughout my body and senses. My good conscious usually always gave me a hard time after each sinful event with my mother. My good instincts tended to always forgive my bad sexually selfish instincts, and I would always promise myself to extinguish any future sexual attraction and urges for my mother. The only problem was that when opportunity presented itself again, I acted on that impulse. I wanted my mother because I did not want to share her with anyone, and I thought that no one could love her as much as I could. Secondly, after she endured a couple of failed marriages, I watched the mental anguish she fought so vigorously against. Third, I would never leave her like those other men did, especially if we consummated a healthy relationship sexually. This was the justification, I used to ease my guilt of the activity I participated in. It's been about a week since I gave mom that erotic massage, and the urge is advancing itself towards me again. As I stated in the first part , I did not have a girlfriend, because I was shy and afraid to talk to girls. Having mom near was a convenient source to satisfy my sexual sauces. The weekends tended to be the best time, yet there were a few barriers in the way. My mother had a boyfriend who came around occasionally, and on the weekends she would cook dinner for, him, me and my stepsister who also lived with us. The boyfriend would eat dinner and stay till about bedtime, which was about eight PM for my stepsister. See my stepsister was six years old and she shared a room with mom and I had my own room in a two bedroom family home. Besides, the boyfriend was married and cheating on his wife with the time he spent with my mom. I did not like him at all, but I put up with him because he somewhat made my mother happy. My stepsister was very young and I had to sneak into their room on many nights, because they both slept in the same bed. I familiarized my sister with the fact that I would give mom a backrub after a long day at work. I would tell her brother give mommy a back rub because mommy back feels bad. After that I mustered up the nerve to go into their room and massage my mom after they fell asleep. This usually happened on the weekends, but sometime during the week. Their bed was very large so, my mother would place my sister on the opposite side of the bed against the wall and my mother slept on the edge near the coffee table. This made the self erotic massages I performed on mom easier. Also, mom would sleep in a thong except during the time of the month. The first time I fully stripped mom down, and massaged her while she was drunk and unconscious I performed a digitally simulated act of rubbing my penis up and down her firmly built vanilla buttocks. My blood pressure shot sky high thinking that either her boyfriend or the nanny keeping my sister would interrupt my pre orgasmic situation. To add to that I still was very afraid that mom would find out if I fully inserted myself inside her love canal, for I just could not carry it out. I always went back to my room and jacked off to some very sensational orgasms. This night a Friday night mom drank a little too much red wine, maybe because the boyfriend promised to show up for dinner and he canceled for some unexplained reason. My stepsister was staying at my grandparents house for the weekend, and that left me and my mom, and my sexually motivated urges started to rise. My mother was wearing a sizzling pair of shorts because it was hot this summer. I asked her could I give her a relaxing massage, since she complained of tightness in the neck area. We proceeded to her room, and she allowed me to administer a massage. I could visually see that she was intoxicated, so I massaged her until she completely passed out rubbing my hands under her blouse as she lay motionless on her stomach. I never took proceed to her buttocks area until I knew the coast was clear. As I rubbed her smooth skinned back area, she made a very slight moan uhhh, uhhh uhhh umm Once the moaning stopped I knew mom had fell into a deep sleep, and I casually and gracefully removed her blouse since it was a button up from the back. Then I took off her bra, and rubbed her beautiful back some more. I was right where I wanted to be that is, in full control of my sexual destiny with a woman and it felt good. I then shook mom to be extra careful the coast was clear before I took off the shorts because I did not want her to wake up in the current circumstances. As I removed the shorts I felt my throbbing penis in my shorts, and my heart rate raced like crazy, I was so nervous, I could barely turn her body over to unzip the shorts. My hands shook, as I slipped down the zipper, and I removed the shorts to a pair of white laced panties. My penis was so hard it began to feel pinned and I almost exploded sexually. I gently slipped off the panties, and I carefully waltzed and caressed her smooth body with body lotion and I felt many small orgasmic sensations throughout my body. I toyed with her hairy vagina gently without any worry of interruption. Then, I took off everything I was wearing, and embraced my hardened cock throbbing and all and placed it carefully in between her buttocks. I rubbed my penis around mom's anus all the while she was still unconscious on her stomach. I placed my penis at the opening of her vagina, yet I still feared full insertion. I then turned her over onto her back, carefully and kind of nervously, because I thought she could come to. Nothing happened, so I proceeded to rub my still hardened penis across her tits, nipples, and areola. Then I put my penis on her chin and rubbed it in a windshield wiper manner. NOW! I could not hold out any longer and that's when I exploded blissfully with a huge orgasm, and I quickly pulled and aimed my cum spewing penis at her chest instead of face area. Mom's chest was covered with sperm especially on her tits. Sperm was all over my mother's chest and I had to do something quick. Scared after such a fantastic sensation, I rushed to the bathroom and retrieved a warm wet rag and gently washed my cum off her gleaming body all the while she lay motionless The timing was right, the coast was crystal clear, BUT and the but is what kept me from having full blown intercourse at this point. The first massage towards intercourse was a rush because of fearing the unexpected, and this one was favorable for me but I still was very afraid. Having a full ejaculation onto my mother's body was great, yet this lays the foundation for that upcoming night that I went the distance. The next meeting with mom will prove to be the decisive point to intercourse.

One Voyeur's Lifelong Dilemma
This is a story of a peeping tom who sought professional counseling for his addiction to peeping and other perversions.
Part 3
This is a story of a peeping tom who sought professional counseling for his addiction to peeping and other perversions. My name is Harland Elkins and this is the third part of my story. Another very disturbing morning, I arose after the night before reaching close to the threshold of sexual intercourse with my mother. I am so guilty, for what I did, and this time I promised myself not to give mom any more massages, and I did everything I could to stay busy and away from home. I asked my boss for more hours at work because I worked at the grocery store part time while I finished high school. During my tenure working extra hours things seem to go well, for I did not have many erotic dreams about mom as I did in the past, because I would only see her maybe three times a week now since I worked until eleven and twelve o clock midnight. Also, a new sexual deviancy entered my life at this time, and this is where full scale voyeurism came into my life , so that kept my mind off my mother for awhile. I discovered during my shift one day with the help of another clerk who brought this to my attention, that the adjoining bathrooms male and female in the back of the store had an asbestos tiled ceiling and the one over the men's stand up potties had been removed for some apparent reason. This clerk directed me to the men's room and asked me to climb onto the men's wall potties while he looked out. When I climbed up top, you could look down into two women's stalls at one time but no one was in the ladies room at that time. I was hooked immediately, after my fellow clerk had told me that he had seen every female clerk in the store use the restroom at one time or another. My peeping tom trait was born from this and for the next year or so, I ran a gamut of peeping into the ladies side because no one noticed the roof or fixed the problem. The majority of the time I took a chance and did this without a lookout outside because anyone could open the door and catch me if they used the mensroom, and I came close to getting caught by the store manager once. This was fantastic for me, because as shy as I was I could watch these subjects without notice, and that would keep my mind occupied away from my mother. The one thing that I had a crutch about was talking to subjects even casual, so I had the luxury to follow them to the back and watch them do their personal business without uttering a word to them and this held steady for store customers too. Everything was great up until I would witness these subjects in the act, and I would start having these overwhelming erotic dreams about them, and I had to release my sexual overflow and having my mother at home late at night when I got home was a convenience. The sexual deviant feelings from watching strangers in the toilet simply overwhelmed me to a point that I was back to where I giving my mother more massages late at night. I felt a strong urge to get home and massage and spend time close to my mother while she slept. My mind was so distorted and selfish to think that I could use my mother as a sex toy to relieve my never developed social and sexual skills, but the only thing I thought about at the time was me and my physical redemption., yet I stated in my earlier stories that I had a few barriers such as my step sister and my mother's boyfriend. When I would arrive home late at night, my mother and sister would be sound asleep, yet mom always left her room door open which was a natural thing around our home. I would be so horny when I arrived home sometimes, I could not resist the urge to peek into mom's room. What a sexy sight, because my mother only slept in underwear and a bra, and sometimes G strings. My mother's drinking had gotten gradually worse because of the complications with her life and the drinking now spilled into the week, instead of the weekend in the past. I learned the pattern quick, to give me a green light to go into the room and start the massage. The green light was to listen for a light snore, and since she slept on the side of the bed one could approach, for that made it easy for me to sneak in and start. The massages I gave my mother while she slept only gave me more confidence to take another step and do bolder things, such as turning and manipulating her body to remove all worn contents. And, this is all while my smaller sibling was sleeping on the other side of the bed. My mother would be so intoxicated sometimes that she had no idea what was happening. Since my sister slept on the other side of the bed, I would give mom the self erotic massages while I was standing at the side of the bed. I would carefully turn mom over onto her stomach and gently and nervously remove the underwear. I decided that removing the bra was a little too dangerous even though I did it a few times, I worked around the bra. No fumbling just smooth precision in removing these garments. Also, I would position her weightless body at the very edge, so that I could get very close while giving the massage. When I started massaging her gorgeous and beautifully skinned body, I would be so wound up sexually my penis would start throbbing and feeling pinned, but each stroke of gentle rubbing of her sensuous and sexy body contracted a light pinnedful and pleasurable feeling. I began to take out my penis and rub it up and down mom's smooth legs and in and around the buttocks area. The small pleasurable sensations was enormous for me in that, I would retrieve to my room and after only a few strokes of masturbating, I emitted gigantic orgasms a few times. This was a drug and I needed counseling but, I could not stop until I went the distance. I had watched sex scenes on TV, but had never participated in one with a female, and I was beyond patience to experience this. I stressed and toiled with the idea of asking mom at one point to show me how to have sex, but my mother looked negatively upon explaining sex education to me. I was scared to death to ask her anything about how different genders commence together. So the massages went on and on and I took more chances to see how far I could get. One weekend my sibling went to my grandparents to stay a few days, and I arrived home from work about eleven-thirty. I was thinking about my mother on the drive home, trying to convince myself to stay out of her room that night. I noticed when I turned into our driveway, that my mom's boyfriend's car was parked and he was in the house. Geez, this is late for him, because he usually would stay until eight and leave because he was married and had to be home. I thought his wife must be out of town, for that's the only way he could stay that late. My mothers door was closed and locked, and they was in the room sleep, I guess. A bottle of Bacardi was half empty at the living room bar and the jealousy and territorial mentally took me over at that point. First, I did not like the boyfriend, because I felt that he was using my mother as a second lover, and he only dropped by when he wanted a tune up. Second, me and him rarely talked, so I viewed him as an outsider never accepting him. I was so upset about him staying until, I waited up, and he eventually took off at about one thirty in the morning, to my surprise and I wanted to see if I could talk to mom. When the boyfriend departed, I peeked into my mom's room to see if she was awake. The TV was on and there was mom in a deep sleep with a white slip lying alone in bed. She looked so natural and innocent in that dead looking state, for I was stressed, upset, and sexually turned on at the same time. I went and retrieved the body oil, a warm towel, and this time a condom even though, I was still very afraid to try intercourse. I was visibly nervous, but no distractions posed a threat, for it was me and mom and we could spend time together and that's the distorted perverted mentality I had at the time. I gently felt up mom's slip, and noticed that there was no underwear was under the slip, for mom was positioned on her stomach again, so I removed the slip and she was totally nude. My mother was middle aged, but touted a playboy model body in that she was petite and curved in all the right places. I got into the bed and onto her hind legs and began a gentle and sensual massage rubbing short and light strokes. While the candle burned in the room I became so sexually tensed, while watching mom's tanned and toned vanilla covered skin gleam off the candlelight. I carefully took out my penis again and rubbed it carefully in circles around the buttocks and anal area. I was on the tip of blowing a load, so I stopped and started again. I massaged in sexual foreplay as if I were an expert, then I rubbed my penis in and around the vaginal area. Now, I reached the inevitable and a pinnacle for I unpacked the condom and inserted it on, then I flipped my mother into a fetal position on her back and carefully, and deviant and defiant committed full blown sin without my mother's consent. I fully inserted my penis inside her vagina in full penetration, while being scared and nervous about being exposed and the outcome, for I waltzed inside as if I was a virtuoso of classical movements and I reached a climatic cataclysmic orgasm, and my whole body trembled and contracted while still inside. After this event is over, a large cloud of guilt transposes over me and I clean mom up and return to my room feeling depressed and confused. My honest conscience plays a factor here , and I must seek help quickly.

One Voyeur's Lifelong Dilemma
This is a story of a peeping tom who sought professional counseling for his addiction to peeping and other perversions. This is an event in Harland's life who is an admitted sinned voyeur and sexual saddest.
Part 4
My name is Harland Elkins and this is the Fourth part of my story. The climax arose in my body sending my body into small trembling and shivering convulsions, since I ejaculated for the first time in my life inside a female love canal. Since I was a total virgin, there should have been a feeling of happiness, euphoria, and relief, but I felt none of those feelings. Instead, I just had full blown sexual intercourse with my drunken unconscious mother and I felt horrible, for a since of guilty agony took over my consciousness. My feelings especially the next day harbored a grief of shame, depression, and stress. My mind kept telling my soul that I had committed an heinous act of treachery and manipulation. There I was, having sex with my mom thrusting toward what I thought was a pureness that could bond me and my mother forever. The thought and motivation for shear physical pleasure, overwhelmed my sensible psyche to know that what I did was wrong and mischievous. After the fact, I could not even look my mother in the eye for the next few days which should have tipped her off to something, but she never showed any signs of suspicion about that night ongoing. The most alarming fact of the matter is that I had a serious problem, yet I was too afraid to ask someone for help then. The guilt only lasted a few days at most, and I was again having erotic dreams about my mother, and the force was getting stronger and stronger. Each time earlier before I went the distance with mom, fear and nervousness took over and kept me from breaching that level of sexual arousal. I kept speaking to my inner spirit after intercourse, that I wished I had kept on doing the massages and then masturbating to pleasure instead of the guilty deceitful pleasure I evolved into by having full copulation with mom. The thin line was broken, and I breached a sex act and got away with it, and now the next few times became easy. A week went by, and the erotic dreams became evident again and my planning in wait started to unfold. From the first time, I slowly slid my penis inside my mother's warm and wet orifice, I inserted a condom onto my penis, for fear of my jizz spilling into her vagina. The continuation of using a condom, gave me a false since of safety and security when I slept with my mother. It's a Friday night a week later, and I was very horny from looking into the woman's bathroom stall at a girl at work. During my drive home from work, I started to think about my mother, so I stopped at a gas station and purchased a few condoms inside the male restroom. There was a condom machine on the wall, so this is where I got my condoms, since I was too afraid and embarrassed to buy any inside a store. I had a feeling again that the opportunity might be possible since mom drank a little heavier going into the weekend. My calculation was right, and when I got home my mother was sleeping heavily with the smell of alcohol floating throughout her room. I carefully peeked into her room to find that my non adult sister was staying with the grandparents again on the weekend. My mother was lying on the bed with a beige linen sundress, with her left leg protruding off the bed as if she barely made it to the bed with some struggle. The room was dark with the TV presenting the only light and she looked so sensual and erotic in that position, for I immediately gained a full erection with one glance. I took my time and sat there and admired such a beautiful woman and sexual being and also my mother. I placed very little effort to fight the strong urge, and return to my room for bed. After all, I did not want to feel that guilty senseless feeling again the next day, but my deviant being overtook me and I started to rub my fingers up and down mom's back to test the waters or to see if she was fully unconscious. My erection began to cause a pinnedful throb. I removed the sundress only to find nothing. I had just removed the only contents to cause full nudity, and I turned mom over onto her side in a three o clock position with her buttocks facing me in a fetal position. I fingered the sweet smelling vagina, and again slowly inserted my hard throbbing penis inside the warm crevice for what I thought was a sweet eternity. The slow pelvic thrusts caused a white mucous to exit the vagina during the relation, and then the feeling of relaxed pleasure overtook my body, for I did not think about the negative result again until it was over. This was the last time I had intercourse, with my mother since a personal tragedy caused a separation of our already fragile family existence. Final

Teacher resigns over upskirt snapshot of schoolgirl.
SHIMONOSEKI, Yamaguchi -- An elementary school teacher who used his camera-equipped cell phone to take a snapshot up a girl's skirt has resigned in disgrace after being suspended for three months, it has been learned. Yamaguchi Prefectural Board of Education officials said the 35-year-old teacher from Ikuno Elementary School in Shimonoseki took a snapshot up the skirt of a girl thought to be a high school student, in a CD store in Shimonoseki at about 4:15 on June 4. The store manager spotted the educator taking the shot, and police questioned him over the matter. A case was not formed against him because the girl did not remain at the scene. Following the incident, the teacher submitted a letter of resignation to his school's principal. Prefectural education board officials accepted the resignation on Friday, the same day he was dealt a three-month suspension. The teacher was reportedly on his way home from a meeting at another elementary school at the time the incident occurred. He has reportedly admitted carrying out similar activity on several occasions since March this year.Last year in Yamaguchi Prefecture, a teacher was caught peeping into a residence and several incidents occurred in which educators participated in obscene behavior with non adults. The prefecture had only just begun reforms to the training system for teachers. "This was an extremely shameful act," Prefectural Education Board head Toshihiko Fujii said. "It is extremely regrettable that another scandal occurred when we were in the middle of trying to prevent any more incidents, and we are taking the matter seriously."
(Mainichi Shimbun, Japan)

Dopey porno starlet bites into world of forbidden sticks.
By Ryann Connell
Staff Writer
Porno star Kaori Shimizu hopelessly failed her drug running test. Sultry and saucy, Kaori Shimizu had enjoyed a reasonably successful stint as a porn starlet before turning her attention to drug running, according to Asahi Geino. Shimizu was arrested for breaking the Cannabis Control Law together with her 23-year-old host husband Yoshinori Nagai at Narita Airport on May 4 after they were found to allegedly be in possession of about 30 kilograms of hashish with a street value of 150 million yen. A subsequent raid also picked up Junji Murakami and brokerage employee Yuichiro Iida, who face the same allegations as the one time stick flick star. "Cannabis really reeks, so they tried to cover up the smell by putting loads of perfume in their suitcases," a police officer tells Asahi Geino. It turns out the irregular pong caused by the mix of drugs and perfume that was emanating from their luggage drew the attention of customs officials, who were shocked to open suitcases belonging to Shimizu and her husband to find the dope in small plastic bags. "Usually, a drug courier would at least use a false bottom in their suitcase, or take some steps to hide the drugs," a customs source says. "But this pair were really bad. They'd just left the drugs anywhere. It was easy to tell that they weren't pros." Adult video industry figures are shocked at Shimizu's slip from grace. "She's only petite, but has got a whopping set of boobs and a fairly nice body. She's famous for really going for it with her sex scenes. It's hard to believe she was running drugs," says Meatball Yoshino, a co-star in a handful of the 40-plus dirty movies Shimizu made from 1999. Shimizu was widely regarded in the video business, never shunning assignments other girls would regularly turn down such as facial shots, picking up guys and simulated non agree sex. "Some girls hate the non agree sex scenes, or won't let the guy go unprotected, but Kaori wasn't that strict and she performed oral sex without demanding the use of a condom," Meatball tells Asahi Geino. Shimizu filmed her final AV flick in March this year, going out with yet another bang before turning her attention toward becoming a stripper. "I heard she quit the movies because of her marriage," Meatball says. Neighbors say the 24-year-old Shimizu and her host hubby appeared the picture of marital bliss. "I often saw the wife riding her bicycle down to the local stores," a neighbor tells Asahi Geino. "About a month ago, I saw her go into her apartment getting along well with a blond guy." Hubby's friend, Murakami, is blamed for leading Shimizu down the path to the drug world. "Murakami was one of her husband's Kabukicho host buddies. Murakami appears to have asked the Shimizu couple to become drug couriers. We're still looking into how these three became acquainted with the broker, Iida," a police source says. Shimizu apparently enjoyed playing around with hosts until she finally snared one as her husband. Some suggest it was this penchant for pretty boys that led to her being nicked with narcotics. "Loads of hosts have got porno actress girlfriends," a teen-age host in Tokyo's trendy Roppongi district tells Asahi Geino. "Porn starlets are our first real customers who'll lavish us with 2 million to 2 1/2 million yen a month. The only birds who can afford that sort of dough are either brothel workers or stick flick actresses."

Alleged voyeur busted by wife.
Norwich Bulletin
PLAINFIELD -- Peter Ferragatta's penchant for allegedly videotaping women as they undressed for a massage came to light when his wife discovered a tape of the women in her bedroom closet, according to a police affidavit. Ferragatta, 29, now a Killingly resident, was arrested Monday by Plainfield police on five counts of voyeurism and is scheduled to face the charges Jan. 21 in Danielson Superior Court. In an affidavit submitted by Plainfield Police Officer Gerry Geyer in support of an arrest warrant, Geyer said he received the first complaint against Ferragatta from a local woman who is a relative of Ferragata's wife. The victim said she had received a call from Ferragatta's wife, Amber, who told her about finding the tape. The victim then went to Ferragatta's former residence at 66 Pickett Road, Plainfield, where she and Amber Ferragatta watched the entire tape. She told police the tape showed between seven and 10 females, including herself, getting undressed for massages. The victim also told police Ferragatta could be seen on tape adjusting the camera, which was set up in a room in the Ferragatta home. She said she also recognized the room in the Ferragatta residence where the taping occurred. The victim said she had received several massages from Ferragatta -- "It seemed like every other day or two" she is quoted in the affidavit -- during the time Ferragatta was going to school to earn his massage therapy license. Plainfield Police Chief Gary L. Sousa said Tuesday he believed Ferragatta was still in the process of applying for a massage therapy license, but had not been granted the license. "At no time did I see a camera in the room where I was getting changed or was I aware that I was being taped," the victim told police. She said she never gave Ferragatta permission to videotape her while she disrobed or dressed. Another victim also complained to police she had received a massage from Ferragatta while he was attending massage school. The woman said she had been told by Amber Ferragatta in early September that she was on the video tape. She told police in her statement she had removed all her clothing except her underwear prior to receiving the massage, which took place in Ferragatta's home on Pickett Road. The victim said she had known the Ferragattas for about seven years at the time she received the massage. She said she had not given Ferragatta permission to videotape her and was not aware she had been videotaped until Amber Ferragatta contacted her. Geyer said when he viewed the videotape, Ferragatta was seen instructing the victim to place her clothing in a certain area of the room. That location is in view of the camera, which, Geyer said, was on and recording. A third victim also filed a complaint with police about being videotaped while receiving a massage from Ferragatta. The woman said she received two massages over a period of about two weeks from Ferragatta, both times at a local salon. The woman said she learned of the taping when she received a call from Ferragatta, while both were employed at the Mohegan Sun casino. She said Ferragatta told her about his wife finding the tape. According to the woman's statement to police, Ferragatta initially told the victim she had not been videotaped, but admitted, in a subsequent phone call, that she also had been taped. Police subsequently recovered the videotape from Ferragatta's father-in-law, who told them the tape was being held for evidence in a divorce proceeding Ferragatta's wife was pursuing. Ferragatta declined to be interviewed by police on the advice of his lawyer, according to the affidavit.

Former Sunday School Teacher Accused Of Non Adult Porn.
Tue Jun 10, 7:04 PM ET
A Waller County man was arrested Tuesday on charges of non adult pornography after his wife turned him in, deputies told News2Houston. Scott Arron Allison, 42, is a former assistant Sunday school teacher, according to authorities. Harris County Precinct 4 deputies took four tapes and 14 floppy discs that they said Allison used to videotape non adults undressing. "There are videos of our suspect filming very small non adults. It looked like maybe 2 or 3 years old and exposing their genitals to a staged video camera," said Constable Ron Kirkland, with Harris County Precinct 4. Kirkland said that the tapes date back to 9 years ago, so officials wonder how many victims there might be. "(It's) extremely disturbing. And I can't personally fathom the attraction or the depth of the sickness for that kind of depravity," Kirkland said. After positioning the camera, officials said, Allison used the same method -- he undressed the non adults too young to do it themselves and used hidden cameras for the older girls. The non adults ranged in age from 3 to 11 years old, according to authorities. "I don't know. It's a different person than who we know. All I can say is maybe he's Dr. Jeckyl, Mr. Hyde. I don't know but that's a different person," said Marsha McKinney, Allison's neighbor. "It is something very gratifying for a police officer to track an individual (of) that type and get him off the street," Kirkland said. Deputy constables are now working with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department to see if more charges should be filed since Allison used to live in Montgomery County.

Thu Jun 12, 3:27 AM ET New York
ALBANY - Gov. Pataki and legislative leaders announced a deal yesterday on "Stephanie's Law" - a bill to outlaw video voyeurism. The law is named after Stephanie Fuller, the Long Island woman whose landlord received a slap on the wrist after secretly videotaping her in her apartment. "This is a really good day for women in the state of New York, who no longer have to be afraid that these perverts will go un counter attacked," Fuller said at a Capitol press conference. "They'll have to pay for their crimes now, and that's a huge win," she added. "I'm very excited." Fuller, who called it "one of the happiest days of my life," credited The Post for its continuing coverage on the issue, saying it helped forge an agreement. "They realized it's an important issue and helped keep it in the foreground," she said. Democrats and Republicans stood together to announce the long-awaited agreement yesterday afternoon. Under the legislation, it will now be an felony to secretly tape a person in a place where there's reasonable expectation of privacy. The bill also outlaws "up- skirting" in which cameras are used to videotape up a woman's skirt. Those convicted of the crimes would be required to register on a list of New York's sex offenders. The legislation, which will likely be passed by the Legislature next week, will also make it a crime for a person to intentionally disseminate images that are known to have been taped illegally.

Teacher caught filming up skirts with shoe camera.
KUMAMOTO -- A primary school teacher faces dismissal after filming inside a woman's skirt with a micro camera set in his shoe, education officials said Friday. The 48-year-old teacher, whose name is being withheld, had been making a series of secret videos of women which police discovered in his home in Kumamoto Prefecture. "I was planning to sell those films on the Internet, but didn't get around to it," officers quoted him as saying. The teacher set a micro lens in his shoe with a cord running up his trousers connecting it to a camera hidden in his waist pouch. As he approached a 20-year-old woman from behind in a busy street in Kumamoto shortly after 12 noon on June 22, a passerby saw him acting suspiciously and noticed he was trying to film up the woman's skirt. The passerby alerted police who moved in and detained him on the spot. The teacher also had a video camera set inside a shoulder bag and filmed the woman's face. The Kumamoto Prefectural Board of Education plans to fire him, and police have sent documents on the case to prosecutors for discussion on whether to indict him. (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan)

Mon Mar 17, 4:57 AM ET
ALBANY - Gov. Pataki has vowed to "shame" Assembly leadership into passing tough new video voyeurism legislation. In an exclusive interview with The Post, Pataki expressed frustration that two weeks of negotiation between his office, the Senate and Assembly has yet to get an agreement. Pataki blamed the Assembly of trying to water down the legislation with weak language and "poison pills." "I don't understand why the leadership and staff at the upper levels of the Assembly always try to protect the criminals ahead of the safety of the people of New York," he said. "We've just got to shame them into it," he added, saying he will not agree to a weaker bill just so officials "can hold a press conference and take credit for doing something." Pataki and Senate officials, who labeled the talks "slow but tortuous," are being encouraged to hang tough by Stephanie Fuller, the Long Island woman whose landlord secretly taped her in her apartment. Because video voyeurism wasn't a specific crime, the landlord, William Schultz, ended up receiving a slap-on-the-wrist sentence for trespass. Citing The Post's continued coverage of the issue, Pataki expressed optimism the Assembly will eventually agree to a tougher bill. "The experience has been that when their actions are held up to the light of day, they can't sustain their positions," he said. While all sides agree that secretly taping a person who has a reasonable expectation of privacy should be a felony, they disagree on how to counter attack those who distribute the illegal material. Pataki and the Senate want to make the act a felony in all cases, while a new Assembly bill introduced Friday would in some cases make dissemination a misdemeanor and in others a felony.

Train pervert rips schoolgirl's skirt.
A Tokyo man has been arrested for ripping a schoolgirl's skirt with a pair of scissors in a crowded commuter train, police said. Yasunobu Watanabe, of Tokyo's Setagaya-ku, is accused of willful destruction of property. Railway police said the 27-year-old company employee used a pair of scissors to cut open the 17-year-old girl's school uniform while they were traveling between Shimokitazawa and Yoyogi Uehara stations aboard an Odakyu Line train at around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday.
(Mainichi Shimbun, Japan)

Peeping Tom teacher scales apartment building
GINOWAN, Okinawa -- A drunk public high school teacher who climbed to the roof of an apartment block here to peep into a woman's room in the predawn hours of Thursday has been arrested for trespassing, police said. Hideki Higa, 33, a teacher at Okinawa Prefectural Chubu Technical High School, admitted to the allegations during questioning. "I did peep (into the woman's room)," he was quoted as telling investigators. His boss expressed surprise at his arrest. "He has never been absent from work without notice or ever come late. He was really hardworking. A female employee even cried when she heard about his arrest," Yoshio Hashikawa, principal of the school, said. At around 12:30 a.m., a 30-year-old woman living in a third-floor room of a three-story apartment in Ginowan heard someone walking on the roof, and alerted police. Officers who rushed to the building found Higa on the roof and arrested him on the spot. He was drunk when he committed the crime. Higa was hired as a teacher in April 2000 and teaches machinery at the technical high school.
(Mainichi Shimbun, Japan)

Creates Criminal Penalties for Covert Use of Viewing Devices on Unsuspecting Victims
Governor George E. Pataki today reiterated his call for the enactment of "video voyeurism" legislation he first introduced in June of 2002. The Governor's proposal would create criminal penalties for those who would use a mechanical, digital or electronic device to capture visual images of another person in a place where that person has a reasonable expectation of privacy and has not given his or her consent. There is currently no criminal penalty for such activity.

There is also no criminal penalty for those who use such devices to capture visual images of the intimate parts of another person's body or who sell, disseminate, distribute, transmit or publish these images to a third party.

"The recent Long Island case of William Schultz, who videotaped his tenant without her consent, is a glaring indication that the current law must be changed," Governor Pataki said. "While Schultz blatantly invaded his tenant's privacy and undermined her sense of safety, current law does not allow him to be charged appropriately for the crime.

"People have a right to feel safe and secure in their homes and at their workplaces. I commend the Senate for passing legislation that would help fix this loophole, and look forward to working with the Legislature to ensure appropriate counter attackment of those who invade the privacy of others by engaging in video voyeurism in New York State."

The Senate passed legislation that contains provisions similar to the Governor's proposal during last year's Legislative Session and again this year.

While surreptitiously using eavesdropping devices on other persons is counter attackable under existing penal law, there is currently no criminal penalty for those who use a mechanical, digital or electronic device to capture visual images of another person in a place where the other person has a reasonable expectation of privacy and has not given his or her consent. There is also no criminal penalty for those who use such devices to capture visual images of the intimate parts of another person's body or who sell, disseminate, distribute, transmit or publish these images to a third party.

Although General Business Law makes it a violation of State law for an owner or manager of a premises to install viewing devices to observe a person in public facilities or in private rooms within hotels, motels, or inns, this provision does not apply to persons who install such devices in private dwellings or to persons other than owners or managers. In addition, the maximum penalty of a 15-day jail term and a $300 fine provides no deterrence against such reprehensible conduct.

The Governor's bill amends the penal law by adding four new sections to establish the offenses of criminal invasion of privacy in the first and second degrees. A person is guilty of the first-degree offense, a class D felony counter attackable by a term of up to 2 1/3 to 7 years in State prison, if he or she: (i) commits the second-degree offense and knowingly sells, disseminates, distributes or publishes unlawfully obtained visual recordings or images; (ii) sells, disseminates, distributes or publishes 5 or more images of the sexual or other intimate parts of another person or persons obtained without the consent of such person or persons; or (iii) commits the second- degree offense and has been previously convicted of the first- or second-degree offense.

A person is guilty of the second-degree offense, a class E felony counter attackable by a term of up to1 1/3 to 4 years in State prison, if he or she: (i) for no legitimate purpose, uses an imaging device with intent to observe another person or capture images of another person in a place where the other person has a reasonable expectation of privacy; or (ii) for no legitimate purpose, uses an imaging device with intent to record, store or transmit images of the intimate parts of another person's body, or their undergarments, without such person's consent, and such parts of the person's body are not otherwise exposed to public view.

To ensure that these criminal penalties do not apply to individuals and businesses that seek to lawfully protect their premises, the bill exempts from prosecution any such security or video surveillance system wherein a written notice is posted stating that the system has been installed for the purpose of security or installed in such a manner so that its presence is clearly and immediately obvious. ###

ALBANY - The Long Island woman whose landlord secretly videotaped her in her apartment is demanding a meeting with the head of the Assembly to plead for a bill making video voyeurism a felony. In an emotional letter to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver obtained by The Post, Stephanie Fuller expressed anger that Assembly Democrats haven't yet passed the "common-sense" bill. In the letter, she praised Assembly Republicans James Conte of Long Island and Robert Oaks of upstate Wayne County for pushing the issue even before she became a victim, but told Silver that "their efforts . . . seem to have fallen on your deaf ears." "How many more young women in New York State will have to suffer from visual non agree sex before you pass this common-sense legislation?" Fuller wrote. Despite the pinned of discussing the "very personal and humiliating experience," Fuller said it's important she take time off from work and speak out on behalf of the bill. "That is why I am coming to Albany on March 19th and want an opportunity to discuss this with you in person," she wrote to Silver. Silver spokesman Charles "Skip" Carrier said he expects the speaker will meet with Fuller. "Shelly has always been willing to meet with victims to discuss their ideas to improve public policy," Carrier said. After her landlord, William Schultz, secretly videotaped her in her apartment, Fuller became upset to learn he could only be charged with criminal trespassing, a misdemeanor. Bills that would have made the secret tapings a felony were bottled up in the Assembly, despite passing the Senate and support from the Assembly Republican non adultity. Schultz wound up with a slap-on-the-wrist sentence of probation, community service and restitution, "while I am left to live with the pinned of his actions for the rest of my life," Fuller wrote to Silver. Under pressure, Assembly officials earlier this week reached out to the Senate expressing a desire to reach a deal, and Tuesday, aides for Gov. Pataki and the two houses met for the first time to talk about the issue

Video voyeur penalty too light, panel is told
Victim, attorneys argue for bill to increase state's maximum term to 5 years
By Lisa Goldberg
Sun Staff
The penalties for violating Maryland's 3-year-old video voyeurism law are too lenient given the seriousness of the crime, which leaves victims feeling "violated" and "dirty," lawyers and one Howard County victim told members of a House committee yesterday. Learning that she had been videotaped while using a bathroom at a North Laurel school left Amy Hudak with "lifetime scars" and changed the way she looked at the world around her, the Phillips School employee told members of the House Judiciary Committee. "Since this incident occurred, I've had countless sleepless nights due to nightmares," a teary Hudak said. She no longer feels comfortable going to sleep alone in her apartment and she has trouble trusting people, she said as she urged legislators to create a "necessary and fair counter attackment." "He violated us where we and non adults should feel safe," she said. Hudak was one of three people who testified yesterday in favor of a bill that would make video peeping a felony and raise the maximum prison sentence from six months to five years - the same penalty contained in the state's wiretapping statute. The bill, a version of which also went before the Senate's Judicial Proceedings Committee for a hearing yesterday, was introduced at the behest of Howard's state's attorney's office, which has won two convictions in the past 18 months using the existing law. In both cases, Howard District Court judges imposed consecutive sentences, then suspended a portion to allow for probation, said Assistant State's Attorney Lynn Marshall, who prosecuted the cases. Still, despite the fact that both defendants had clean records, the judges sent them to jail - for six months in a case involving an Elkridge landlord and four months in the Phillips School case, she said. The combination of jail time and probation was possible, Marshall said, because there was more than one victim in each case. "The current available penalties do not address the seriousness of these crimes," she said. Increasing the penalties would go a long way toward recognizing that hidden cameras used to tape people during their most private moments are at least as criminal as listening in on their conversations, Howard State's Attorney Timothy J. McCrone told the legislators. Videotaping "is certainly as egregious an intrusion ... as anything that could be obtained with a wiretap," he said. The stiffer sentence would also allow prosecutors to introduce the cases at the Circuit Court level, where there are more resources for victims, and the felony designation would eliminate the one-year statute of limitations for filing misdemeanor cases, said Democratic Del. Neil F. Quinter, a Howard legislator who sponsored the bill. The change is appropriate now as the technology becomes more advanced and available, Quinter said as he showed committee members Internet ads that "invite surreptitious videotaping." Members of a trade group for private detectives and security guards said they believe the bill's purpose is "laudable" but asked the committee yesterday to add to the bill protections that would limit liability for the work they do. Members of the committee did not vote on the bill yesterday.
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Report: Voyeurs Using Phone Cameras To Snap Photos.
Wed Feb 19,11:44 AM ET
New cell phones with integrated digital cameras are being used by voyeurs to take unauthorized photos of people to be posted on pornographic Web sites, according to Local 6 News. The easy-to-use phone cameras on the phones are reportedly taking the place of video cameras for voyeurs. The phones have already been taken inside gyms, health clubs, and bathrooms to capture people in compromising postions, Local 6 News reported. The images reportedly are then quickly e-mailed and posted on porn sites. "There is a great potential for abuse there," Orange County Sheriff's Deputy Bernie Preshay said. "The individual who will do this has done it with video cameras and we've prosecuted several cases on that." A gym used by Scotland's top rugby players has banned mobile phone cameras after catching members taking sneak snapshots of naked men and boys, according to the report. Cell phone manufactuers say the phones are not meant for illegal use. Authorities said that the best way to protect yourself from voyeurs is to pay close attention to your surroundings. Voyeurism is a misdeamenor offense. The second offense is a felony charge counter attackable by up to five years in prison.

Pervert pinched with 6,000 up-skirt images of women.
OSAKA -- A pervert arrested Wednesday for using a hidden camera to take a photo up a woman's dress had about 6,000 images of women captured by concealed cameras stored on his computer, police said. Takayasu Gomi, 33, a masseur from Osaka, was arrested for breaking an Osaka Prefectural Government law banning people from creating a public nuisance. He admits to the allegations. "I saw concealed camera images in dirty movies and on the Internet and thought they'd be easy enough to take myself," sick Gomi told the police. Police said Gomi shoved a camera beneath the skirt of a 31-year-old woman at JR Shin- Fukushima Station on the morning of April 2. A flash went off when he pressed the shutter and gave him away. The victim grabbed Gomi and held him until the police arrived. Gomi said he had acted as a sneaky shutterbug daily since September last year, targeting women using crowded JR Osaka Station and packed Umeda Station on the Hankyu Line in particular.
(Mainichi Shimbun, Japan)

Perverted policeman fired for pinching underwear.
KOBE -- A police officer who sneaked into the dormitory of a language school and snatched women's underwear was fired on Friday, Hyogo police officials said. The 36-year-old officer, whose name is being withheld, is accused of theft and illegal trespassing on a private property in documents police will send to prosecutors. The charge for which he was arrested involves one piece of underwear he took while drunk on Feb. 1 from a basket in the washing room of a dormitory for women students of a Japanese language school in Kobe's Suma-ku. "I was interested in women's underwear," Hyogo Prefectural Police quoted the officer from the traffic police squad as saying. His actions were discovered by male students after he fled with the underwear but returned to the dormitory to pick up a bag he had left at the scene. His colleagues' investigations later revealed that he had also stolen three pieces of underwear from the dormitory from October last year to January this year. "We are very sorry," said Eiichi Kodera, Hyogo police's in-house supervisor. "We will take measures to prevent these sort of things from happening again."
(Compiled from Mainichi and wire stories

Mirror, mirror under the wall, who's the voyeur in the next stall?
By Ryann Connell
Staff Writer
November 28, 2002
He was in charge of a tiny elementary school in the backwoods Gifu Prefecture town of Yaotsu. He had a reputation for being a quiet man who usually kept to himself. If only he had kept to himself when he used the teacher's toilet on that fate Oct. 21 afternoon, according to Asahi Geino (12/5). Instead, the 57-year-old unprincipled principal slid a hand mirror under the toilet cubicle he was using to peek on whoever was using the adjacent women's receptacle. He has been fired, but managed to escape criminal responsibility when the young female teacher he spied on refused to press charges. After collapsing through the strain of being held responsible for his actions, he has now returned to the quiet life everybody thought he had once enjoyed, but now it is coming out that he wasn't quiet the timid type that he had seemed. "Teacher's toilets at the school are deplorable. They enter through the same door and line up in the same places. The only thing that separates the men's and women's cubicles is a thin dividing wall. And there's a big gap at the bottom of that to make it easier to clean," a reporter for a national daily tells Asahi Geino. It was that space that allowed the principal to strike. "My stomach had been playing up on me on the day it happened, so I'd been in and out of the toilet the whole time. I was carrying around a hand mirror that had been in my locker and when I realized I had it, I thought I may as well use it to peep," he says. "I was possessed by a demon." Gifu Board of Education officials fired the head caught in the head on Nov. 15. His victim remains traumatized by her ordeal. "She was really injured by what happened. She wasn't able to eat for a few days," the hack tells Asahi Geino. "He escaped trouble with the police because she didn't press charges and because of the fact that he was only peeping, and not using a camera or video to film her." It seems the principal's hobbies may have had something to do with his decision to peep. "He is extremely serious and his reputation wasn't too bad before this," the hack says. "He was, however, famous because of his liking for pinning nude women." Others confirm that the principal often had his work displayed in public shows and did not hide his work even in his office. "I'd told him off once before about hanging pinnings of nude women in the elementary school principal's office," a source close to the school's PTA tells Asahi Geino. And one of the students of the junior high school where he was once in charge tells an even more shocking story. "One of my women teachers told our class that he had once asked her to pose node as a model for one of his pinnings," the girl tells Asahi Geino.

Man secretly filmed women in short skirts
A MAN was caught secretly filming women in skimpy clothes around Edinburgh while serving an unspent probation order for a similar charge. Ian Galloway, 41, of Pennywell Gardens, used a video camera hidden in an attache case to film teenagers as they walked along a city street. When police viewed the film, they found shots mainly focusing on the bottoms of women wearing short skirts. Edinburgh Sheriff Court was told that just after midnight on Saturday, February 8, a motorist noticed Galloway walking along the citys Lothian Road closely behind a group of girls who had been at a nightclub. Last August Galloway was placed on probation for 18 months after pleading guilty to filming a 17-year-old girl in her flat. Yesterday, before Sheriff Roger Craik, QC, Galloway pleaded guilty to a second breach of the peace. Sentence was deferred.

Policeman pinches putrid panties
AOMORI -- An Akita prefectural police Highway Patrol officer has been arrested after he stole five pairs of women's panties from a clothesline of a home here, police said Tuesday. Kaoru Sakuraba, 34, the officer, was arrested for robbery. He admits to the allegations. Police said Sakuraba sneaked into the backyard of a home on April 14 and stole the sexy lingerie, which had been hanging out on a clothesline. He presumed nobody had been watching him, but a group of housewives saw him and reported him to the police. Sakuraba had been off-duty on that day and went for a drive around southern Aomori Prefecture.
(Compiled from wire reports)

New Frontiers of Stalking Video Voyeurism
Imagine yourself alone in your bedroom. Your door is shut. Your curtains are drawn. From the corner of your eye, you notice what appears to be a tiny flaw in the picture displayed on the wall. You move closer to investigate only to discover the small speck on the pinning is a microchip camera and microphone. Frightened, you call the police. You soon learn that the camera is connected to your estranged husband's VCR and he has been watching and listening to you for weeks. This story is not a scene from a horror movie. This was the very real experience of a woman from New Jersey who found herself being stalked by her estranged husband, with whom she was still sharing her home. With the advent of new technology and affordable, easy-to-obtain, and increasingly harder to detect video surveillance equipment, voyeurism has taken on a new character. Stalkers are finding ways to use the new technology to monitor their victim's movements. Video voyeurism, the use of small micro cameras to observe and monitor another person, introduces a new aspect to traditional voyeurism behaviors such as peeping and spying. Any person can visit their local electronic store or the internet and purchase this low cost equipment. Since these cameras are surreptitiously used to video tape, the victims of this surveillance may often be unaware that they are being watched. This practice brings new challenges to the idea of personal privacy and what it means to be safe from view. While the activities of stalking and video voyeurism seem related, the exact relationship remains unclear. Stalkers are using this technology, but can the use of this technology alone be considered a form of stalking? States are reviewing the relationship between video voyeurism and stalking and the legality of video voyeurism and responding in many different ways. Some states have separate video voyeurism laws while others address this behavior within the context of their stalking statute. Regardless of whether this is an act of stalking or a tool used by stalkers, one thing is clear: this technology exists and unsuspecting people are finding themselves victims. In the New Jersey case described above, the woman had filed for and been granted a Final Restraining Order by the family division of the Superior Court.1 One of the court's reasons for granting this order was a finding that the husband's placement of the camera in his estranged wife's bedroom was an act of stalking. The court ruled that this was a sufficient basis upon which a final restraining order could be granted. The husband appealed this decision on several grounds. First, he argued that there was insufficient evidence that he placed the camera in the bedroom. Then, he argued that even if he had placed the camera there, it was not stalking. He claimed that because his wife was not aware of the camera, it could not have caused her fear, as required in the statute. Third, he argued that the mere placement of a camera could not constitute a "course of conduct" as required by the stalking statute. The court found strong circumstantial evidence of the husband's responsibility for the placement of the camera. The court further found that it was irrelevant whether the target was aware of the conduct as it occurred or whether it was discovered after the fact. They ruled that based on the placement of the surveillance camera in her bedroom, any person who discovered such a surveillance device would reasonably feel fearful. Finally, the court reasoned that because the wife's behavior was monitored on numerous occasions, a course of conduct did exist. In light of the above arguments, the appeals court affirmed the lower court's grant of a final restraining order. This case was then appealed to the New Jersey State Supreme Court who heard oral arguments on the issues on November 7, 2002. An opinion is expected in the near future. As awareness of stalking increases and laws are tested in the courts, states are reexamining their existing stalking laws and deciding what behaviors are already covered and how improvements may be made to criminalize video voyeurism behaviors and better protect stalking victims. Some states have chosen to draft laws which specifically address the use of video cameras to secretly tape someone.2 Other states have language within their stalking statutes that specifically mention surveillance as an act of stalking or harassment.3 Many voyeurism statutes that directly address the use of video also include similar elements, such as secretly videotaping another without their consent, or intentional surveillance in a place where a person would have a reasonable expectation of privacy. States have labeled these statutes with various titles including, Unlawful Photographing, Voyeurism, Unauthorized Videotaping, Eavesdropping, Peeping or Spying, and Disorderly Conduct.4 As the titles of these statutes suggest, states are using different legal theories to criminalize this behavior. Since it is difficult for the law to keep pace with advances in technology, it is unclear whether these current laws alone will address the issues presented by emerging technology. Additionally, courts may be asked to interpret the meanings of these laws and to decide on some difficult issues. One potential problem with some statutes is the inclusion of language requiring that the victim have a "reasonable expectation of privacy" in the place where he or she is being watched. When the taping occurs in a bathroom or in someone's home, this reasonable expectation of privacy will generally not be an issue. The expectation of privacy becomes less clear, however, when someone is in a public area such as a shopping mall or a park. Some states have chosen to eliminate the expectation of privacy language altogether. For instance, in Illinois it is now unlawful to videotape another without their consent in various places such as restrooms, tanning beds, changing rooms, hotel bedrooms, and their homes. Regardless of whether any particular state's stalking statute addresses video voyeurism, investigators and practitioners must be aware of this practice and remain on the cutting edge of this and other new technologies to best protect stalking victims. The public needs to be better educated about this behavior so it can be detected and stopped. Video voyeurism is a serious and dangerous phenomenon.
From the Newsletter of the Stalking Resource Center, Volume 3, Number 1, Winter 2003

Cop mistaken for stripper undressed, fondled at party
JERUSALEM - An Israeli policeman responding to neighbors' complaints about a rowdy bachelorette party received an unexpected welcome at the door when revelers mistook him for a stripper and began to take off his clothes and stroke him. "The women had ordered a stripper dressed as a police officer,'' national police spokesman Gil Kleiman said Monday. The policeman showed the women his badge but they thought it was part of the act. He was extricated after his partner came up and vouched for his identity, Kleiman said. "She took off my shirt and untied my shoelaces,'' the officer was quoted by the Yedioth Ahronoth daily as saying about one of the party-goers. "She started stroking me and called on her friends to join in.''

Disgusted' woman doctor accuses patient of lewd act
A WOMAN doctor said she felt 'insulted' and 'disgusted' when a male patient masturbated while lying on the examination bed in her consultation room. The doctor, who took the stand yesterday, was testifying in the trial of Eng Wah Wooh, 43, who has been accused of insulting her modesty. Sitting in the dock, Eng, who is represented by Senior Counsel K. Shanmugam, took copious notes, as did his family members. Journalists were left with only standing room as the eight seats in the gallery were soon filled. The doctor was composed in giving evidence, during which she was asked how a cranial nerve examination was done, how erections occur, and how semen samples are usually collected. Speaking clearly, she gave the court her account of what had happened at her Bishan clinic after midnight on June 23 last year. Her assistant had already warned her to be careful of the man, because he had asked for a woman doctor, and told her to keep the door open, she said. The doctor said that Eng, who walked in smiling broadly, told her that he had just come back from a holiday and had injured his head and shoulders in a swimming pool and his groin while horse-riding. 'Before I instructed him to do anything, he removed his T-shirt,' the doctor told the court. She said she checked his vital signs and found he had no fever but his pulse rate and blood pressure were 'higher than normal'. She examined his head, neck and shoulders but could not find anything wrong. She then asked him to lie on the examination bed. She said that a few seconds later, she pulled open the curtain to find that he had pulled down his trousers and underwear, had an erection, and was stroking himself. She examined him but found no swelling or bruises on his testes. According to her, Eng later insisted on showing her his semen, asking her if he could 'do it' and show it to her. She told the court she repeatedly said that she did not need a semen sample but Eng persisted and she was made to retreat behind the curtain by force. When Eng called her, she said that she went back in a dazed state, and found semen all over his lower abdomen. 'He was still smiling,' she recalled. She said she handed him some tissues to clean up, prescribed him an antibiotic, a pin killer and a pin killer gel and wrote him a referral letter to see a consultant urologist. She then told him he could go.
The hearing continues. IP Address:

Pedophile postman pinched for schoolgirl sex romps
SAPPORO -- A post office inspector has been arrested after he filmed sordid sex sessions with hundreds of schoolgirls and then auctioned off videotapes of the sick scenes over the Internet, police said. Toshio Kobukata, 39, a senior official of the Hokkaido Post Office in Sapporo, was arrested for breaking the law banning non adult pornography and non adult prostitution. Kobukata admits to the allegations. "I did it because I needed to repay my debts," he told the police. Investigators said Kobukata had performed sex acts with about 200 schoolgirls. He filmed the romps and later auctioned off the footage through an online auction site. Police said Kobukata was arrested after he promised to pay a junior high schoolgirl 50,000 yen to allow him to perform indecent acts on her in a Sapporo love hotel in January last year. He also made a verbal promise to pay 1 million yen to another junior high schoolgirl in return for her having sex with him for the camera during July last year.
(Compiled from wire reports, Japan)

Mon Mar 17, 4:57 AM ET
ALBANY - Gov. Pataki has vowed to "shame" Assembly leadership into passing tough new video voyeurism legislation. In an exclusive interview with The Post, Pataki expressed frustration that two weeks of negotiation between his office, the Senate and Assembly has yet to get an agreement. Pataki blamed the Assembly of trying to water down the legislation with weak language and "poison pills." "I don't understand why the leadership and staff at the upper levels of the Assembly always try to protect the criminals ahead of the safety of the people of New York," he said. "We've just got to shame them into it," he added, saying he will not agree to a weaker bill just so officials "can hold a press conference and take credit for doing something." Pataki and Senate officials, who labeled the talks "slow but tortuous," are being encouraged to hang tough by Stephanie Fuller, the Long Island woman whose landlord secretly taped her in her apartment. Because video voyeurism wasn't a specific crime, the landlord, William Schultz, ended up receiving a slap-on-the-wrist sentence for trespass. Citing The Post's continued coverage of the issue, Pataki expressed optimism the Assembly will eventually agree to a tougher bill. "The experience has been that when their actions are held up to the light of day, they can't sustain their positions," he said. While all sides agree that secretly taping a person who has a reasonable expectation of privacy should be a felony, they disagree on how to counter attack those who distribute the illegal material. Pataki and the Senate want to make the act a felony in all cases, while a new Assembly bill introduced Friday would in some cases make dissemination a misdemeanor and in others a felony.

Sexual assaults prompt alert in Aliso Viejo.
The Orange County Register
The Sheriff's Department warned Monday about two sexual assaults in Aliso Viejo at The Aventine apartments, 22501 Chase, in the past 15 months.
Two women wearing dresses were accosted in separate incidents by a suspect who pulled down their underwear. Both victims screamed, and the suspect fled. A similar incident occurred in November 2001 about two miles away. The suspect approached the victim from behind and attempted to remove her underwear. The incidents occurred in late afternoon to early evening. Victims could give only vague descriptions.

Another Voyeur Bites the Dust.
APRIL 4--The owner of the "Girls Gone Wild" video empire was arrested yesterday on racketeering charges after Florida cops learned that several underage girls were filmed topless and bathing together at a local motel. Investigators allege that Joseph Francis, 30, and his cohorts filmed the non adults last week during spring break festivities in Panama City. According to cops, the "Girls Gone Wild" team brought two of the girls to a motel where they were each paid $100 for undressing, showering together, and masturbating as they sat on the side of the bathtub. Investigators also allege that Francis offered two of the girls $50 "to touch or play with his penis," and that he and the "Girls Gone Wild" photographer both knew that the girls were all underage. Along with arresting Francis and three of the multimillionaire's associates, cops executed search warrants on Francis's condominium and his corporate Lear jet. Those raids yielded a variety of electronic equipment, cocaine, and evidence of personal use of Ecstasy and pot. Most importantly, cops reported, they found explicit video of the underage girls who had told cops of their March 31 encounter with Francis & Co. In light of these allegations, it makes you wonder whether the previous "Girls Gone Wild" productions (which have raked in nearly $100 million) may also contain non adult porn.

Man with fetish for women's screams arrested
A Tokyo man with a self-confessed fetish for women's screams has been arrested for allegedly attacking over 20 women in the capital, police said Monday. The pervert, Masahi Nakakoji, has admitted to the allegations. "I get really aroused when a woman screams in shock," the 26-year-old company employee reportedly told investigators. Police said the specific case for which Nakakoji was arrested concerns an assault on a 36-year-old woman in Setagaya-ku in the predawn hours of Friday. Nakakoji lashed out at the woman as she was walking home shortly after 2 a.m. and groped her before fleeing. Police spotted Nakakoji, who matched the description given by the victim, about 2-1/2 hours later and tried to question him. He fled on his bike but was arrested soon afterward. Nakakoji admitted to carrying out a similar attack on an 18-year-old girl about half an hour before his assault on the older woman. He has confessed to police that he habitually attacked women and investigators are probing whether he played a part in over 20 similar assaults on women that have occurred in the ward since last April.
(Compiled from wire reports, Japan) mainichi news